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BLACK CARP? Caught from tiny river

Alex campaigns his local creek in search of beautiful river carp. Catching mirror and common carp and showing the tactics he uses too.
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and even a bit of saltwater angling.

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  1. Alex you are a major hit man on the under hand cast, next time you visit the USA have your host take you dock skipping and brush flipping for largemouth, fun as it gets and a real technical challenge…

  2. Love your videos!! You boys should do a fishing with fans series? Would be great to get a session in with you boys 🎣

  3. Love your videos!! You boys should do a fishing with fans series? Would be great to get a session in with you boys 🎣

  4. £100 worth of pellet and boilies at less at my local fishing shop ps not saying whether it is good or bad its juat i cant spend that kind of money

  5. £100 worth of pellet and boilies at less at my local fishing shop ps not saying whether it is good or bad its juat i cant spend that kind of money

  6. Just me but bivvies and small rivers just don't go together. However I love the film and the stunning carp, what next?

  7. Mateusz Golebiowski

    Whats the location of that river ?

  8. Yes lads,,., fair play another awesome video, your editing is so smooth 👌🏻👊🏻👍🏻🎣 keep fishing 🎣


    do you use a size 1600 or 2600 whisker reels for the sawn off rods?

  10. I hope you guys get to team up with Jon B. again soon. You guys make a great trio.

  11. Suck geeks

  12. Good fishing though

  13. Where you get your rods

  14. fishing for amazing carp with mccann

    Some awesome carp can’t beat the unknown walking the rivers a nightmare looking for carp well done you definitely deserve those👍

  15. Cast-A-Line Heseltine

    Spot on Alex ;-) fancy a bit of river fishing myself for carp in all my years of carp fishing it's something I've just not got round to yet.

  16. Absolutely wonderful video as always 👍🏻

  17. Paul George Muntean

    Nice….Are you using 12' rods and 3 lbs?

  18. Gutting when you loose one, and when you know it was a biggen to buddy which it looked like

  19. Hey, loving the videos! What head torch were you using at 14:54 ?

  20. Hi Alex , what reels do you have on your rods ?

  21. Stephen Merchant

    Love the way carp anglers sit by their rods but still have to have an alarm go off to tell them they have a bite! Surely just watching your rod tip and listening for the line stripping, in this instance, would be better?

  22. Brilliant video again. I'd love to find a little place like that I can goto after work for an hour. Great to watch thank you for sharing.

  23. Nice vid lads. Well done, keep it coming.

  24. Lovely film chaps, well done. Just one comment…it’s a bass not a ‘sea bass’ 🙈😬😘

  25. My favourite part was watching the whole video for the ‘black carp’ that was never shown. Clickbait indeed, won’t ever watch another video.

  26. I absolute love your style of videos! So much gorgeous B-roll, so many beautiful fish! Great job!!

  27. waaay too much pre-bait, they are full lol

  28. Jeez if no one else fishes there you can just use regular corn and bread

  29. How do they grow so big in such a small river.

  30. british people are insane with the amount of gear they use to freaking catch a carp, in the US you toss some corn or bread on a hook and catch 10 in an hour…… we sure as hell dont bring a giant cart full of "carp" gear

    • It's all part of the hunt.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      There's a huge amount more carp in the US! Where we fish in England there are not many carp, but lots of anglers so the fish become wiser and more scared of noise or peoples lines! :)

  31. There invasive should’ve killed them

  32. Or just use bread 🍞

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Bread has caught us a few fish from the river, but only in very warm weather when they come up on the surface. It's probably our favourite bait though! haha :)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing oh they love it on the surface haha bread by far my favourite bait for carp, great fun on float or on surface

  33. A week of prebaiting ?! …. is this fishing or poaching at this point?

  34. Im gonna start carp fishing any tips from anyone will defo help

  35. HOLD UP!

  36. Виктор Нитченко

    Зачёт!!! Классная речушка!!!

