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We do a nights carp fishing at the secret lake and try to catch one of the rare linear carp! Hope you enjoy 🙂
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  1. Ha ha, you guys are dedicated.  All part of the adventure and experience.
    Amazing pattern on that last big carp.

  2. I don't know if u remember me Carl from the fishing show last weak on Sunday so happy to see u and by the way it mite be easier to remember my name is Reagan 🙂 🙂

  3. Great vid I will be uploading some vids on YouTube and I will set up a public page on FB keep an eye out on my YouTube channel and will be hoping for lots of subscribers

    Let's hope 🙂 😀

  4. hey carl and alex just 1 quick question, i do a fair bit of carp fishing and it usually ends up raining…would u mind if i ask what your tents are called and where u get them???

  5. Ever thought about switching the name to Team AC (cold like the air conditioner (winter fishing/ also Alex and Carl ) …

  6. match fishing mountain biking

    Great video keep it up

  7. Hey guys, another great video! What is the name of the brolly that Alex uses

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Uk carp Angler Alex uses a Daiwa Mission Brolly now but in this video I think he is using my Groundhog Brolly 🙂

  8. Awesome 🙂

  9. They say effort equals reward boy did you guys prove that right !

  10. back on the bank with the Beanz

    Love it keep them coming lads

  11. Use are an inspiration, well done guys

  12. Amazing fishing lads!!! Well done🎣

  13. Well.. either dedicated or crazy to break the ice 😛 Love your video's, but ice would normally be the sign of: GO HOME 😛 

  14. Hi Carl or Alex …. I like or part in the Nash 2015 ….great every one should watch it great DVD

  15. Your a big inspiration both of u

  16. awsome video again guys!
    Keep them comming! tight lines !

  17. From the bank fishing

    how do you make you channel art because im making a fishing channel but cant make a channel art

  18. When can we all see a big Carl VS Alex match or even a VS challenge series.

  19. Are you going to do another video it has been a while 😔

  20. You are the best you tubers in the world keep up the good work carl and alex

  21. Jake And Darren Fishing

    Nice boys!

  22. You are the best

  23. When will you do the next video

  24. You just inspire me I am going fishing tomorrow so TIGHT LINS AND WET NETS 😍😊😀😃😄😘😍

  25. I am watching your video wright know love you so much best videos ever CARL AND ALEX

  26. Can we face time you carl and alex

  27. In your reasent video you broke the ice was it hard

  28. Hi Carl and Alex your videos are amazing me and my friend are thinking of starting a fishing Youtube channel do you think its worth it or not ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +rhys griffiths Thanks, pleased to hear! Well if you want to and willing to put in the time and effort then yes, but I can't decide that for you! Good luck!!Alex 🙂

    • Thanks Alex what rods do u use and reels and have u ever heard of a place called wigmore there is 40 ponders in there 

  29. Is it warm enough now for a decent day of carp fishing

  30. hi guy good stuff can you look a my vi 
    i went to tanyard 6 our to get  ther  good fun

  31. I'm genuinely super impressed you guys managed clear a channel; that's dedication.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +ChrisssyyyBurt Haha it took about three hours to crack the ice but it was worth it in the end to catch those two linear carp!

  32. Where do you find your music for your videos

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +bradley wilson A few different royalty free music websites. Try searching royalty free music.
      Alex 🙂


    any pike videos coming ?

  34. used to fish of the top of the boat house there a long time ago. hope you have your licence for that lake ;)!

  35. these videos are the things that inspire me to actually get out there on horrible rainy days and go fishing ,keep up the good work 😉

  36. rhyspullingerfishing

    I fished there ones and caught that ghosty twice in one day I had a good day there caught 5 to 6 fish

  37. Good videos really helped me to improve on my fishing

  38. Dan and Dave Fishing

    Secret spots are the best!!

  39. fished here a few times! such a nice place because no one goes there!

  40. +Carl and Alex Fishing. Would love to have a weekend fishing with you guys. Keep the videos going I love watching them

  41. Another great video 🙂 always tricky in cold weather but so worth it…i have had some lovely double figure carp in snowy conditions here in cheshire 🙂

  42. great video! beautiful carp!

  43. you should catch in south Africa here we have common normal size about 19kg

  44. Aain superb lads!!! your enthusiasm is what fishing is all about. Keep up good work.

  45. Great videos lads!! keep up the good work

  46. Paolo Carp Fishing

    vry nais alex

  47. What rods are those

  48. I've got daiwa emcast

  49. that linear is so cool

  50. how old is the lake

  51. Irishfisherman 1

    I love catching linears especially the ghosties

  52. bite alarms?

  53. Where is this lake ?

  54. That linear ghostie was really cool looking

  55. you never had the tip snap on those dwarfs? you recommend them?

  56. I do want to say something about this. If you break the ice and wade into the lake, you will stirr up the different water layers. Water of 4°C is the heaviest layer so that will be the closest to the bottom. Fish will be in that zone because it's the warmest part. If you move the water around like that, the water layers will get mixed which could possibly result in a lake frozen to the bottom and so dead fish. It's dangerous to do this, for the fish aswell as for you, so please don't do it again 🙂

    • There's always one…

    • Clive Bindley yes I know "there's always a critic". But aren't we here to inform eachother? Every winter I hear stories that all fish in ponds have died this way, and with one single message it might've changed someone's mind, so I thought; what's the point?

  57. Can't wait to go here, just waiting for weather to improve….fished for 29years since I was 4 and can't wait to try this place out.
    Keep up the good work guys

  58. Any tips on lb line was thinking 6/7 main with 2lb test curve rods

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