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***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Episode 5 – Bait Bucket Roulette

Mark Pitchers returns for episode 5 of The Challenge and this time he visits Mallard on the Stanwick Lakes complex to attempt the Bait Bucket Roulette challenge – will he succeed?

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  1. Brilliant video once again,new rods Mark?

  2. Excellent episode guys, really enjoyed it! 

  3. Second

  4. Mark Pitchers is an absolute hero, great episode!

  5. Albie Hilton-Jones


  6. I love these series so much!

  7. Great series guys, keep it up!

  8. Well Mark just watched show five,it's for was the best,you where challenged by the weather,as well as the antics from the the film crew,making you re- rig your rods. You should have gave them a challenge them too a teabag test next time. Well done Mark.🐟🎣👍🇬🇧

  9. Love these vids and Pitchers banter is the best! Along with Urban Banx these are my favourites!

  10. Unlucky Mark with the challenge but very entertaining

  11. Brilliant Videos, enjoyed every one! I got a challenge I reckon you wouldn't manage to do. 36 Hours to catch a brace of carp out of Sheepwalk Gravel Pit! Any bait and Any tactic you like…

  12. Great fishing enjoyed watching cheers

  13. Charlie Jones Fishing

    It was an extremely hard challenge, great episode and very entertaining!!

  14. Robbie Wilberforce

    the worm protection society would like you to be a representative 

  15. Fantastic video! Absolutely love the challenge videos

  16. Like that mate cheers :) .. would of loved to see what you would of done with a worm for a rig ,, would chopped worm on a hair like you did with the maggot be as effective ???

    • Hi David, I used to use chopped worm as hookbaits, several two inch sections of worm fished on a hair and it worked really well.. I'm too soft these days to do that though lol..

    • +Mark Pitchers The lake I fish in Ireland we have some lumps , but they are not coming out everything has been tried , so I'm going giving the worm a go ,, be some challenge for you mate to catch a 25+ common and mirror here I tell yea :)

  17. Another great fox video, keep up the good work guys

  18. That was educational, exciting and fun to watch. 

  19. Great vid mark and that camera mans laugh at the end was the best

  20. Another great challenge, keep up the good work! What are those bobbins please? Don't recognise them.

  21. Fox International Carp Fishing

    Fox Slik bobbins Devisham

  22. These video are great and really enjoy them keep up the good work.

  23. thank u for not chopping the worms up u are one of my favorite angelers now   

  24. Give the guys a TV program.

  25. fantastic video!! +FOX International 

  26. all episodes are brilliant cant wait for new ones hell get a proper t.v show.

  27. Next clip please

  28. Estou , Maravilhado com a FOX , a qual tenho seguido através do YouTube . Pois os seus Vídeos são uma boa fonte de ensino na pesca á Carpa . Obrigado

  29. Again super episode, your awesome! Love the humor ^^

  30. Loving the challenge. Episode 6?

  31. Good video :) is it just me or dose this guy remind anyone else of Karl Pilkinton

  32. "free the worms" lol

  33. love the yellow fox bags with the rigs needed to tie 

  34. 1 word! AWSOME ! love the brand Fox , and now those challenges . . . !

  35. what brolly system r u using?

  36. Ha love this series mark is the funniest angler alive

  37. Needs to be louder

  38. are those bagged maggots alive?

  39. I can't believe you never tried a worm on the hook!  Carp love worms and a bigger bait might have brought a bigger fish.  You carp anglers do make me laugh… :D

  40. I have to say though, I do enjoy these challenge videos! :)

  41. They need to quit changing the rules after the game has begun—-LOL

  42. I don't know how he keeps his calm with the cameraman. Twice now I have seen him watch him do something then drop a bomb. last was he watched him pack all his gear in the van to move lakes then told him it isn't allowed. if I was mark I would have beat him with my kettle.

  43. Harry your the best

  44. Lee mack

  45. fish Doggett's

  46. How did you kill the maggots

  47. Harry said a Kilo of boilies

  48. Good on you for not chopping the worms. Top man.

  49. you boys are hilarious

  50. ya want a carp challange like well come to scotland mate nooo thats a real carp challange


    What are those bobbins? Cheers

  52. harry is lucky if i had just tied my rigs and then he changed the rules I would of throw him in or not made him a cup of tea for the rest of the challange. I feel for you mark how do you put up with

  53. More more I want to see more

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