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  1. Cracking fish , nice one!

  2. Ady Woodchucker

    Its amazing the lures a big perch will take, great video pal 👍

    • +Ady Woodchucker Cheers cocka. Yeah we get a few on the big lures, great to capture the moment on film.

  3. one hell of a fish!!! well in mate

  4. Friggin hell (to put it politely lol) never seen a perch hit a jerkbait lure before!!! Awesome fish Paul ☺ keep doing what your doing mate, Yorkshire perch are mental lol

  5. I sometimes worry the lures I'm using for perch are too big so I downsize….I won't anymore!  Haha….belter!!!  Great stuff, mate 🙂 🙂

    • +Jake Hamilton When they are on it they'll take anything. We were out a few weeks ago and we struggled on the whole. Took a lad with us to try and bag him a pb but the perch were tough. At last knockings we found a few perch so I gave him a tiny grub lure, small body and less than 2 inch in length. That did the trick and a new pb on the bank. If only we knew what they wanted all the time mate, but then it would get boring.

    • +River Piker It sure would 🙂 🙂   Brilliant videos, bud.

    • Ta mate. Got some more i'm working on, and i'm always fishing so more to come! 🙂

  6. Stunner of a perch

  7. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Monster perch!smaller perch (30 cm) will attack this jerkbaits to man!
    Perch attacks a abu fatheadkiller jerbait size 15 cm.

    • +Kees de vries Yeah you are so right Kees. I've had plenty of perch on big lures like you, great photo. Make a nice bonus fish. also had big chub take big pike lures too.

    • Vissen bij de waterkant

      +River Piker big bream will attack a small 4plays (9cm size) to !

    • Yeah I think I saw a photo of one on a 4play recently. I've had them attack but none stick. Last bream I had was hooked in the back on a spinner, but I know some people do get them in the lip on small lures too. We can't forget the trout too, they're a bit mental! lol

  8. That's a perch and a half that fella! Nice one!

  9. …….very nice fish this is ,…congrats !

  10. love those big perch theres no better better looking fish

    • +Eve Marley They're a great fish. still panic ever ytime I catch a decent one as they are just that special.

  11. Great fishing mate! Your videos + blog have wetted my appetite to get in to lure fishing, Just picked up s/h Greys g-lite 6'6 + new Shimy aernos 2500fb of e/bay, Me wallets a £100 quid lighter! I blame you mate lol!  Can't wait for em to be delivered, I'll be fishing on my local river tees, Have you fished on the tees mate, Good pike river.

    • +Gary Rodgers hi Gary. Sorry for the late reply Youtube has gone a bit daft and not letting me know of all comments. Never fished that river but it looks a cracker whenever I've passed it. On my to do list. Don't you be telling the Mrs it's all my fault, I'm in enough trouble with my own for buying gear all the time! lol Thanks for watching and reading, more stuff to come soon.

  12. Awesome, i nailed a 2lb perch today on pretty much the same lure and pattern, plus there were 3 or 4 other perch near it as it took in close and they were bigger, couldnt believe it, PB perch. Big lures – Awesome.

    • +spotter You're on a role mate, nice one. Yeah the big perch like the big lures. We've done a few biggies now on the pike lures. Congrat's on the pb matey

  13. Holy Shit! 🙂

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