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Carp fishing in the USA is one of the most untapped carp fishing destinations in the world. Along with our American friends Brendan and Austin Pass we caught carp from some of the most incredible waters in USA. But also Brendan and Austin discovered what English carp fishing has to offer when they visited the UK and caught many carp including some lovely scaly mirrors. An amazing adventure and one we will never forget! Hope you enjoy the video!
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We visited… Farlows, Tanyard Fishery, Lake Michigan, the Detroit River and many more great fishing locations!

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  1. Keep it up lads tight lines wet nets πŸ˜€

  2. Your recent re-upload of the year 2015 brought me to this video and i am confused that i never had watched this before! amazing video guys! πŸ™‚

  3. From the bank with Dante


  4. Snagged on Angling TV

    You guys are a credit to all fishermen

  5. Nice Video. Best Regards from Berlin. BigFishBerlin

  6. Hey guys, greetings from germany.
    You have really the best channel . It always looks like very much effort, nice pictures, beautiful carps and great video cuts.
    Thanks for an other great long video.
    all the best!!

  7. This is like the third time I've watched this and it amazes every timeΒ how good theΒ quality of the filming and editing and then to add to that the quality fish you caughtΒ during your tripΒ πŸ™‚

  8. How big please was the common from the snags at about 30 mins+? Thanks.

  9. Only reason I ask is this:

    The common that was caught from the snags was a fish I knew. I happened to spend almost the whole of the Summer of 2014 on this pond and knew that common quite well by sight although it was, I believe, the only fish of any size that I didn't catch.

    I notice that this fish, at the time of the capture here, showed signs of extensive damage to its flanks, damage that looked to be recent. 12 months beforehand the same fish, when I saw and watched it in the margins, had appeared to be pristine, scale perfect. So it would appear to me that the damage done to it had occurred at some time between the end of 2014 and Summer 2015.

    Please let me be clear that I am an admirer of your work, your films and the enthusiasm you bring to the subject.

    Nor am I necessarily saying that this fish suffered its damage at your hands.

    But let me express this opinion. Fishing any kind of rig within a few feet of fallen tree snags is obviously and flagrantly wrong and irresponsible. The fact that you were losing fish in them and dragging others out of them demonstrates this only too clearly.

    To then state, as you seem to, that losing fish in deep snags is 'just one of those things' shows, in my view, a callous disregard for fish welfare. To hear and see this from you, surprises and shocks me.

    I look forward to your response.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks for the comment, we see where you are coming from and having learnt from losing two fish in the snags on this session, we have since always fished tighter lines and a little off the tree and have landed every fish since that session. Loosing one or two fish is sometimes unlucky and just one of those things, but you are right, there were lessons to be learnt from those two lost fish and because we leant them we have not lost a fish there since. πŸ™‚

      Out of interest, what other fish did you catch from the lake?

  10. Thijs van rijsewijk

    Do you guys like to come to the netherlands

  11. you guys are a great view on carp fishing πŸ˜‰

  12. Lake 3 in a forest what is this a fishery in a forest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You lot have to meet up and do some filming again thoroughly enjoyed it

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yeah man for sure, it's such a shame flights are so expensive and time is limited, or else we would be out there fishing in the US all the time. lol

    • Carl and Alex Fishing great video love to fish with you guys you always bring amazing videos going to be fishing Beale park pangbourne so your old video when you fished down there and you had Kent course fishing down there but I love your videos be lovely if you could reply and sub to my channel keep up the great work

  14. Wow so amazing! πŸ‘πŸ»best fishing video on you tube by far! Crazy how fishing can bring such good people together.

  15. I like all of your videos

  16. Brilliant! My second time watching this, and it was just as good the second time around. Wonderful sessions on both sides of the pond, and beautifully told through outstanding videography. Well done!

  17. Great video as per usual

  18. awesome video! great to see some big carp from my home state.

  19. A feature length vid is so BOLD, I am digging it mightily but I am gonna have to take it in bits.Β  What a great collaboration…

  20. Carp fishing in the USA (America is a giant double continent or so my friends from all over the Americas politelyΒ remind me) is untappedΒ in many places purely for racial reasons I am sorry to say.Β  It is breaking down however (for example North Carolina has carp listed as a game fish) and this sort of fishing fun is why.Β  I bet you didn't think just jamming withΒ some buddies could ripple out so far but keep it up!!!

