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***CARP FISHING TV*** Challenge Special: “Face Your Fails”

In this two hour epic, Mark Pitchers takes on five challenges he has previously failed in “one big momma challenge” as Mark puts it. This Challenge Special has it all, highs, lows, laughter, loss and most importantly; boat loads of carp! So sit back with a brew or three and enjoy “Face Your Fails”.

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  1. 10:40 anyone know the song??

  2. 10:40 anyone know the song??

  3. big carp catcher

    A fucking rock effron sandwich 😂😂😂 the blokes nuttier than a squirrels turd hahaha what a legend…..

  4. Absolutely over the moon for you to do these 5! My grin matched yours when you said it was a ghostie. Amazing.

  5. Have you ever tried using a bow?

  6. Ross Robyne McLeod

    Fantastic show. Beautiful production, locations, engaging personalities and we’ve learnt stuff. Should be on telly! Hope yers make a packet.

  7. Cast-A-Line Heseltine

    Really enjoyed that double thumbs up from me ;-)

  8. Seriously good angling!

  9. Anyone know music at 41:33 ?

  10. Anyone know name of the song at 53:30?

  11. Someone has gotta know what the music is?? Please!!

  12. Harry please put me out my misery and give us the song name @ 41:30 if you can mate? Spent hours trying to find it lol. Awesome vids guys keep it up 👍

  13. should have had a progress bar on the side somewhere showing the challenges.. but loved the video as always..

  14. Cracking video guys as usual, great fishing mark

  15. Annoying in so many ways

  16. Are these fish not worth keeping and cooking?

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