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Carp Fishing – Back To Basics

Alfie Willingale – Social Media Manager at Nash Tackle demonstrates some key advice for those starting carping. From feeling the lead down to baiting accurately we hope you can pick up some helpful tips from this video.
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  1. Monster carp Fishing

    first comment grate vid

  2. Monster carp Fishing

    first comment grate vid

  3. Excellent video again nash giving new anglers a guide 👍🎣🎣🎣

  4. Excellent video again nash giving new anglers a guide 👍🎣🎣🎣

  5. Very good video for beginners

  6. Great video.

  7. Martyn's Angling Adventures

    Can never be enough info for new starters to the sport! !

  8. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

    Good Night Fisherman!
    Beautiful Video Congratulations!
    Hugs and good fishing!👍🎣🐠🐟😊

  9. Thx guys. Excellent picture and information.

  10. Good video nice for beginners to learn

  11. Nice Vid!!

  12. Good video! Big ups the Nash crew!

  13. cj tight - lines N.T

    Simple tips we all sometimes forget . And very helpful for the new anglers. And very nicely explained. Nice one alfie 🎣🎣🎣🎣💪

  14. Very useful tutorial

  15. Muito interessante o trabalho dessa isca filmada no fundo! Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!

  16. The most accurate way to get your baits out is not the spod rocket,its a baitboat ;)

  17. Back to basics…..(with about 5 grands worth of top spec carp gear….)

  18. Simple stuff, put together correctly and in your own way can produce great results. Great vid 👌🏼

  19. just what I was looking for, thanks Nash

  20. electric cables going over the lake . rather him than me …

  21. Horror freak London

    Scope…..for the future….not for him obviously…

  22. What reels are those your using

  23. Great video!!

  24. Best video I have seen for ages, precise, clear and valuable information. 👍👍

  25. Good little Vid this one some great pointers.

  26. Carp fishing is rocket science!!!

  27. good video filled with excellent information and demonstrations good work

  28. Nice and helpfull Video 👌🏼 Best wishes from Germany😉

  29. Dont need fancy tackle for carp..dunno why carp anglers make it a big deal. Thick rod, multiplier, 30lb line and a treble hook is all you need

  30. Johnfights4manyresons Johnfighys4manyresons

    Don’t use that stuff here in USA. No bite alarms no shore fishing kyack or boat. No huge poles no reg hooks no permission to fish we fish where and when we want. No spods I prebait occasional

  31. Wheaten Zoomies

    Beginners guide, shows him pushing a van full of gear that costs a couple of months wages at least. Maybe I should have searched for simple carp fishing instead.

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      The cost of getting enough gear together to fish a day session using the lower-priced Nash gear (such as rods and luggage from the Dwarf range and S5r alarms) would set you back less than £400.

    • Wheaten Zoomies

      NASH TV Carp Fishing Thanks, but it doesn’t end with rods and reels and luggage£150 for a barrow. £300 for a bivvy. £200 for a bed, unhooking mat, landing net, weighing cradle, line, weights, hooks, rigs, spod rods. Groundbait, boilies, bags, popups. Think I will pass on carp fishing. 🙈 and just stick to floating half a pint of maggots down a river or canal every now and then.

    • @Wheaten Zoomies you dont need all that

  32. Brilliant video, I haven't been carping for over 20 years, nervous to get back on the lake tbh..

  33. Who the hell uses Marker Sticks. Must be nice to be sponsered and use very expensive tackle, which most anglers is out their price range.

  34. confessions of a carper

    Nice work anyone want to sub my channel

  35. Great video, only one criticism… "Distance sticks"?? Or, as they're more commonly known, and much cheaper probably.. a spare bank stick….

    • bank sticks are no good they need to have no edges at all for ease of use, just get cheap purpose made distance sticks such as NGT ones they are fine

  36. Christopher Pearson

    all of these gimmick toys catch more anglers than fish (carp tackle is overpriced and a con) our sport is about enjoying ourselves not "looking the part " i have been fishing for over forty years and have seen many anglers who think that having the latest gear will catch fish "wrong". Most gear is about image and not function.catching big fish on tackle that you could tow the qe2 on is not sport and blasting a bait out to the middle of the lake and waiting hours for a blte is a waste of time ( the margines are are more likely to produce fish and you can use lighter gear and have fun doing it).If you want to waste your money that"s fine its your money but don"t think that you need to spend loadsa money to be a good angler it ain"t true .Just saying.

  37. Brilliant vid. Not a beginner but this was a useful reminder of a few things I’ve been overlooking…….10/10

  38. spods are overrated – messy and noisy as hell – get good with a decent catapult and you can be super accurate, it's nonsense that spods are more accurate

  39. when i was a kid we used to handline amber jack bigger


    Some half decent info in this vid for people new to carp fishing . I did notice that the line lay ( taper ) on your reels is all wrong though

  41. Fantastic video, great tips delivered simply and precisely. Can you please consider making this a regular feature and build up a great tutorial library

  42. Topdogs Bouncy castle Hire & Hot Tub Hire nottingham & Derby, Leicester

    Brilliant video well explained

  43. Ive been fishing carp 8 years on normal rod and know im buying carp gear thx for the tips

  44. Thanks… You relayyyyy help me…Great video

  45. Pointing the rod at the spomb when casting asking to crack off hold the rod back so the rod absorbs the pressure

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      No risk after the cast, Ryan. By pointing it at the Dot Spod after the cast, you are reducing line friction, thus allowing you to cast further! As you approach the clip, turn the rod slightly and feather the cast.

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