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***CARP FISHING TV*** THE CHALLENGE Episode 1 – Catch on 3 Lead Setups

Welcome to the first episode of our brand-new ‘The Challenge’ series that is exclusive to Fox Fishing TV. Each month we invite our friends on the Fox Facebook page to suggest different challenges for Mark Pitchers and then we choose one for him to tackle. First up was a challenge from Mark Bacon, which involved Mark catching on 3 different lead set-ups. Can he succeed? Watch to find out…

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  2. Carl and Alex Fishing

    We absolutely loved this!! Wicked idea for a series, really cool film, Mark is a cracking presenter and the carp were stunners! Can't wait for the next one!!
    Carl and Alex 

  3. Fox International Carp Fishing

    Thanks for the kind words guys 🙂 

    • I want to find out what is the brand of the reel, the fishing rod, used by Mark on this episode.
      That´s important, and should be described on the information about the video.
      Thank you.

    • +FOX International Limited Please do more challenges Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +FOX International Limited ive got a challange for you it will really test you

  4. Fantastic idea for a series ! Really enjoy watching mark top angler !! Nice one FOX !!!

  5. good fishing buddy

  6. DreamFishFishing

    great series. can't wait to see more!

  7. Giedrius Kiseliunas

    fantastic angling-can't wait to see next month challenge !!!!!

  8. Enjoyed that, well done

  9. paul w douglass

    My son and I really enjoyed watching this together. Mark is a brilliant presenter. Look forward to viewing more.

  10. great vid and great challenge, well done. can the `music` volume be reduced on the next one, hard to hear you talking at times, once again, well done

  11. Great video, full of excellent advice! Mark's a natural and always has a career in stand up to fall back on.  BTW, what is the track playing around 16:00 and again when Mark lands the 30????

  12. calvin van steenderen

    Fox is the best carpfishing canal ever

  13. Awesome stuff! Edited beautifully and content was definitely there!

    Tom 😀

  14. good vid but where can i get one of those onesies from and how much cheers

  15. Catch on three different lead arrangements? What is the actual point?

  16. top banana!!!


  18. great watchin waitin for 2nd episode

  19. Loved this video, something different from the norm, the thought process behind each method and he's a great character.

  20. Well done on the challenge mark
    Ps were you at carpvale doubles last week thought I spotted you?

  21. IlluminatorOfDarkness

    Load of shit

  22. PA Outdoor Adventures TV

    great video guys ive only been carpin for about 4 years not very many people really apriciate the power of carp their considered a trash fish in PA but they get really big cause not many fish for them their a lot of fun to catch one of the hardest fighting fish in pa thanks for another great video tight lines

  23. Great video what a fish right at the end.

  24. Never tried choddies short length and straight I will now though

  25. loved this video haha excellent angling knowledge and stunning fish and still managed to squeeze in some banter amazing video 🙂

  26. Fox international just got a fan!

  27. Whats the song at 1:03 ?

  28. Hi Mark, I'd just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Yes you work for Fox, yes you use Mainline Baits – but & it's a big BUT! It was for me more enjoyable that you didn't ram either product into the dialogue at every opportunity. That 30+ was a stunner by the way! Brilliant mate and look forward to the next one. Once again – good to meet you at Baden the other day.

    Steve (@carp_angling)

  29. Don`t suppose there is any chance you could tell us the name of the pellets?

  30. great series !!!

  31. TheAllKnowingFishMan

    I have a feeling in Europe you don't do carp snagging.  Also surprising you release carp too.

  32. I guess  never realized how lucky we carp anglers here in Ohio, U.S. are. We can go to virtually any river, creek, or reservoir, and for the price of a $20.00 fishing license, have unlimited access to millions of acres of water, teeming with carp. Very few anglers here fish for carp.Bass fishing is like a religion. Me, I prefer the relaxing hobby of carp fishing. Most carpers here, just use canned corn threaded on a small hook, with a small sliding sinker, with a bait feeder type spinning reel. Works great on our uneducated carp.People who think carp are dumb mud-suckers, have never tried to catch one in a highly pressured small pond.

  33. LockeNess Motorsports

    @Nathan Paske, wow you really need to learn about uk and the rest of the world on carp fishing, they recieve the upmost care and released safely. America and australia will see the light soon I've got carpers i know that live over there and it's a growing sport in the US so stop snagging and put the bows down.

  34. What´s the brand of that black reel ?

  35. what fishing rod is that?

  36. Brilliant and mark has travelled the whole of England , seen it and done it , top fisherman knows his stuff . Also owns his own lake and still travels hundreds of miles wow

  37. brilliant mark!!! loved the knock one out comment 🙂 

  38. love it very informative  

  39. Is that Prologic C3 rods?!

  40. Thanks again everyone for your comments, I really do appreciate all your feedback 🙂 🙂

  41. nice big carp good job..

  42. Great angling+great filming, that shot of Mark silhouetted against the moon rod bent playing the fish wow ! The soundtrack is not bad as well. Come on sky give the lads a TV show !!

  43. That mirror at ~17:50 is a really nice looking carp! Almost a linear, with kind of two tone scales.

  44. Great video! Just love the series. Those were some lovely looking carp and then to top it off with that awesome looking mirror at the end, really great!

  45. just started watching your vids and i have to say they are ace,thanks for giving me some new ideas

  46. Limpy ? Thats not very carpy, lol

  47. charlie carroll

    supermarket tackle would be a good one

  48. you are the Karl pilkington of the carp world, legend!

  49. Knocking one out early doors……..man after my own heart!!!! 🙂

  50. i think you shoulda dumped the challenge at start flung som dog biscs out n caught off top

  51. did he do one off the bottom one from zig and one off the surface challenge?

  52. is that a fox onsie

  53. Well butter my bollocks if these aren't the best carp fishing videos on YouTube. Love em keep it up.

  54. does any one now what music track that is played at the end of this?

  55. well done Mark you are a master of the double entendre and not many carpers would say 'serendipitous'. Please do some challenges under the influence of hallucinegens. 🙂

  56. Your the best carp angler

  57. Chris & Sam Living the dream


  58. Love these films 🎣

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