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BIGGEST PERCH FOR REAL – 2,75 kg!!! | Team Galant

Tobias catches the biggest perch with the incredible weight of 2,75 kg and 53 cm.

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Tobias –
Daniel –
Pieter-Bas –
Sander –
Kanalgratis –

Tobias –
Kanalgratis –

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  1. What is this lake name? someone must know.

  2. DEKA perch it's beautiful=D I love the perch and i have the channel BIG BOY PERCH : ))

  3. Sun Friends Personal Best Happy Birthday Tobe

  4. Nice look at my Videos i have 2 perch on same Time with one lure 47 and 48cm

  5. Can you tell us where you caught this perch in the Netherlands?

  6. Shit hvor er den stor! Flot fanget mand!

  7. markoni Jovketus

    Guys im coming to Sweden in middle of May. What kind of weather and fish activity can i expect? I prefer perch fishing .

  8. it's unreal cool 😳

  9. 10:000 sub without any video Challange ?

    Fast gigantiska abborrar är ju tyvärr inte lika goda ;(

  10. team råda fishing

    Grattis tobbe

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