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CARP FISHING in the MOUNTAINS of Gran Canaria

Visiting Gran Canaria to fish for carp has been high on our list for a few years now, and with the help of we take a trip to lake Chira. Watch to see tactics, action, surface fishing and some amazing carp!
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  1. Awesome one.

  2. great vid as always lads look forward to them cheers

  3. Alan Blair fished there

  4. love your videos lads…. I've got my 6 year old lad a pair of 9' 2.75lb dwarfs and he's got his photo on the banner of West midlands carpers facebook page after I posted a pic of him with his first ghost common which got over 100 likes…… I'm so proud of him he loves his carpin

  5. Great vid as usual, you defo should have been wearing a life preserver while in the boat though.

  6. good job 😃

  7. Amazing video, what do you guys film with?

  8. Epic lads

  9. Great video .

  10. what rod you are using?

  11. Another stunning video lads.

  12. Epic…you guys make it look easy but I've helped out on enough vid production to know it is real work, your digital craftsmanship is extraordinary and getting better all the time…

  13. Out here in East Kansas carp will come up and feed on hot still days too…what I've been told is they surface feed on hot, still days because there is a thin veneer of oxygen trapped in the tension layer and it is full of goodies in terms of plankton and zooplankton.  Also carp suck air because a lot of times shallow areas have borderline dissolved oxygen, carps can take oxygen out of the atmosphere if necessary (cats too).   We have this spot in the town lake called the "Lagoon", all shallow and overhung with willows, carp feed all summer there, dimples like rain…no one fishes them much either, kids feed'em bread for fun, crazy isn't it?

  14. Last comment…what a great glamping experience, a good outfitter makes all the difference, well done all around…

  15. Hi guys great video by the way but what editing software do u use and how long does it take u to edit and also how do u get the right angles thanks guys

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We use Adobe Premiere Pro, it takes us a week to edit a 10-15min film but it will take 2-4weeks to edit a longer one!

  16. thanks for the reply..can I use it for plugs fishing..does the rod weigh alot?

  17. Just some little rich kids, Nash are shit

  18. Wheres your life jackets boys!? Never boat without them!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Baron welder we went swimming in the lake as the water was so warm. If it was cold or a river then yeah we would definitely use a life jacket. 👍

  19. Great vid guys your my inspiration for my channel

  20. Great video,if you enjouy this type of fishing,then your welcome to come and fish with me in Israel on the sea of gallalee  near tiberias.long distances and great mail is  all are welcome,just bring your rods and reels.

  21. a banger there lads

  22. Since when were there carp in the canary islands?!!?

  23. What reels were you using that broke

  24. Two of the most genuine polite lads england could ask for, Keep it up guys <3

  25. The time and effort you put into each video is amazing, dont understand how 9 people dislike this!!!

  26. Fishhunters Lausitz

    Spectacular location, beautiful carps, nice video. Well done, guys! 🙂

  27. Hi guys I watched you grow up over the years , I have to say you really do yourselfs proud!

  28. AGR Modz - Xbox Modder

    You guys should do a video with them two people in america again. Do another american trip I really enjoyed that video! 🙂

  29. When i was watching at 27:17 the first thing that came to mind was "Danny Fairbrass" hahaha … brilliant 😀
    Awesome video guys 🙂

  30. absolutely insane video guys! It looked like you were fishing on mars lol. great film work, great fish could not keep my eyes off the video really well done. Dan

  31. Fantastic Editing 🙂 Great Video.

  32. The unkown YouTube

    If u have ever played dovetail games euro fishing it looks like the last map in spain😂good work guys great editing 🐟

  33. What was wrong with your two broken reels in the end lads?

  34. I remember the time, like 10 Years ago, me and my friend bought these fishing magazines with DVDs inside them. We were always soo curious about the footage on those DVDs. Compared to what you guys are giving us, the DVDs were completely ridiculous. Like, in the bad term 😀 the quality of the footage was less than decent.
    Nowadays, guys like you are giving us some of the highest-quality fishing footage i have ever seen. Those shots of the night sky were incredible!

    Thanks so much for giving us this amazing free content of fishing!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Haha that's funny because only recently we got asked if we could make a free DVD to go in a magazine! Crazy how much things change, but we love the way people can watch stuff any time they want and interact through youtube, so for us free to watch films on youtube are the way forward 😉

      Thanks again, for your lovely comment! 🙂

  35. Awesome video lads, been watching since you first vids years ago and they just get better and better great work you two.

  36. that pic is a mirror carp

  37. What's your biggest fish you have ever caught I do not do carp fishing but I do roch

  38. And other small fish like birch and so on

  39. Awesome video well done

  40. good video guys keep it up !! i love this type of video!!! (sorry i haven't been around for a while )

  41. do you guys have any sponsors??

  42. Hi just came back from fishing your spots loved it . Your vid just brought it back to me x

  43. Where you from in england

  44. I wanna fish sesh with you both x


    hi carl and alex what are the big pit reels u use

  46. I'm going there in the summer holidays can't wait

  47. where abouts do you get your music from??

  48. Wich reels were you using when you fished on the bottom?

  49. are they 10 or 12'' rods and i have watch all your videos?

  50. your my fraverat youtuber

  51. How much did the last fish you caught weigh?

  52. You guys are my favourite you tubers before I have been gran caneria and caught a 30 pound common

  53. Cracking pair of boys live the dream

  54. Why So Salty Fishing

    Cool Vid! Take a look at and subscribe to our channel! We have some badass fishing edits coming soon!

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