Friday , September 20 2019


Fishing for carp in any lake, river or pond is special, but when we discovered a massive reservoir close to home we just had to find out what fish lived in there. Watch part 1: In this video we set ourselves the challenge of catching an individual big mirror.
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing and even a bit of sea angling. We do not earn money from making these videos, in fact it costs us quite a lot to make each film. Because of this we don’t upload as regularly as other YouTubers as we both work full time, however we hope you still enjoy watching our films and maybe a few of you are inspired to get out and catch some fish.

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  1. you are the best of best for chatting fish in all the season.
    thanks a lot for your beautiful video.

  2. Hi guys. Just wanted to say how impressive this film is. Absolutely the essence of angling right there ! Fantastic shots and editing , and both of you being so natural in front of camera. Enjoyed it immensely, and I'm not a carper ! All the best for your bright futures πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. What kind of music are you using and where can i find it.

  4. Just had another watch of both seasons, still awesome viewing. Would be great to see a series type campaign again. Tight lines

  5. NASH TV Carp Fishing

    Carp fishing at it's best ;)

  6. What a video lads, just a Q. Did you use a effect @17:38? Looks amazing!

  7. Hi I was just wondering if you have any tips for me as i'm trying hard to try and beat my pb carp of 15lb and also what line do you use ?- Thomas

  8. Great videos guys, a real sense of adventure and beautifully captures the hard work, discipline and preparation required to catch specimen fish. Are you going to do a tench video? :) ✌🏼

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks Jamie! We will try and make a tench video, not sure when though as things are very busy at the moment! We've got the perfect location for it too, just need to find time to get out and target them with the cameras rolling ;)

  9. Unbelievable, like a mini movie you capture every scene perfect great great work guys have watched since the start and will watch until the end. Massive thumbs up.

  10. Fantastic video guys and congratulations on the mirror.

  11. 100K HYPE!!

  12. Total Fishing UK

    what did the big scaley weigh not that it matters but what size was it anyway

  13. David Cruickshank

    I could watch you guys all day long absolutely love it. You have inspired me to get out and try some carp fishing since I normally fish for trout. Any useful tips for catching carp for beginners

  14. great fishing boy love ur carping videos help me with my fishing aswell ur tips and tricks guys u whould a review on ur setup like rods reel bivvy i think people would like that ive been watching for year a half ur amazing

  15. WOW now that is a Cracking Video and I wish i'd watched it before meeting you last Friday at Shelton's or i'd have gotten you to sign my shirt ! Seriously though, where do you go from here ? I hope all goes well for you in Austria and look forward to some more fantastic productions of yours. Brilliant and well done chaps.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Hi Paul, thanks for your kind comment! Yeah what next?! It took a long while to find a special place like the res and it could well take a while to find our next campaign water but we are searching for another epic place to target, possible another big reservoir! Thanks mate! :)

  16. Jonathan Brown

    Awesome lads!

  17. Yes!!!!!!

  18. Excellent video chaps!

  19. just started fishing my local reservoir and have caught 2 tench, still looking for that carp

  20. Well done boys you definitely have that passion for angling

  21. just getting back into carp fishing myself and watching you guys really inspires me, it has been the best thing I have watched. keep up the good work guys, you will certainly go a long way in fishing and you really do deserve everything you get.

  22. Hey. Are You Guys Ever Going To Ireland? Lovely Carp Here! Especially Oakland Lakes In New Ross

  23. The Loco Builder

    Absolutely top quality video. Well done!

  24. John & Evan's Fishing Adventures

    Totally awesome video! You guys set the bar for incredible fishing videos!

