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Carp Fishing – After School Carping

Carp fishing is often thought of as long stay camping trips, but in this movie I try and catch a carp or two after school on a couple of overnighters and day sessions. Watch to see common carp, mirror carp, catfish and even a grass carp! Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Well done Alex I know you are probably very busy I can't thank you enough for all of your time and effort I might be going to tanyards on my b'day hope I see you there 

  2. have you ever fishing predator fish with artificial lures?? it's a great catch btw… nice :)

  3. I´m seeing your videos, and i´m loving it I´m also a carpfishing angler I love the paisson, and the respect to the Natur congrats to you all, best regards from Portugal. Carlos Silva   

  4. The One and Only Ricko

    What is your bait

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +The One and Only Ricko Alex shows the baits he was using at the end of this video, from memory I think we were using corn, pepperami and boilie :)

  5. Carl and Alex I love your fishing I do fishing as well what is your bigots carp

  6. top fishing lads CARL AND ALEX

  7. What's the lake name

  8. Cody Cunningham

    Love your commitment ! If I was in your position on my first session with no bites I would of been unhappy and maybe not come back the next week ! Keep up the great work you guys are awesome :)

  9. TheInfiniteFoxGaming

    man ive always wanted to catch mirror carp! all we have around here is common and grass carp :/

    • allroundfishing Hd

      TheInfiniteFoxGaming You must go to our Lakes in Bavaria you Catch Just mirrors.It's Not easy to Catch a Common or grasscarp. Checkout ja Instagram Sally_.Jr

  10. How old are you

  11. What rod are you using for stalking can it be used for float fishing

  12. nice video

  13. what sort of hook do you use barbed or barbless.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Barbless!! Means fish can get rid of the hook should you snap up or get cut off. Also easier to get out of the mouth without damaging the fish and less painful if you accidentally get it in your finger!

  14. where abouts do you fish? witch area is it?

  15. Good video mate learnt a lot from all of your videos keep up the good work mate

  16. What bivvy are you guys using and what size? great video btw really enjoyed it 😄

  17. Could you make a video on catching pike

  18. Fishing Squad The Shire

    Nice video's guys! Me and my friends are starting a little fishingchannel aswell, would be awesome if you guys could check it out and like/comment/subscribe :) Thanks!

  19. สมพบ โมรารัมย์

    you always go carp fishing

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +สมพบ โมรารัมย์ We do a bit of all types of fishing, but carp fishing is what we have available closest to where we live!

  20. the music at 09:01 is so depressing lol

  21. can you fish everywhere with 3 rods in the UK?

  22. Great video, going fishing this friday might try some of that peperami :)

  23. What type of bivvy is that and what's it called

  24. Irishfisherman 1

    at 8 mins 24 secs as you were holding the fish a carp was surfacing

  25. Joshua Hernández

    You would love bass fishing! Try it out sometime man.

  26. what test curve dwarf rods do you use and what lenth 9ft or 10 ft well done by the way i watch all your videos keep up all the good work and try and do more campaigne videos

  27. Do you use a brolly or a bivy ?

  28. Damn It's great to see fisherman being so respectful to nature. It makes me regain faith in humanity Haha. I've Seen videos where they just kill beautiful fish and it really breaks my heart.

  29. 4me amazing guys <3

  30. Great vid boys keep it up them carp you catch are stunning

  31. Got my PB yesterday 29.7

  32. Nice vid too

  33. doyourrip bollox

    you guys rok

  34. i snapped

  35. my rod!

  36. last year i court a leather carp 5.4

  37. Nice vid Alex.the grass carp look really weird.That fully scaled was unreal.And that was a nice common.Tight lines and wet nets

  38. James the football, gaming and entertaining Master

    Great carp

  39. Superskaterboy9 123

    Is this the only leather carp you have ever caught

  40. Kirsty & Ben Carey

    Really like the bids lads me and my mate are fishing tanyard Saturday hoping for one of them 25lb lol

  41. Kirsty & Ben Carey


  42. nice vid check my channel out carl pls

  43. Still great video Alex!

  44. Haza's Fishing Expeditions

    Beautiful fish, especially that grassy! Nice mirror, leather and well done to Tom on that catfish! Amazing video, certainly inspired me to do a session this Friday!

  45. Snagged on Angling TV

    Are you working on any quest or hour long videos?

  46. I wood love to come fishing with u
    good fishing

  47. I hate when people bow fish carp and kill them for no reason it's better keeping them alive so others can catch them glad you guys do catch and release like almost all carp anglers do

  48. I caught 3kg grass carp it took me 10 min to reel in i used just hook and bread.

  49. grass carp has got some good meat compared to other carp species.. especially those long ones.. the bigger the better

  50. Well done to all of you. I love your video's Alex. Very professional.

  51. I love your videos! Keep it up!

  52. Another great video you make my day after school

  53. Do you go to Michal hall

  54. what is the biggest fish you have ever caught

  55. Sick you are so good at YouTube keep it up my favourite YouTube channel my brother went there

  56. Do you go to michel Hall my brother when there I love fishing it’s the best

  57. where do you get your rods

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