Friday , August 23 2019
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Carp Fishing with Bread

I do a short session fishing with bread for carp and catch a few common and mirror carp. :)
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  1. nice one Alex top angling 🎣👍

  2. What reel were you using? Daiwa SS1600?

  3. Great vid👍🏼

  4. I think you fight your fish a bit to hard………but you should keep doing these off the top videos

    • Again…. not at all in this situation, see previous comment……….. PLUS : I'll criticise you twice with nothing nice to say… but please give me more free videos. Unreal!

  5. You need to make the fish loose its energy

    • Letting it fight for longer in amongst those snags could have damaged the fish… it was good angling getting it out so quick.

  6. love your video keep up the good work

  7. Brilliant Alex! I see you weren't using a huge landing net for stalking. What size is that one?

  8. You make it look so easy!

  9. Another great movie!!!

  10. how come ur putting re uploads I seen this ages ago

  11. you always make it look so easy Alex 😉

  12. I'm looking for a front day reel. Atm I have the ss8000

  13. How do you make sibling bread

  14. Loving the recent uploads and the vids

  15. Great vid making the most of the nice weather

  16. Are you gonna be at Brentwood carp show

  17. Can u do a q&a

  18. Nice video

  19. plz let me come fish with u ?

  20. Such a good video! Really want to get fishing again!!

  21. another great days angling I hope my 2 boys grow up to be a skilled and excited about angling as you 2

  22. Yh I hope I can catch Carp like that at Tanyard in early April

  23. why are they repeating there vids

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      We removed our extra channel as it was proving to be too much work to maintain both channels, people asked us to upload the videos to this channel so that they were not lost for ever. Hope that makes sense!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing thanks for that I was getting confused

  24. Nice one Alex, awesome video man.

  25. That's my favorite method for carp fishing, only I do it in Central Park

  26. Sick vid guys, do you have a snapchat? And you should do some vlogs based on fishing like going tackle shops walking round lakes and stuff like that !:)

  27. Just as good the second time around

  28. nice fish buddy

  29. How come you are showing vids again????

  30. Great video as always 😃👍🏻

  31. Hi, is 2 pound test curve too much for fish from 7pound up to about 15pound?

  32. Crappie Hippie

    Awesome man!  That first one out of the reeds was cool as hell…

  33. Crappie Hippie

    Ever try tenkara fishing?  A buddy of mine is totally into it, he is showing me, had me out there with a twelve foot last season doodle sockin' crappies, it was crazy, he fishes with an eighteen sometimes!  It's a great stick for "dropping from above" on shallow fish.

  34. Best and quickest way to catch carp. I normally go catch a few with bread then fish deep for a big one after catching a couple off the top.

  35. awesome vid guys!!!

  36. Why So Salty Fishing

    Great Vid! Take a look at and subscribe to our channel! We have some badass fishing edits coming soon!

  37. Summer sunshine tanyard, carp fishing. Soon be better weather people

  38. Did carl catch the last fish you caught in the video in quest for a 20?a few years ago it looks like it

  39. Looked like fun

  40. Brown bread is way better

  41. i have a pond near me that holds Carp I top water fish with bread the problem with this pond is that there is a ton of Turtles and blue gill that come for the bread. i go through a loaf of bread a trip what can i do

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