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Carp Fishing – LAKE RECORD CARP!

Carp fishing is one of the fastest growing types of fishing. In this video we fish the chod rig to a fallen tree with a scattering of boilies, in the evening we get a run and it is a big big carp! For more carping videos, check out our channel!
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carp fishing fishing for carp carping nash boilies

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  1. Another great video guys! I found you guys on Angler's mail and I am very thankful to have finally found you channel. :-) Do you do all the editing/ movie-making stuff yourself? And how do you get from spot to spot?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Carl and Alex Fishing

    Thanks John!! Yeah we do all filming + editing :)
    Mum drives us or we get the bus or train to venues!
    Carl and Alex

  3. what are your guys PB fish.

  4. Carl and Alex Fishing

    Hi Nat, our PB lists are on our website, check it out by searching carl and alex fishing in Google.

  5. Can you give me any tips for fishing in the colder months plez =D

  6. Carl and Alex Fishing

    We will be filming some videos to help out for winter fishing soon!!

  7. Nice fish what boilies were you using

  8. Carl and Alex Fishing

    We were using Fish Frenzy Crab and Shelfish boilies 15mm.
    Hope that helps!

  9. AlbieAndJoshFishing

    Lovely fish!

  10. Carl and Alex Fishing

    Okuma Longbow Baitfeeders :D

  11. Nice kit yous two, love your vidz tight lines!!!

  12. nice fish 

  13. Are carp hard to take out

  14. Emamuddin Al Hasib

    Man caught a fish half his size :). These videos are so beautiful Carl andd Alex.

  15. Emamuddin Al Hasib

    stay safe though.

  16. Your so skiny you could hardly hold that fish . And you think your a fisher . The fish was small but eat eat

  17. What was the thing you used at the beginning to spread the boilies

  18. So impressed by you guys and your dedication. Takes me back to my youth but without the quality gear. Great photography, clear instruction and the pleasure of watching your obvious passion in your sport. I do hope someone is sponsoring you both. Keep up the great work.   Steve

  19. Carping&Shooting

    lovely common Alex… nice lake also, is that in Sussex?

  20. Well done Alex,,great fish congratulations on the PB…Tight Lines.

  21. What test curve rod were you using ??

  22. Thanks lol

  23. How do you check if there's silt on bottom?? might be a stupid question I'm new to this type of fishing lol

  24. Great video guys

  25. Nikola Pejanovic

    Well done Alex,in such a big fish…. :D :D 

  26. you are awesome fishermans you should go to fish on our lake in slovakia there are monser catfish their weight is up to 200 pounds and this carp is awesome too :)


    Have you gone to newyork

  28. What's your set up on your rod and how much would it all cost

  29. Most pop ups r banned at most lakes in my area is that the case with yours if it is can u tell me why

  30. We'll done mate nice to see young guys fishing

  31. How many catfish have you cohort

  32. Got any tips for big carp

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      The best advise I can give is to find them! Keep looking and keep looking until to see one bubble or jump because then all you have to do then is cast a good rig and bait out!
      Alex :)

  33. Brook Bros Fishing

    Could you give me any advise on catching tench and could you do a quest to get a tench that is ten pounds amazing video.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Brook Bros Fishing We will try and make a tench fishing video next spring when they are nice and big and feeding well :) 

  34. Brook Bros Fishing

    Thank you so much for the reply, I am a MASSIVE FAN, THANKS.

  35. dude thats a huge fish!!! :D

  36. Do you guys have any tips for using bread/corn in lakes for carp? There's a comp on for carp (to get them out of the lake and area) and I'm hoping for a big Carp.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Tim's Fishing Check out our simple corn rig video on our channel, this baiting and rig has caught some of the biggest carp we have caught!
      Hope it helps!
      Alex :)

  37. Nice carp Alex , live this channel watch them all the time. When is your next video

  38. Roadtoabill Roadtoabill

    How mutch did it cost to get your fishing going

  39. Love your vids guys, keep up the gd work :)

  40. Learned a lot from your videos! We're expecting rain showers, any tips on fishing carp during or after rain showers?

  41. Ha ha this kid is awesome.

  42. we have a pond that has lots of koi. but they are very skiddish and spook easy. ans they wont take floating nuggets. and tips?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Hawkeye Anglers Try feeding them something natural like worms? That could work!! Or try fishing for them at night. Fish are often very scared during the day but night time they are calmer :)

  43. Any tips on my park lake a caught and then havent for 1 month!

  44. Awesome video Loverly fish

  45. Alecmileham

  46. Well done lads 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  47. what is the type of rod were u using brand?

  48. Do you do 2015,2016 video like new ones check out our channel happy holly days it will be up in 5 days

  49. really cool videos guys , keep it up , wish u all the luck , tight lines.

  50. awsome fish lads

  51. Irishfisherman 1

    what a carp.what age was Alex there

  52. claire simpson


  53. claire simpson

    Awesome fish lads,which I was as good as use

  54. waking up and the lake was now in the Bivvy mental

  55. Alex. Hello I want you to show her how to make carp baits like you have questions. because he was the Vietnam should you guide yourself is not level. thank you

  56. What does spawning mean ?

  57. Great fish lads! 😊😊😊

  58. Why don't yourl make another catfish video

  59. What test curve rod is that and how big is the lead

  60. How far is the park
    lake from carlton

  61. The toaster Plays

    How much deeper has his voice got :)

  62. You guys have come a long way you're a credit to angling and youngsters love your stuff

  63. That was an extraordinary big carp, thank you for handling it with care and release it.

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