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Carp Fishing at the Club Lake – good fishing memories!

We go back to our local club lake and try to catch a carp! Watch for rigs, baits and some reminiscing of the old days at the club lake!
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  1. Brilliant 🙂 first comment

  2. I want to become as good as your Alex at fishing I've done it for 1 year now

  3. 'big middle fin' lovely input Carl 😉 good video lads!

    Tom 😀

  4. Some more nice fish their lads well done !

  5. Some nice fish there lads,well done! 😀

  6. Hi great vid guys, is your club lake open for anyone to join/can you post details? Many thanks

  7. Nice video guys!!

  8. Another great vid
    Could you do a Q+A

  9. Another great vid I've made a new channel called Jan maguir3 so I won't be on this

  10. GREAT!!! Like always.👍 Greets from the Netherlands.

  11. what is the name of the lake? Or is it just the club lake?

  12. Great Video guys! Btw was this the sam swim where your bivvy flooded in the storm? 🙂

  13. Another great video guys

  14. Hi guys yet another great watch you guys do some really awesome stuff. What a fantastic sunset , for me it's one of those just being there is enough moments.

  15. Ur vids r sick what is your pb on a carp

  16. Great vid lads👍👍👍

  17. Great vid and well done on a few fish

  18. New rods???? Nice vblog ,:-)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Andy Forster Nope, just hadn't used the 12ft rods in quite a while. We normally use 9ft rods usually fish smaller waters but we needed the longer ones for casting the further distance!
      Alex 🙂

    • Hi Alex,I've got dwarf rods 10ft 3lb tc great rods.
      I've had so big fish on them and they cast 100yrds + won't go back to 12ft rods
      Like your new water, tight lines guys

  19. What is the name of the lake

  20. could you show us ur rigs and baits next time?

  21. Sweet 

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Simpsorama50 What!!! Painful feeling! Unlucky mate!
      Alex 🙂

    • well i have a good feeling i might catch it again because my first carp ever was a 20lb mirror and it broke off than a month later i caught it with my hook in its mouth 
      it is a very tiny pond and no one fishes there because it is so tiny but it has a state record fish in there so hopefully i will catch it and get 10lb line instead of 6 
       Thanks for replying  🙂

  22. Another great video guys!!!!!!!

  23. another awesome video = like

  24. You both inspire me thankyou 🙂

  25. Hi guys whats the music called thats at the start thanks


  26. What knots do use in your rigs and what rigs are best to use?

  27. Great video guys!!
    I really enjoyed it 😀

  28. You guys are sooo gd at fishing! I hope one day I could be as amazing as u.

  29. Great video guys keep it up. Would you 2 be able to come down fishing in manchester some time I could use some tips and tricks of use. Thanks😊

  30. Great vid guys does anyone know the song at the start thanks 😊

  31. Good video lads but what rods and alarms are you using?

  32. great videos lads ive been away from the carp and fishing scene since i was 13 when i went every weekend with my dad but rite back into it now and you 2 are helping me sooooooooo much crazy how much all the tackle has advanced keep up the good work cant wait for another video!

  33. Hey nice fish, how do you set up your lead system, is it running or fixed?

  34. Hiw much us biviy?

  35. Hi Carl and Alex, could you please try and do more match fishing videos?

  36. Good job lads

  37. alex is on a roll 😀

  38. Just started making vids like you (not close to being as good) could you give me any feedback on them please? Loving your vids keep them coming 😉

  39. Yet another cracking video. If you get time please subscribe to my channel. Thanks

  40. Are the 9ft dwarfs good I have one but havnt used it thx

  41. Nice, I need some more subs so my girlfriend will let me fish more lol.

  42. Charlie Williams III

    I loved the video of BC with the fishing with Rod crew.  Great entertainment.  I still can't believe the size of that fish.  Keep up the good work and I'll be watching you from North Carolina. 

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Charlie Williams III Hi Charlie, thanks alot!! Glad you enjoyed the video, and yeah the fish was massive!!! Glad to hear you are enjoying the videos 🙂 Best of luck with your fishing, what do you catch or try and catch in North Carolina? 🙂 Carl 

    • Charlie Williams III

      I fish the New River near radford va mostly smallmouth bass. I use a kayak most of the time. I float 6 or more miles stopping in the most productive locations. I have fished in utah and all over the south. I have never been carp fishing so i find your videos very interesting.

  43. I used to call this place the duck lake! Had many good times there, had some lovely carp and a few ducks as well! Nice little vid fellas 😉

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +madmansam1000 We are not surprised you call it the duck lake!! On one of our night sessions we had about three ducks sleep under our brolly and one duck which caught it self in our net!!! So funny. hahaThanks glad you liked the video 🙂 Carl 

  44. I must say. You, Alex, are probably the happiest person I've ever seen! It seems like every single video you're in, you're always smiling. Keep up the good work mate!        —-Eli F.

  45. rhyspullingerfishing

    Is that the lake you fished I the quest for a 20

  46. Hi lads, what reels are you using

  47. Irishfisherman 1

    nice video you guys make the best vids,blogs and movies on YouTube 😉

  48. Who got u guys into fishing

  49. Alex and Carl are the best at fishing.

  50. Great fishing your brilliant X

  51. Great fishing your brilliant X

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