  37. Fish The Springwood in tonbridge wells, fall of black carp, it like 40ft deep 👍✌️

  38. Because of the clear water that they're black, the sun . Also murky water carp are pale

  39. I live in Washington state (USA) and there’s millions of them and no one even fishes for them. In summer you can see schools with hundreds of fish in the 10-20 pound range. I’ve caught many with live Crawdads fishing for bass. Good fighters.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Awesome, the USA is an incredible place for carp fishing, especially as most people don't try to catch them! ;)

  40. Денис Дробышев

    Подсекать надо

  41. Hi Carl and Alex where was that filmed because I would love to have fishing trip down there

  42. The Green Hornet

    Terry would be proud

  43. Great vid. How many rods have you lost?

  44. someone please tell me that song at the start

  45. That's a niggercarp.

  46. carp are nasty fish

  47. Wheres the black one

  48. Wieso habt ihr Angeln in euren Kanal Namen?😂

  49. What rod is that

  50. Subbed 😎

  51. Hey man I got a few questions
    What hook size did you use and where did you get the hooks from.
    What weight was the lead. And finally do you have to strike with an in line lead, I use swivel leads.
    Would really appreciate an answer thanks

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Q. What hook size did you use and where did you get the hooks from.
      A. We mostly use size 6 hooks for our carp fishing, normally a curve shank pattern. This time we used Nash hooks which you can find in most European Tackle Shops or online.
      Q. What weight was the lead.
      A. I can't remember the exact weight of the leads we were using in this video, but most probably 1.5oz on the small section of river and 2 or 3oz on the tidal stretch. This is because the more flow there is the larger lead you need to ensure the rig is not dragged downstream!
      Q. Do you have to strike with an in line lead.
      A. If your lead has some resistance when the fish pulls away with the bait then no, you wont need to strike, just pick up the rod and reel in the fish. If the lead is totally free to slide on the line, then a swift lift of the rod to tighten the line up should be enough to make sure the hook catches hold.
      Thanks for watching and hope that helps!!!

    • +Carl and Alex Fishing Thank you very much, it helps a lot. Love your videos, so inspiring to younger kids. I have been a keen carp Fisher for years and I just love the sport. Thanks again
      Would it be possible for a link for the hooks
      Also how much length would you say to leave between the led and hook. Thanks

  52. Jesus dude turn the shit music down holy fuck the audio in this video is awful

  53. Middle class ass wipes!

  54. 2:50 was all that nesscersdary

  55. Nick The Music Snob

    Nice fish man

  56. Cracking vid, inspiring

  57. anyone know intro song

  58. What a video. Well done


  60. How many £ worth of bait did you chuck in? Jesus

  61. Cool video , quick question , they say when you are carp fishing it's important to clip in , but nobody says how to clip off fast and effective when going after big carp

  62. Epic

  63. Seanie.T Turrell

    love watching you guys!! inspirational!

  64. Great video my friend and those are some nice carps. New sub 👍🏼. Check out my channel I just caught a nice carp myself. Thanks buddy and good luck out there fishing 🎣

  65. Pre feed up and were like na I'm stuffed thanks I've caught more just on hook bait and pva than I have chucking loads in

  66. I live in Kentucky in the US and every lake in my area has massive crap and I don’t know anyone who fishes for them. Every now and then I catch massive crap just cat fishing. So strong so fun.

  67. pre baiting with boilies is pointless.. so much money. you can pre bait with almost anything. why expensive boilies

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We baited with boilies because there are so many bream in this stretch which eat anything they can get their mouth around. Also because we used to work for a fishing company so could pick boilies up for free. :)

  68. Sean 'da savage' Do

    I’m only 11 and my personal-best is 31.2 lbs

  69. Keep it simple!! Leave all the gear on the lake…..

  70. Alex did you know your dad wiped your bumhole

  71. I honestly really love your videos. I haven’t been watching long, but I can see all the effort that’s put into them! Keep doing your thing 👌

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