  25. Owens Fishing Adventures

    omg those carp look lovely

  26. Another mega video guy's.
    I don't know if it was done on purpose, to an air of mystery, but you never told us the weights of your last 2 fish, the large common and the Big mirror ?
    or did I miss the weights entirely !
    please let me know, I don't feel like the video is complete until I know πŸ€”

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Both the big mirror was 29lb 15oz but overall the video was more focused on their looks and the venue we caught them from. Didn't really want to detract from the incredible season we had by focusing on the ounce it was away from being 30! lol Glad you enjoyed :)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing hi guy's.
      the weight doe's not detract in any way what so ever.
      I was waiting with baited breath for the weigh scales to come out when you caught the awesome fish.
      I was beginning to think that I had missed something & wound back to see if I had πŸ˜‚
      I will be watching the rest of your videos over the next few week's, you really do a great job of telling your stories, so much that when you lost the two big residents in your Park lake video I jumped off my chair.
      I was gutted for you, anyway it all turned out perfectly πŸ˜ƒ
      Best wishes lads.
      keep up the good work.

  27. U guys should have your own tv programme

  28. How does wind affect carp fishing? Is a slight breeze or no wind better, in your experience what can you say?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      For bottom bait carp fishing we have found overcast, windy, wet conditions to be best but for surface fishing, normally just hot and calm weather! :)

  29. Honestly one of the best carp fishing videos out there just watched it for the 5th time!

  30. The Crafty Carp Stalker

    Still watching this video great video lads keep it up

  31. I have been watching you guys from the first couple vids you ever done and you guys are the best fisherman on the youtube platform
    Well in lads keep uo the good work and go catch some more fish

  32. you are the best you tubers ever you've inspired so much and you've got me into carp fishing from James :)

  33. How much did the big scaley weigh?

  34. ThanksπŸ–’been wondering for a while now.

  35. Martyn's Angling Adventures

    Such an awesome video and so perfectly edited!

  36. That last mirror is stunning would love to bank something like that fish, well done.

  37. You guys inspired me so much to start carp fishing

  38. What ounce leads do you guys use

  39. You guys are so inspiring.

  40. Quite honestly chaps. One of the best fishing videos I've watched. Would love the opportunity to fish with you guys

    • All these guys videos are worth watching, I have enjoyed them all.
      There are some " totally awful " fishing videos on YouTube with guys mishandling fish, constantly turning to natter at the camera when they have a fish hooked, not having landing nets in the swim etc etc, just showing bad angling
      Carl and Alex know what they are doing, they respect the fish and handle them properly and their enthusiasm when they land a " big un " is just great.

      Well done lads you are a credit to angling, ( and your parents ), and your film making is just top notch!

  41. Fantastic video guys

  42. Love the way you tell the story with great music and editing keep it up

  43. What a fantastic scaley mirror. ❀️

  44. Inspirational πŸ‘πŸ» well done πŸ‘πŸ»

  45. Sebastiaan Besseling

    epic movies. i just finished watching both res diaries for the third time:/ still beautifull to watch. you've captured the true essence of carp fishing in these movies. the hard work, the bumps on the way, searching searching searching, and then the rewards. very nice!

    I truly love the big commons you've caught there. stunning fish!

    hopefully this will get a sequel in some form. doesn't need to be a res diary, but maybe another long term campaign vid.

  46. I have watched this so many times because I love it. 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

  47. We're is that reservoir


  49. Song at 25:30??

  50. Mad video btw πŸ˜‚πŸ€™πŸΌ

  51. good fishing :)

  52. 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

  53. Hi, I wonder what you use for rods, reels, banksticks? Great vid btw, i've watched it like 10 times now and im not getting bored of it ;)

  54. Louis and Johns Fishing

    Absolutely great video love watching your videos and getting good tips on fishing for myself great videos guys keep it up πŸ˜†

  55. Louis and Johns Fishing

    If you could please email me on some tips and also were the reservoir at

  56. Amazing….and how you find the dwarf multi mat ?…and sorry for my english I am from Germany🀣✌

  57. Probably 5th or 6th time I've watch that video… gets better and better.. the fishing, the passion and the production are second to none… super impressive πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Cheers Eddie, we put everything into making this film. Kinda gutted we haven't been able to do something similar since!

  58. Whoa! Way to go Alex! Or actually both you brothers!!!

  59. OMG! Wowie boys! Absolutely fantastic! My hats off to you, both!!!

  60. Pls do a part 3

  61. The best film. EVER!

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