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***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 18 “Home Sweet Home”

In episode 18 of The Challenge Mark takes on “Home Sweet Home” where he has to get back to his North Yorkshire home using the weight, in pounds, of the carp he catches as miles on the road. It sounds simple but with Harry throwing a few curve balls into the mix this Challenge is far from straightforward for Mark.

Note: Fox do not recommend or endorse using a stove inside your bivvy/brolly or within close proximity of flammable objects.

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  1. Great as always mark. Next one may be carp cricket against Harry.

  2. Best one yet love these vids funniest two in carp fishing

  3. Owtlet Carp Fishing

    that was a good watch Mark best part the end haha .. kids for ya :)

  4. really enjoyed that and so close at the end👍

  5. Mark that was proper carpy, just what I needed on a Monday after a shit weekend. Also the shitting in a bag and leaving it in a swim that should be called BARGAIN CARPY LOL well done to you to Harry cheers guys I literally had tearsx

  6. Best style Angler…..That's carpy

  7. Just about to go to sleep, THEN THIS CAME UP.👌👌

  8. Loved it

  9. Best content on YouTube😂

  10. This is the funniest carp fishing video iv ever seen , what a bloke mark is , I was cracking up at the daddy long legs bit when they was swarming the bivvy ,
    Keep up the good work and videos mate

  11. Superb Mark, enjoyed that immensely. Unlucky chap, but you did yourself proud there bud.

  12. Great video as always guys ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  13. omg i am dead!! laughing so hard at the daddy long legs…not exactly aviation at its finest pmsl!

  14. Can anyone let me know what baitfeeder reels he was using towards the end of the challenge?

  15. TOP TOP marks 😁😉 a pro at work cant wait for the next video your killing it

  16. Mark go watch the one challenge you lost by an ounce again yourself and be in for a laugh because you didn't lost that one the scale stops at a higher weight then when u took a look at it a lot of hardcore fans will agree

  17. Once again what a brilliant watch love the series and q lake is one of my locals cracking place tight lines from the NORTHERN CARP FREAKS YOUTUBE 🎣🎣👌👍👍

  18. Would love to see an episode just walking around Mark's "Fishing Room" showing us all the gear he's got.

  19. Finally a new challenge ✌️😎👍
    Well done mate.

  20. great video, you need to sort that haircut out though mark!

  21. So sad.. good effort tho!! Almost

  22. Best one yet !

  23. Even the hair is starting to go 'alan partridge'!

  24. Another great video Mark. Harry needs a dunking!

  25. Great video. Thanks chaps

  26. So many followers and ideas, why did you had to copy Matt Hayes?

    • Fox International Carp Fishing

      Hi Ivan all the challenges are voted for by public on Facebook. We always get people asking for us to do this one and it won with over 800 votes. Who are we to argue?

  27. Mark pitchers should be England PM
    Bollocks to May or corbyn

  28. Nice blokes, no boosh, munga, get in. A pleasure to watch. Cool.

  29. How do u catch all these carp what baits do u use if its boilies what scent

  30. you look like a homosexual leprechaun up a tree.

  31. So many laughs I had too this the cut scenes where great too

  32. Great effort Mark and awesome video Mr Harry! Huge fan of your work!

  33. I need gear like rods and biolarms

  34. Jake baxter SecondNature789

    Looks like a mega set of lakes

  35. Jake baxter SecondNature789

    26.50 had me in stitches.. I bloody hate saddling legs and like ya say they get up in your face

  36. Normally like these but using a Matt Hayes/Mick Brown concept and doing it badly spoiled it a bit for me.

    • Fox International Carp Fishing

      It's a shame you thought they did the challenge badly. The Challenge voted for by the public on Facebook. Both Matt and Mick are heroes for Mark and Harry and they certainly didn't want to do them a disservice. Don't you worry though, next time there will be no links made to any of the work of these two angling greats!

  37. What I enjoy most about these challenges is just how genuinely happy you are when you catch a fish. I know many Carp anglers who only smile if they catch only very large fish. Personally I don't care how big a fish is, the pleasure of catching fish is enough for me. Tight lines

  38. anyone know the name of the song that plays a couple of times

  39. Great job as always Mark, you made it in my eye's :-) thumbsup

  40. Unlucky… so meany funny points and grate fish, some wasn't big but still put the pounds on. Can't wait for the next one!

  41. Awesome watch as ever lads keep it up !

  42. Anybody know where the “farm reservoir” is located or the name of the farm?

  43. didn't even notice this video was so long untill I finished watching it :)

  44. For me I’d give you pass as you fish your socks off!!!

  45. Love that jacket Mark has on at the start (maybe throughout, haven't watched it all yet…) they out yet fellas?

  46. Don't talk and eat its very rude young man!

  47. Well done the straight man! Easily the most accomplished film you two have produced. Some lovely edits, just watch the royalty-free orchestral fx there Harry! Sorry, that sounds a bit condescending, no, best watch yet, great film, enjoyed it a lot.

  48. The Karl pilkington of carp fishing, spot on

  49. Mark I need to show you a well hidden ex syndicate in catterick mate

  50. A bag full of sh*t, a swim smelling of p*ss and teabags everywhere! Now that’s Carpy

  51. Seriously why do people come here to dislike it … don't figure

  52. Loved it mate. You might of failed the challenge, but what a way to do it. Seeing your family at the end priceless mate, and their your harshest critic's not the viewers LOL.

  53. Name of bivvy light anyone?

  54. He reminds me of Karl pilkington so much 😂😂

  55. The Carl Pilkington of carp fishing! Awesome video!

  56. What a surpise a syndicate water..

    Where are the canals, rivers and open lakes?!!

  57. Looool the way he looks at them flys

  58. a breath o f fresh air

  59. Nice vid as usual.

  60. Fabulous, unlucky Mark, great challenge as always!

  61. Prostě borec👌👍

  62. aitormarincorrecher

    This 3 minutes documentary about Nazi Carp is very interesting! By Andy Macgregor!

  63. Never heard a daddy longs legs get called a lanky cunt! 😂😂

  64. Unlucky Mark. It was incredibly close again. Another great challenge though.

  65. Still loving the Peter Kay "de-icer" gag then

  66. Normally fishing vids especially this length become hard to watch as much as I love fishing but yours flew by! Great job

  67. This is like watching Ricky Gervais videoing Karl Pilkington, rigged out in all the best fishing gear by Fox, and told to catch a carp.

    Brilliant 😂👍🏻

  68. How come you haven't got Shimano baitrunners . Not Carpy at all .

  69. Think I might shit in a bag now

  70. Интересно получилось с нерастворимой сеткой и пастой, но 24й жирный задипованный бойл very very good in Russia )

  71. Cant beat pool bridge, q lake and horse shoe lake are amazing local waters 👍👍

  72. Fox or nash or sonik

  73. Which rods was Mark using at the end, were they still the horizon x3's?

  74. less talking shit about coffee and pennies, stop trying to be funny, because your not, just fish, and talk about fishing!!

  75. Are the X3s progressive fast taper type for casting at distance?

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