Tuesday , October 22 2019
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In this video we meet up with Dan Reed and fish a new water called Willow Park fishery.
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  1. hi guys great vid (once again) and you guys catch fish that would be average size but for me a dream fish I'm a young carp angler so any tips on bait or rigs

  2. what line would u recamend for cats ???

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      For cat fish I prefer to use 40lb braid in snaggy lakes but if the lake is quite open I would just use 20lb mono. But for the hook link use a specialist cat fish braid.

  3. Mines only 15 but im only 12

  4. you are the best

  5. Was it that sturgen

  6. What cracker of a video guys, nice one 😃

  7. I'm thinking of making a YouTube fishing channel and I don't know if I should

  8. hi Carl and Alex thank you so much for the reply and looking forward for your new channel I have subscribed to you guys ! Good luck and tight lines ;)

  9. Harvie Brownsey-Hughes

    Amazing lads

  10. rhyspullingerfishing

    Good vid lads keep up the good work and good luck in the future

  11. Great work fellas, looking forward to your piking video ;)

  12. hi guys , when you said it will be around Christmas (the new channel) do you have a certain date when you upload or is it just ASAP

  13. hi Alex and Carl I was wondering what rods do you use and where can I get them for cheapest ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Hi mate we were using 9ft Nash scope rods. If you want a deal if some sort it'll probably best to visit the upcoming shows as there's always lots of tackle on offer. There's the Brentwood show, Northern angling show and the Big One. Or just have a look around online.

    • Ok thanks

  14. +Carl and Alex Fishing,
    hi, i really enjoy ur videos, especially when u fish for chub and dace on the float. i would be very grateful if u posted another of those videos explaining the rigs and depths u set the stick float. cheers

  15. I fish here a lot, it's a great fishery got some beautiful fish in there, keep up to good work guys!!

  16. You lads give me so much inspiration to get my rods out again as I haven't been for 3-4 years, can't wait to get out there!!!

  17. what rods do you guys use ? :)

  18. in this vidoe

  19. video*

  20. Another great video keep up the good work

  21. Are these Nash bite alarms you're using?

  22. my boyfriend loves your chanel and is constantly watching you guys

  23. Nice vid… That is just down the road from me

  24. when is the next video coming

  25. you should come to suffolk water park and try and catch carrot.

  26. Hey Carl and Alex I am over in the us and I was wondering what type of bait I should use I fish Very non pressured fish and i want to use some type of bait that will attrack them to one spot in the back bay of a lake and I was wondering g what you guys would suggest a bait/ partical or ground bait to use I is also a small channel through the weeds that they go up and down and i would like to use a bait that makes them want to come back to the spot

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Northern Stingers Try baiting with simple maize. Just boil it for 30mins to make sure it does not swell up inside the fish and hurt them. Bait with lots of bait every day for a week and then fish over the top and see if they are waiting for you!

  27. hello when are you bringing your new video out lads?

  28. cool cant wait

  29. Brilliant vid guys as per, Just a suggestion for a short video over christmas.
    How about a favourite rigs selection , like where you have used them , what you have caught with them , you could use footage of other vids to give examples of the fish you have caught with them, what type of season ( winter/summer) ect..

    hope this is not to much to ask,
    have a happy christmas and tight lines!

  30. do you fish for money ever, or is it just bragging rights?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +papashake shake We fish for the fun of the bite, the playing of the fish and the beauty of the catch, and bragging rights ;) a little bit ;) haha
      We used to fish matches and won a bit of money once or twice but we prefer just to fish and enjoy it than the stress from a competition. Hope that makes sense!

    • Flatheadfletch

      papashake shake
      What kind of lure you fish for money with ? If it works, I'll take a dozen. Lol

    • papashake shake


  31. thats my local fishery and well done lads

  32. good vid lads

  33. what is your favourite fish☺.mine are carp and chub

  34. TheLegacyChannel

    Great vid guys ! I wish I could be u Carl and Alex catching some of them huge carp ! U guys r me inspiration knowing how long u guys have been fishing for !

  35. what are the gold reels that you were using? They look very nice.

  36. Carpe Team Illicite

    why the tittle is in french mate ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      I have made the titles display in the language of each country who is viewing the video. To help ther languages find the video :) is this bad? :) tight lines!

    • Carpe Team Illicite

      +Carl and Alex Fishing Ah okay :) no its cool its just a simple question…. tight lines, and net wet ;)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Good stuff, I might do all of the titles actually. To help more people from around the world discover the videos :) 

    • Carpe Team Illicite

      +Carl and Alex Fishing You have all understood, big up guys :)

  37. A dutch title on this video?

  38. hi guys you are really good and deserve every sub you get / / ive just started carp fishing and got bivvy so I will start night fishing could you plwase tell me what I would need to take in the bivvy and cooking etc

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Hi. Thanks a lot for the comment! We always take the minimum amount of kit, just makes life easier. We normally bring a bivvy or brolly, bed chair, cooker, food, rods. That's about it. Hope this helps.

  39. Nice dutch title!

  40. Loved watching this video you guys are just top guys keep up the good work lads !!!!!

  41. Great Video guys, Well done

  42. come and try south africa carps

  43. them daiwa reels are nice

  44. Irishfisherman 1

    all nice fish and what rods did u use

  45. That was a really nice mirror carp at the end.what rods where u guys using and another great vid

  46. What is your local lake

  47. this is a reel brand ?

  48. How come you like them gold reels so much why are they so popular

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