Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Aggressive Autumn Pike on Lures!

Unfortunately most of the video footage from this session got corrupted on the go pro so I didn’t have much to make a decent length video with, so just some quick aggressive pike action on my home made shads!

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  1. craigyboy wallace

    That was one fiesty pike 😂 🎣

  2. Great video

  3. Are you useing flerocarbon leader

  4. Salut super vidéo

  5. What kinda reel is that???

  6. Farrell Millington

    Where abouts do you fish for pike?

  7. Liked it before watching it, because I know I will!

  8. What lure was that?

  9. Great video we r going to Windermere with a pro pike fisherman and he is taking us to catch the big Windermere pike

  10. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Musky styl fishing in the UK!

  11. Some good pike them mate

  12. Jolie brochets bien jouer DB 😉

  13. Decent fish well done

  14. #1 Great acrobatic release #2 you worked for that great take!!!!

  15. Some of the best pike footage I've seen for ages pal.

  16. Db fishing do you like to lure fish all way thru winter

  17. Dan you have me intrigued… you say these are your home made shads? If that is correct how? 😂 is there a kit you buy or…

    • basically I carved a 'master' out of wood of how I wanted the lure to be, then made a mould of this out of silicone to pour the soft plastic lures into. this is the 3rd attempt now at it trying to perfect the swimming action how I want it to be, nearly there with it haha, i might make a video about it but there is a channel called 'splish splash' that makes some sick videos on how to do it, heres his channel – cheers

    • DB Fishing nice one mate I have been looking at products online but they only seem to be small shads.. I might try carving one out of wood and using the silicone is it just your usual household silicone that you would use in window frames etc…

  18. Well worked for the last take man, another cracking vid 😎

  19. Clare Van Mierlo

    Do a video where you show us how to make them lures

  20. Stupid question but what does it feel like to be bit from a pike? Like needles? Never been bit yet 😉

  21. pesca CON chuchin

    Nice bro

  22. Frankie Mcconville

    Hi pal great vid is the canal you fish the Leeds to liverpool

  23. can you check out my pm please mate! also awesome vid

  24. I like what I´m seeing mate! You just got a new subscriber :)
    Tight lines!

  25. some nice footage there mate

  26. Great channel .. we love it in dublin . Tnx 4 all the tips

  27. That pike is Savage !!!

  28. Four Seasons Yorkshire

    Nice video, I have decided to try canal fishing for pike for the first time after watching your videos. Its going well, I think I have found a good spot for pike :D

  29. Small Fry Productions

    Nice little water that mate plenty of pike

  30. Yılmaz üncü Green Nature Resort&Spa

    Nice one

  31. DB fishing I subscribed your videos are very good. one question is what rod and reel do u recommend is the best I looking for a fairly strong rod to cast big lures like yours..and is a baitcaster reel and rod better than a spinning rod and reel? thanks

  32. Shes a true beauty!

  33. Madcat Fisherman

    Crazy pikes 😀

  34. Good strong fighters them crocs in that water 💪🐊😎

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