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3 Pike in 10 minutes! Autumn pike fishing

Filmed back in autumn, hopefully I will have some new footage soon so hang tight! cheers
PS -Happy Christmas! I hope santa brings you everything you dreamed of


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  1. Another awesome video Dan, great fishing

  2. Once again he’s made a great video!! Have you tried a lake in Scarborough called ‘wykeham lakes’ I might try it in January some time but all the reviews are good, saying that on every fishery the reviews are good

  3. Nice vid I've missed these uploads

  4. Nice to see some green grass, only had snow for a few days so far but I'm already sick of it.. Merry Christmas!

  5. sick mate, cant beat some jackie bashing. i lost one today my only bite aswell, cant complain though iv been doing alright lately.
    have you seen the westin jatte teez tail i think its called, bit like the peto hard front soft back but i think it has a lip and you can switch the paddle for a curly tail.
    might be good for the lure challenge

  6. Merry Christmas:) Another great video, wish I had as much luck hitting them pike as you👍

  7. Mausheens Adventures

    Nice video mate and lovely catches

  8. Good ratio and good skills 💪

  9. First time using the peto today I was surprised at it's silhouette so life like. Got nothing but there is always next time. Cheers for vids this year.

  10. Lately every video you post is a reason to buy the peto

  11. Loving what you are doing with the X-Rap Peto Dan. Hopefully a monster climbs on next cast!

  12. Savage Gear 4Play Liplure 19cm revieuw? Love the vids btw👍.

  13. Awesome video keep it up 🎣

  14. Do you have FB? Whould like to chat to you on messenger about som video ideas :)

  15. Hi fella still loving the vids ,keep em coming👍. Getting me a peto at last for Xmas .Have a good Christmas mate

  16. Mutated Antibiosis

    How come you're using the Daiwa Rod in your new videos? Does it work better for you than the Westin?

    • Mutated Antibiosis this was filmed before I got the Westin rod, hopefully I’ll have some new videos using that rod next year 👍

  17. Mutated Antibiosis this was filmed before I got the Westin rod, hopefully I’ll have some new videos using that rod next year 👍

  18. Dan please can you do a video on a guide of how to cast a bait caster reel correctly with out getting tangle’s please. Really want to get into the bait caster reels for lure fishing.

  19. Привет из Аргентины, ловящей Hello from Argentina fishing to the blow with decoys thanks for sharing your video.
    I have subscribed to your channel. greetings and thanks

  20. Hi pal loving the pike vids keep them coming just seeing how you getting on with the okuma komodo reel mate thinking of getting 1 or you think the citrix is better ?

  21. River City Fishing

    Great stuff as always and props for being so consistent!! Now that you've had both the daiwa prorex and westin w3 powershad rods for a while, could you give us your insight on how well they compare and their performance? Which is one your current go-to rod now that you have both? Thanks in advance Dan and all the best and plenty of fish for 2019!

  22. Nice video!what do you recommend using for catching perch in canals in England?

  23. What gear did you use in this fishing?

  24. hi fella, just wondering if you have a done a video on lure retrieval on the different types you use, because out of the people doing it on here, your actual personality on camera is enjoyable, therefore making it very easy to watch etc, if you have please post link of said video, or would you consider making one

    • thanks, glad you like my stuff! I have a video explaining how to retrieve shads but I will try do one covering all the different times of year and conditions, cheers!

    • that sounds fantastic, sadly cant wet a line till Sunday at a push Saturday afternoon, not sure how far u travel but u seem to have so many canals and rivers in your neck of the wood, slightly jealous lol

    • mintysgt I can’t fish till Saturday either haha, usually fish local but sometimes it’s quite far, this canals about 40mins from me so it’s not too bad

    • @DB Fishing that's not to bad 40mins, here in the south we have only a handful dual carriages so moving anywhere is a real effort, 40 mins here is 15 miles if you lucky the best of times

  25. Peto has caught me so many fish already. It's my go-to lure these days.

  26. challenging fishing

    How do you make your fishing shop? I want to make one too but don't know how, can you please help?

  27. Greetings From Finland yesterday i got a 11.5kg Pike using rapala peto

  28. Can I ask what river this is please?

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