  21. This film is a delight…

  22. Welcome to CarplandΒ USA…solid methodologyΒ coupled with abundant waters equals dreams come true, 60 pigs in one session, that's awesome…like any country we ain't perfect but the fishing does just plain KICK ASS, glad you came by…

  23. Absolutely fantastic, there is so much to say I won't say a thing except fantastic, one of the best documentaries/fishin' stories I have seen…

  24. Enjoying watching thank you…..

  25. Come to Indonesia, feel different sensation fishing carp here, my Whatsapp +6285721264302

  26. Just working through your vids quality and professionalism keeps improving. Very impressed with your all round enjoyment of fishing not just the big uns. your reservoir campaign was not for the feint hearted. not many people can say they have cought a carp with a massive ship in the background!!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thank you Rob!! This particular film was probably our hardest to make, but definitely the most rewarding! Cheers for watching, hope you continue to enjoy our future uploads πŸ™‚

  27. nice vid!! as always much things to try for me much tings to learn and nice to see you guy's doing all kind speces!! keep going!!

  28. brilliant video lads..

  29. i prefer river fishing to lake fishing any day of the week, i get more out of pulling a tiny roach/trout out of the wild than a stocked carp any day of the week but im not knocking lake fishing if thats your thing. good fish there lads

  30. How much coin to come and fish with you guys?

  31. How do you guys capture fish bites on camera? Do you just leave the camera running or is it just luck that you get bites while recording?

  32. well, i know what fishing i'm going to be trying next. Awesome video and editing! glad to see that catch and release fishing is being promoted over here in the US
    Also awesome to see how a simple sport can bring people from all over the globe together, well done and congrats on your catches.

  33. Loved the video. Well done

  34. well done lads, good vid keep it up πŸ™‚

  35. amazing watch, produced and filmed amazingly, cant wait to get back on the rods

  36. Would you consider carp fishing in the wild untapped waters of Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  37. Fishing is in goods hands with young lads like you. Another great video and it was nice to see the camaraderie between you all.

  38. in the state I grew up in it is illegal to release a carp you catch since they are not native and thought to be destructive of habitat, you must keep it or kill it, people are encouraged to catch and kill as many as you can

  39. I absolutely love fishing, I can't imagine how excited those American guys where coming over here, hopefully next time I go fishing I catch bigger fish, I've been fishing in a small pond where the biggest one is only 10 pounds

  40. Every night for the past 6 months I've watched one of you're videos keep it up

  41. I think there scales are wrong

  42. would you like to come and fishing here in South Africa for a while.

  43. Where is carp fishing across the pond 2??? It's time.

  44. What month of the year was it when you guys were fishing in the U.S.?

  45. with the numbers of carp, and the limited number of people fishing to keep them, or bowfishing them, carp populations aren't in any danger at the majority of ponds and lakes.

  46. Fishing Master Awesome

    I clicked this vid not knowing how long it was but once I started watching it I couldn't not watch it. Amazing video guys, great job!

  47. Hi Carl and Alex
    I would like to take a trip with you two with my brother as we have not really caught many big fish over 20 pounds. Me and my brother go fishing a lot but never get a big fish. Maybe next year in2018 in the summer holidays we could come down and fish with you guys for a big carp
    This would be because I want to have a brilliant gift for his birthday in June.
    Thank you

  48. Hey guys, might have said this before because I've watched this 10 times, but great job! Definitely my favorite carp video on youtube by a long shot.. also, what pound line did you say you were using? 15 or 50?

  49. Amazing video! I live in Ann Arbor which happens to be next to Ford lake, if you ever come back to Michigan it would be cool to see you

  50. The carp in america take bait with a bobber…

  51. Gamingaly21 Games

    Love your videos !!

  52. Unfortunately many of our waterways and aquatic ecosystems are irevicably damaged due to carp infestations so MANY anglers kill the carp that they catch. Not that it does much good anymore, but any little bit helps. Paddle fish have been particularly affected by carp. But for the carp anglers the US is a bit of a honey hole.

  53. Well done Carl and Alex another great vid ur so good at fishing it's unreal carry on fishing don't understand how u are not at 1mil subs yet keep making good vids πŸ˜ƒ

  54. i remember seeing tony davis patrick fishing hear in his globetrotting series

  55. An hour and 30 minutes running length and fully captivated the entire time. Lovely work!

  56. Jonathan Robinson

    This really is a brilliant video. Second time watching it and the production values are unbeatable. I'm keener to go Stateside for carp than Europe, if I'm being honest. Tell me, you guys must have been aching after a week of constantly battling wild common carp?!

  57. Check out cats and carp

  58. cant belive you have fished canvey lake guys.


  60. Lovely film keep on doin it

  61. Great video boys allways a pleasure to watch keep it up,tight lines if your ever in Cornwall let me know and we can go fishing

  62. Another Great Video Like alwaysπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  63. Spot the difference
    Like if did πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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