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Carp Fishing at Farlows Lake 2

We go the very popular day ticket fishery, Farlows Lake in the Colne Valley and catch some incredible looking carp.
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  1. Casting For Catches

    Great video lads, how did you get that first camera shot loved it!

  2. For your next video please could you do a how to float fish for carp video. Thanks!

  3. I have been fishing since when I was six but I used to just float fish and maggot feeder fish but since I started watching you I've been trying some new tactics thanks to you I really appreciate it thank you so much plus great vid and nice carp

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Sounds great!! Thanks a lot for the comment :) good to hear it :) good luck with your fishing in the future :)

  4. TheInfiniteFoxGaming

    Please upload soon guys, I love your videos!


  5. What's your pb's?

  6. Please Upload more video's per month. :(

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We try our best to do as many videos as possible!! annoyingly work and school takes up a lot of our time and making videos is a long and complicated process so we can't get many videos done :( we will try our best though to make as many as possible !

    • +Carl and Alex Fishing I feel privileged for you taking your time and replying :) and yeah it sucks other stuff gets in the way :) Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Ever tried bass fishing ?

  8. What is your favourite carp rod?

  9. First Person Fisherman

    Nice location love ur vids I wish I could get this far with my channel

  10. big carp are hard to cach but i,m a perch fishman

  11. I love both of you, your guys aproatch to the carp fishing it self is amazing it zelf, thanks for sharing all of your sessions with us !!

  12. Get in the net buh

    Great video , what do you do for a living Carl

  13. Hi guys I love your vids you are the ones who got me into fishing I was wondering if you could give me a sub I'm going to start uploading thanks

  14. Upload a vid you stuck up cunts

  15. great videos ive watched them all so additive :-) keep it up and tight lines

  16. Another bid coming? Been a while

  17. Another vid coming? Been a while

  18. Another vid coming? Been a while

  19. Monisha Rahemtulla

    nice carp. can you tell me good bait for carp

  20. Hi guys nice videos I'm wanting to start carp fishing and I'm thinking of getting chub s plus or fox warriors what do you think is better? And what reels do you think I'm only wanting to start out! Cheers

  21. When u doing next video w

  22. I went fishing the Thames today and caught a half ounce perch , what's the smallest perch you have ever caught

  23. Hi guy brilliant videos , but just got back from France fishing , and looked on your page and didn't see a upload I was gutted . On our trip to France me and my brother beat the junior record for the lake 2 my brother 15 years old caught a beautiful mirror carp weighing 38.8 lbs on our 2 day but rounding of the week I caught a 40.11 lbs mirror . Btw I'm 13 . Thanks for the inspiration guys we are definitely contemplating making a YouTube channel 😀

  24. Awesome Video!!

  25. total fishing uk

    does anybody know who has any nash 10ft scope rods for sale around 50 quid each

  26. Don't get me wrong I love ur vids and I'm sure ur busy but 1 video a month is kinda sparse

  27. nice video can wait for the next one keep it up

  28. I'm getting into fishing have you any tips for because it's been hard for me cause my dad was fisherman and he fished for England and he died 5 years ago so have you any tips for me

  29. When is your next video out I keep looking on your channel for a new video but nothing I can't wait to see what ur next video is!??!

  30. U should come down to monks lake

  31. TheJJTProductionz

    hi guys. been watching you for quite sometime, so you plan on fishing lakes down southern Hampshire?

  32. I love fishing and would love to meet up with you guys and go for a weekends fishing but would never happen

  33. When is your next video

  34. "Theres so many on my list you know to go through it all we'd be here another 5 minutes" ahhahhaha what a moron.

  35. Great stuff lads, used to fish Farlows every night of the week after work about 8yrs ago. Glad to see you tried it out and brilliant upload again ;).

  36. hi my names matt, ive recently been watching your videos on you tube and noticed that you have fished at Farlows lake, ive just started fishing for carp and I want to try lake 2 at Farlows, and was wondering what bait and rig you would recommend to use there? keep your videos coming always watching them, well done lads….

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Shoni Baisden We caught our fish at Farlows on fake corn! :) Good luck if you do get over there, and if the fishing is tricky definitely give it a go in lake 3 as thats great fun fishing and you can get your rigs tested in there with the stunning little carp! :)

  37. guys you should really fish in south Africa

  38. How do you keep the fish so calm they always seem to flap and jump about with me??

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Harry Jones Once the fish is on the mat we tend to give it a few seconds to calm down before picking it up for photos. Also covering its eyes keeps the fish calm.
      Hope this helps :)

  39. Carl and Alex your great fishermen so i thought i would ask you what tips you could give me to help me catch more carp. Like size hook , what lead weight, size rod, what test curve and bait would help a lot.!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      The most important thing is finding the carp, once you have found them decide the bait you are going to use, corn, pepperami and boilies all work well. For larger carp 10lb+ I use size 8 hooks for smaller baits and as big as size 4 hooks for large baits like 20mm boilies. The weight of lead and rod depends on the cast you need to get your rig to the fish. If long casts are needed (70 yds +) then a lead of 2.5 to 3.5oz is helpful and a rod of 12-13ft will help a lot. If fishing closer in then small leads of 1-2oz will do perfect and we love using our 6ft or 9ft rods for this.
      Hope this helps. Good luck!!
      Alex ;)

    • Cheers hope i get one tomorrow then. 

    • Thanks for your help i ended up catching a lovely bream. 

  40. Ellis Wigglesworth

    sick fish Alex what bait is best for carp :):-)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Ellis Wigglesworth We use a range of baits for carp, but corn, boilies, maggots and bread all catch us fish! :)

  41. Ellis Wigglesworth

    thanks mate :)

  42. Ellis Wigglesworth

    could u do a quest for the biggest cat fish please and could u do a nother french fishing :) I love your videos all the time

  43. hello carl and alex you should go to furzton lake one day its in milton keynes

  44. Nice video guys

  45. Irishfisherman 1

    nice fish

  46. watching this in 0.5 playback speed its brilliant lmao

  47. What a vid guys keep it up

  48. Your videos are calming and you are the best 👍👍👍

  49. I am going fishing there soon

  50. Pot noodles and carp= Life 😀

  51. great video

  52. Are they 3.0 tc scopes ?

  53. Can u night fish there

  54. Keep up the amazing vids 👍🐟

  55. I completed my quest for a twenty pound carp yesterday☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊

  56. Guys what reels are they? The DAIWA SS1600 WHISKER or SS2600 ?

  57. Great video you make myday

  58. what bait

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