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🎣 Pike, Perch (and Zander) from the Shore – RIVER FISHING with Lures!

Fishing from a boat with advanced electronics and big engines can be really fun sometimes, but there’s something special with going back to basics – bringing just a rod or two, a tackle box and a backpack, targeting the fish from the shore.

In this video, Pontus gets up at 1:30 AM for a night/early morning session targeting pike and perch with lures in a big river. It’s in the middle of the summer, the water is warm and the fish are active!

All gear used in this film:

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  1. ich bin der beste Barsch Angler in Deutschland

  2. Fredrik Myhrvold

    Hey! I saw at around 6 minute mark your line snapped mid cast. I am new to fishing with a baitcaster Reel and this has already happened to me 3 times. I have my spool tention set so the bait drops slow to the ground and my magnetic brake on 10/10. Whats causing this? Im getting frustrated..

    • Try to Swing it More, Not like a cast that you do with normal reels. And for ME IT worked out When i stoped the bait a Bit in the Beginning of the cast, like immediatly After you casted It. And you stop it just a Bit with your thumb to slow down the spool a Bit.

    • kanalgratisdotse

      I think it’s just a matter of experience, happened to me all the time in the beginning :) Just give it some time and soon you’ll learn exactly how much to compensate with your thumb on the spool etcetera. Take it easy in the beginning and don’t try to make ultra long casts and avoid using too light lures or cast against the wind in the beginning. Good luck and thanks for watching! /Pontus

  3. Nice video and TL :)

  4. Hallå pontus 😁 nice film som vanligt! Vore riktigt gött med en ny jigg att testa i mina hemma vatten 😁 såg riktigt fint ut med segare paddel för tröga dagar 👊👊

  5. New to jigging and heard nothing but great stuff from your lures, so I would love to try them out!

  6. fabianhallengren

    i want to win the lure because i want to catch as nice perch as you :P

  7. Super cool video 🤙

  8. Jag och min lillebror fiskar flera timmar dagligen från vår brygga. Vi har testat det mesta men drömmen vore att stå och kasta med en monkeyshad. Vi kollar på alla kanalgratisdotse:s videos och vi gillar de väldigt mycket.

  9. I want to win the jigs because i want to explore new waters with completely new setup and get some nice perch! And hopefully a zander too :) /Mvh Mauritz

  10. I want to try those jigs because I want to try a kanalgratis softbait. Those will be perfect now when I get my boat going. I also want to use those jigs to guide my cousin on his new PB perch, because that’s one thing we will do this autumn. So I will use these jigs not only for myself, for my cousin too. If I win them I will tell you how the pb-hunt goes:)!

  11. Send some jiggs and I will make a video with a swedish grand slam on them. :)

  12. I'm passing on mesg about the monkey shad to my local tackle shop I was in there the other day had the mcperch from Abu can't find much vids on dem. Well done great session.

  13. HeavyWeight Fishing

    I want it because i can't buy it in my country :/

  14. Really good video as always, I would really like to win the jigs Because I like Perch Fishing and want some new jigs, and these feel like they are amazing. Would really appreciate it👍🏼

  15. Good edit as always 🤟🏻

  16. Christian Holm Nielsen

    Would love to hammer some nice Perch and Sanders with that awesome lure pontus 💪😎🤘 who knows, maybe get a new pb on Perch 😉

  17. K.Ottarsson Flytying & Fishing

    Hej you guys ;-) Grate channel !!!! Pontus, you rule,, and Bauer thanks for learning me how to tye and fish pike:-
    I fish almost every day/night of the year, and mostly on fly! Pike, perch, Rainbow trout, sea trout, salmon, brown trout are the favorits. When I´m not fishing or working, I watch you guys and ty som flies att home!
    But as so many other fishing freaks, I have a girlfriend,,,, hehe
    She is beautiful and kind, and she is slowly geting to understand that fishing is living,,, she fishes only on spin, but sadly nuff she doesn´t catch many fish, so she is slowly loosing her intresse in fishing.
    As you can understand, here fishing intresse is weeeerry important to me, and geting a lure that increases here chans of geting fish is the ultimate help,, !!
    So as a fellow fisherman,,please help me help here !! We live one the west coast of Sweden. Skitfiske på er ;-)

  18. Id love to try the Monkey shad here in Canada, we always have a huge Perch tournament and would love to see how these perform!

  19. I would love to win and try and catch some fish with the soft plastics!

  20. I would really just like to see if the American perch here would hit that lure, and the bass as well. Would be super cool.

  21. Уральский рыбак

    Thank you guys for a good fishing! Greetings from the Urals!!!

  22. Michael Almquist

    Great som alltid Pontus :)

  23. vilhelm weldingh

    Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at fange min første Sanderart på sådan en hehe. Virkelig flot gummijig:)))

  24. Nice Video, would try them out on my next Trip to sweden

  25. Jag skulle vilja ha den för att jag har aldrig använt gummi beten och skulle vilja testa:)

  26. Great Video Man!😀 Love You❤

  27. Love the movies. Learning a lot from you guys.
    Much love from utrecht Holland.
    Love to test some monky shads out here if im not to late.

    Greats Bob

  28. awesome video lol for 1.30am it feels like true dawn haha. its pitch black at 1.30am in new zealand XD really awesome catches too haha

    • kanalgratisdotse

      Hahaha cool! Do you have pike, perch or zander on New Zeeland? I know they have some big ass redfins in Australia… Thanks a lot for watching! /Pontus

    • sadly no pike or zander would be awesome though haha XD the freshwater species we have in nz r brown & rainbow trout, some brook trouts although they r very elusive lol, king salmon, redfin perch, tench, rudd, koi carp, eels and catfish.

