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Carp fishing with standard ledgering tactics can often be the best method to catch big carp, but when the weather is hot and the fish are on the surface it’s time to get the floaters out and catch them off the top.
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  1. Carl we've just opened a pond called anemas pond in Dereham is it possible if u could visit it

  2. What rod and reels you use lads

  3. Nice Video!

  4. amazing video and fish. best angling/fishing chanel on youtube

  5. Vladimir Stosevski

    Guys make a video of crucian carp fishing or quest for crucian carp please

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yes, thats a great idea, Carl and I will try to get out at some point soon and do some float fishing for Crucians! :)

    • Vladimir Stosevski

      Thank you guys so much I really want to see some float fishing for crucians because I have a fishing match soon for small carp and crucians so if you guys make a video it will help he out alot :)

  6. Hey Guys, If you want to catch a fish 6 foot or bigger contact me. I Can set you up with a huge alligator gar If you guys are interested. But if you do you'll have to fly to Texas but We can stick you guys on a huge fish. Love your vids, keep them up!

    • We recently caught some 7 foot long gar in only one day. Basically any time you go out we catch a large gar. Contact me if you want to go on a guided trip around and catch a gar!

  7. Can you make a longer video like 30 mins please? btw this was sick

  8. Upload

  9. Please

  10. What a vid boys did u use a drone for the start of the vid

  11. Matts bass Covers

    Can't understand how people can dislike such a good video

  12. Absolutely love surface fishing you guys fished and edited exceptionally well;)

  13. ewan carp fishing

    Hi Carl and alex would u be interested in coming to south wales to fish

  14. What Rod Is That ??

  15. Spit don I saw Carl in fawlows cafe where was alex

  16. I caught my first fish on monday at waggoners Wells' 3 roach lovely mid 20's carp there

  17. Man that just plain kicked a$$…the overhead shots were amazing, who had to climb a tree to get'em?Β  Thanks gents…

  18. hi +Carl and Alex Fishing yous are so good at fishing and yous make suck good videos

  19. Hello mate great video !! They were nice fish !! And where did you get your unhooking mat from ??

  20. guys I have been watching your videos for 2 years you are the best

  21. Will u do any method feeding vids

  22. Black Science Guy

    Do you ever trade in your poles for a bow? It's a lot more fun and better for the ecosystems

  23. Editing is exeptional


    Great video, keep up the great work guys. Where is farlows lake?

  25. Nice video πŸ˜€

  26. what is the best bait you have used.

  27. Tips for stalking?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Virtus Attis stay quiet, wear Polarising glasses, bait a few margin spots and then check on them through the day :)

  28. And when's the next video

  29. Is that pro logic c2 natura rod?

  30. what do u think of using a bubble float to fish off surface ?

  31. what do u think of using a bubble float to fish off surface ?

  32. love the track selection

  33. HI
    nice video, what tc scopes do u use?

  34. Hi what rod do you use for surface fishing ? Thanks

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Matt Hodges 9ft 1.75lb scope rod. :) for so thing a bit tougher for fishing further out a 10ft 2.75 would be better though!

  35. great video as usual lads. a quick question, I also use Vaseline when surface fishing but I'm not sure how often to put it on? at the moment I add it every 4-5 casts.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We normally add it at the beginning of the session and then maybe top it up after a fish if we catch one. If your line is sinking it may be due to the line being a sinking variety rather than a floating monofilament like ZigFlo.

    • cheers lads I do always use mono hooklength for surface fishing was just curious as to how often you add Vaseline to the line as I sometimes fish large distances and find it hard to see the lone presentation. thankyou for your advice, tight lines fellas !!

  36. Love the vids guys keep it up

  37. Well done for 40k πŸ‘πŸ‘

  38. can you do a setup video

  39. When i put line on ma daiwa ss 2600 it cones from the bottom up and when i see yours it doesn't look like it dose it Dose yours do the same and i just cant see it ? Plz could you reply and let me no thanks big fan of you both keep up the good work

  40. Interested in starting my own channel totally inspired what camera should I buy ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      A GoPro is quite a good place to start, quite reliable and have alot of uses, underwater, chest mount, head mount, even put it on your rod whilst you fish… If you have more budget take a look at something like the Canon 650D :)

    • Spot the difference 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐟🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠

    • I have a gopro and a canon dslr, they make a good combo

  41. well done for almost 50k

  42. wich rods do you yuse?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Ruben Olinga Nash Scope rods for most of our carp fishing, in this particular video we were using the 9ft 1.75lb which are lovely for floater fishing. We use the 3lb ones for standard ledger fishing though. :) hope that helps!

    • +Carl and Alex Fishing thx:)

  43. Love what you do guys really enjoy your videos, I've been angling for 28 years and feel you bring a really great vibe to angling and love the music in your videos keep up the great work

  44. like allways perfect video

  45. big fish mate

  46. What is your name ? If your name is carl then where is Alex and if your name is alex where is carl?

  47. me and you should go fishing to gether

  48. I went surface fishing for the first time last weekend. My daughter and I caught 4 up to 9lb and loved it! I loved the video, you guys are enthusiastic and it's catching. I'm going looking for bigger cats now tomorrow πŸ˜€ thanks πŸ‘

  49. Awesome vid! Those carp are impressive! Gonna borrow your techniques here in the USA.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      YES! So happy to hear someone is trying it in the USA! You have lots of incredible water to fish for carp in! I think most people use Pac Bait and corn over in the US. Best of luck to you!!!

    • Thanks mate. Just watched your fishing across the pond video from back in 2015. Pretty interesting how UK carp don't seem to like pack bait as much. Our fish go crazy for it! :-)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yeah, strange! Hope you do good!!! :)

  50. great video,I stopped fishing static and only fish at the surface ore with a little float and corn,you see much more and learn a hole lot more!keep up the enthusiasm!!

  51. Can someone tell me the name of the reels they use plz

  52. BedworthFisherman

    I normally use dish soap/washing up liquid on my line to make it float

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