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Canal Pike Fishing – Unused clips

some unused pike fishing footage from the last couple of months.


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  1. Fantastic vid again!

  2. yeah love this vid. So real, gets me hyped

  3. Fischer custom baits

    Awesome fishing !

  4. Team Predator Anglers

    that last pike strikes the lure very hard! i love it!

  5. You're so lucky with your fishing, just back from a blank on the drop shot. Got there only to be told some guys had just left with a bucket full of perch, gets on your wick that.

    • I'm not always so luck haha, yeah thats a bit annoying, hopefully thats not happening too often. cheers for the heads up too, i'll try get it taken down

  6. Chiefneptune911

    DB when do you want to come to rudyard because we mite be going to rudyard on Sunday if we can get the trailer wheels fixed on the boat and if you fish with us we can tell you the good spots so hopefully there is a chance of a dibble figure pike or a upper dibble.

  7. great video's!! I'm a carp man but since watching thease videos I've been out and purchased a load of pike gear keep the videos coming!

  8. Patrick Sharman

    I have to use wire here in devon it is law on all waters unfortunately but it is to stop them from cuting line and leaving hooks in their mouths so i guess thats on reason great vids btw :)

  9. I wanna go fishing when i watch your vids :)

  10. when are you making a new video

  11. what strength of fluorocarbon do you use, as a leader, when pike fishing?

  12. What did you think of the pro max rod?

  13. Anyone can help where to fish for pike in West London?

  14. all about watches

    hi i seen you been using fox range unhooking mat , im thinking about buying some measure tool and looking for some advice , can not decide between unhooking mat with like this fox range or add spro ruler to my unhooking mat , by your experience what will be the best thanks

    • I liked this matt, it was really small and easy to carry/use but I lost it a while ago. If you like your unhooking mat that you have i'd just get a ruler to go with it, if not go with the fox mat so theres less to carry, cheers

    • all about watches

      @DB Fishing Hi thanks for replay i end up with ruler as the matt is only 1meter long and planing to catch bigger pike then that so that might be to small :)

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