  29. Martin Kaanbjerg

    Would love to test the monkeyshad in my local river. Im sure that the collor will be awesome and catch a lot of perch, especially because of eralier the fishing prohibition in the local river in Denmark 😀

  30. Tycker helt klart att jag borde få ett paket, har ju trots allt fått kanalen fri från dom konstiga tröjorna!

  31. andreas Christensen

    I would like to try The monkeyshads Because I just moved to a City Where we have monster perch pike zander and laketrout, so it would be Nice to give them a try

  32. Id get a savage gear 4d perch. And throw that out for monster pike.

  33. I mostly use spinners for perch but these lures will definitely come in use. Maybe I can catch a bigger perch than 30cm. I'm from Estonia and I think these will work.

  34. I would simply like to set personal record on perch and the bait seem to be working nicely

  35. Awesome vid i would love to win the lure because i love perch fishing

  36. Try fishing with dropshot around there. Sometimes in those areas it is really the trick for perch.

  37. Nice swedish grand slam and nice video! Would be nice to go fish any day with you for perch!

  38. Först vill jag tacka för en grymt rolig och bra video samt väldigt underhållande.
    Jag skulle jätte gärna vilja vinna denna jiggen då jag har försökt att beställa den flera gånger men alltid varit slut.
    Sen när man kollar på era videos med monekyshad så går den alltid så fint i vattnet och färgen på den lyser så fint, sen verkar det som fiskarna älskar den så vore helt underbart att få prova sitt nya spö med den underbara jiggen.

  39. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Great zander you have caugth!

  40. i like to win this jag, because i never catched a perch,pike or zander with a gummi fish :((

  41. Vill också göra en grand slam, thats why I need it!

  42. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

    Congratulations, beautiful video. Have a very successful week! Hugs and good fishing.👍🎣🐋🐠🐟🐬

  43. Jag skulle älska ett sånt paket med jiggar för jag har väldigt skygga abborrar hemma så jag vill vinna

  44. Dennis Jonsson 9B Tegnérskolan

    Jag kommer fiska väldigt mycket efter abborre i höst och i vår nu med min nya kajak, så därför skulle jag vilja ha lite monky shads ;)

  45. Jag tänkte utforska klippfisket runt Madeira nu på höstlovet. Att dra en blåsfisk på en monkeyshad vore riktigt kul :)

  46. What reel You use for pech fishing ?

  47. Fish and Fishing

    Grymt med en grand slam! Jag och vännerna har försökt oss på det men ännu inte lyckats, kanske att monkeyshad kan ändra på det? Tack för en bra video! // Sandra

  48. Jacob Mårtensson

    Varför pratar han engelska när man kan höra att han är svensk

  49. Zander ,pike and perch the same day, good job !

  50. Vad är de för spö??

  51. Awesome and nice size, fat zander!

  52. whats your opinion on the fluro carbon leaders? Are they better then titanium ones? And are they less noticable in the water?

    • kanalgratisdotse

      I mostly use fluorocarbon, but can’t really say for sure that they are ”better” than anything else. I fish too little to be able to say that with certainty. I’d say in some waters and situations it makes a difference, in other not so much. When fishing for perch in areas with a lot of pike, I usully go for a 20 lb Bauer Pike Wire leader since I want the leader to be thin rather than using something like 0,9 mm fluorocarbon which would kill the action and presentation of a small perch jig. That’s what I think! /Pontus

  53. thorben staubesand

    First Pike is bleeding . Bad Job . Looser .

  54. thorben staubesand

    Youre crap

  55. kanalgratisdotse

    Thanks a lot for all your comments! 🙌🏼 The three winners are now chosen (I’ve replied to these comments) but I decided to pick three more winners for every 500 likes on this video! So soon, when we’ve reached 500 likes, there will be three more packages of Monkey Shads given away… Cheers! /Pontus

  56. I want These lures cuz i want to Test if they're German Perch And Zander Proof.

  57. Börjat småtrötta på fiske tyvärr, så behöver lite nytt att fiske med =) Hjälp en lokal broder nu :D

  58. Ryan Bonneau Golf

    If I win the monkey shad, could you also ship some delicious ICA donuts to me here in Canada. Lol I gained 18kg eating donuts when I lived in Sweden lol I miss Sweden, but my beautiful wife and daughters are Swedish so I always have a little bit of Sweden with me 😁

  59. Mikael Ranta Outdoors

    Beautiful Zander! That is some fantastic fishing you have there

  60. Galet kul och titta på! Skulle gärna vilja ha ett paket jiggar, fiskar galet mycket och finns tyvärr inga produkter från m-war i min lokala fiskebutik, grym video like från mig!

  61. Lure which is sized (and also catches) both perch and zander is always nice to have. I know I want some of those.

  62. Great video, i love these shore videos thanks for uploading.

  63. Nr 473 likes

  64. Wanderley de Paula


  65. I catch walleye and perch here in Texas and I use something similar to the monkey shad. Would definitely like to try them. Thanks for the videos!

  66. Thanks! I would like to try the monkey shad for zander fishing, since I never caught one before. Otherwise could be great for perch 🎣

  67. Guillaume Beaulieu

    this lure looks amazing the swim looks so realistic here in france in my place fishes are too picky i think it will suit perfectly
    amazing videos as always

  68. Använder du en skarvknut eller ett lekande för att få fast linan i nylonen/fluorocarbontafsen om du knyter ihop det så vad för knut använder du?

  69. Spinningowe Wyprawy


  70. nice video :) enjoyed this

  71. Enterpreneur ndeso

    good job bro

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