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Awesome Autumn Pike Fishing – TEAM HAJMAT – Part 1/2 –

Team Hajmat are back! This time Pontus and Mille are back in the archipelago of Åland Islands trying to catch some big autumn pike with artificial lures.

The conditions look really good except one parameter – the water level is 50 cm below standard, so they are forced to look for new, deeper places to fish the pike. But when they crack the code and find the fish, the big pike are biting hard!

Part 2 will be released November 10th at 20:00 CET.

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  1. Nice!!

  2. Awesome episode! Many Thanks!

  3. TeamDragon Holland


  4. Team HAJMAT is def. the funniest show!

  5. swedish tacos.

  6. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Nice video and landing with out a net welldone!!

  7. Another great show boys. The perch burgerish looked great.

  8. love the subs.. great addition!

  9. Great video guys. Beauty fish too. There feeding up for winter. Excellent idea for the shore lunch.

    • Yeah, really good condition of the pike. They seem to enjoy the perch just as much as me and Mille! 😋 /Pontus

  10. I was checking out some of your stuff on your website–do you ship/accept online orders from customers here in the United States? Thanks for your help–good stuff guys.

    • Hi Michael!

      Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. We don't charge anything for the shipping for orders over 1500 sek (around $170).

      Hope you find something you like!

  11. Can you fkin release fish a little bit faster?

  12. Nice one!!! Love the nature of Sweden.

  13. Mer team hajmat!!!!

  14. GoneFishingStories

    LOL! At 9:26 when the guy gets the strike… The other guy also make a strikemove :) Made me pee a bit :)

  15. Real cool and fun to watch! And the lunch hahaha thought for a second that u where ganna bitchslap him in the face haha😂😂😂. Living the live to to max great job!

  16. Nice vidéo. ..Le colori pike du headbanger ou peut on le trouver? merci

  17. Helt jävla briljant!

  18. Lucky with the pike. Great video as always keep up the work.

  19. Jean-François Pinget

    Really nice video.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. more Pontus and Mille, very cool episode — TO CATCH A PIKE—> EAT LIKE A PIKE—

  21. Hur är det att fiska med suspending när det är grunt?

  22. which reels do you use?

  23. Grattis på din dag varit bra om man kunde få info om installation av dig om

  24. Härligt tjuvfiske grabbar, varför ta hand om svenska fiskevatten.

  25. Jäkligt tråkigt att det påstås att ni och kanalgratis sysslar med organiserat tjuvfiske! Helt förkastligt då ni är förebilder för många unga sportfiskare.

  26. How you catch all that pike in flatwater ? All seas I fished in autumn the pikes are only in deep water . The flat zones are completely empty

  27. From a musky fisherman in the US……LOVE THIS CHANNEL!

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