Saturday , October 19 2019
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A Evening Lure Fishing on the canal – UK Pike fishing – Vlog

just a short 2 hour session on the canal fishing for pike and perch. really had a enjoyable time fishing, was just nice to get out on the banks after being inside all day waiting for the weather to improve.
Eqipment used –
meduim weigh rod –
Okuma Lure mania 10-30g casting weight 7’2 length
Ultra light rod –
savage gear light range 0.5-7g casting weight 7″ length
Reels –
Shakespeare agility on the ultra light rod with 10lbs braid
Rovex Ceratec 4000 size on the medium rod with 20lbs braid
Lures –
savage gear line thru trout – 15cm in golden albino
fox rage micro tiddler with a spro jighead 1.5g


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  1. First Person Fisherman

    nice upload matey busy 2hrs have subscribed

    • Thanks man! Yeah it was a pretty decent session, wasn't really expecting to catch much with there not being many features so I was really happy with what I got.

  2. nice video! also thanks for including your setup in the description!

  3. nice video

  4. Hey i use the same lure 15cm i have the slow sing version and it seems difficult to get any depth as it just wants to come to the surface is yours slow or moderate sink?

    • I use the moderate sink version in 15cm, it still swims quite high in the water, probably goes 3feet deep at most, I'm not really a fan of the slow sink in 15cm, like you said it seems to stay on the top a bit too much, I prefer the 20cm version for slow sink. Thanks for your comment

  5. PGH Bottom Feeders

    Awesome video and fish. We just subscribe to your channel. As always happy fishing and tight lines. Fish On!

  6. great lures for pike them

  7. What bag are you using in this one?

  8. Nice video mate 👍. just wondering what you think of the ready made traces that the come with the sg line thru lures ? have you HD any break on you in snags of with fish ?

    • thanks mate! I think there pretty decent really, not had any break on me, they do get kinked up quite easily after a few fish but by then the hooks usually need changing anyway so NBD

    • made me laugh at the end when it made a run for it. I've had loads slither down the bank before I've had a photo. I normally manage to grab them 1st. that knew what it was doing ha ha

  9. try using len Thompson spoons. red and white works best.

  10. YOU GONNA THROW THE FIS….. in the net, ok, im calm again

  11. What canal

  12. Need a few tips I also live in the U.K. And have access to a quite thin canal are canals predominantly pike because I am wanting to use my spinner rod and lures for pike but I'm not 100% there is pike and help would be appreciated


    Reminds me of summer

  14. Here's a new lure…check it out Happy Christmas Sorry, love the video, can't get a more happy face than the one that is holding a Pike!

  15. what reel is that please ?

  16. Great vid pal, made me wanna go again.

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