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Catching Monster Carp in America – Full Carp Fishing Movie

Carp fishing has taken us to some incredible places but visiting our friends in the USA has to be our best carp fishing adventure yet! Sit back and enjoy the video!

Watch our first USA carp fishing trip here –

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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and even a bit of saltwater angling.

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  1. Love you Videos so much Grüße aus Deutschland

  2. Love you Videos so much Grüße aus Deutschland

  3. Brilliant video. Great fish. Well done.

  4. Brilliant video. Great fish. Well done.

  5. Your trip to Texas was not as cool as hanging with these guys!

  6. Your trip to Texas was not as cool as hanging with these guys!

  7. What’s that rig box/holder shown at 53:27 ?
    Where can I find one of those?
    Love these brothers videos even bought some Nash stuff because of them😁.

  8. I wish I could go fishing with you guys and catch some big carp

  9. My biggest fish is 40lb

  10. nice!

  11. Great to see the lads again from across the pond and fantastic video as usual guys. Cheers.

  12. Virginia fisherman

    I have to agree with u guys saying that in the US they are not many ppl is fishing for carp

  13. Lauschi SanktKanzian

    have you been sailing the optimist? since you got a shirt?

  14. Epic Video Guys 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

  15. I'm blown away! Someone else has probably said this but I'm saying it anyway, I've watch alot of shows on TV and this was quite possibly the best fishing I've seen! Maybe watching you two as kids to you as young blokes makes a difference but amazing to watch. Fantastic programme thanks. RIP John Wilson.

  16. Seriously AWESOWE lads 👍 😃

  17. canada is better

  18. Michigan is dope

  19. Whats the song in the intro called thanks

  20. Great work guys, very entertaining and some truly beautiful carp! We're so blessed here in the states.

  21. What line u guys using??😊🎣

  22. You back off to America this year

  23. It would be nice to c the boys bk in England again ✌️👌👍

  24. Love this as much as I loved the last one, the carp are in abundance out there and seem to be pretty big on average. also can tell you're Nash boys now :) lol

  25. Im inviting you guys to Washington State to fish in Columbia river for carp…lots of fun!!!

  26. woot woot Holland my home town!

  27. You guys have been making such great videos for so many years now, the Park Lake campaign really blew me away. Knowing you've been consistently getting better and putting out these long form campaigns for years now. I start to question is it your age holding you back in the fishing community? Been a pleasure to watch you guys grow as anglers, producers and people over the years.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Glad you enjoyed park lake campaign, it was a quite important video in our development. I'm not sure if our age holds us back or helps us to be honest. Maybe some young people can relate better but we've had a bit of negativity from others, cant please everyone all of the time!

  28. James Garthwaite


  29. Always enjoy your movies 👌🏽 … caught my new PB after the long winter 23.5 lb … great way to start the year

  30. Allard Biggenvanger

    I felt Brandon's pain losing that mirror…and  what about all those guys with boats & waterscooters hanging around to watch??? I would really get nervous.

  31. Everywhere in Europe, the last lake had been filled with carp fisher. An amazing lake. Just wait until they discover what they have.

  32. Daniel Estrada

    I’m from Texas and enjoy carp fishing when I can find some places around me with some

  33. Honestly can't understand why the US isn't more on the radar as a carp anglers destination and more US guys aren't going into "guiding" like these guys could as a profession.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Thanks for the comment Luke! You are absolutely right, I think it is just going to take some time to gain some traction and for people to realise the fishing potential out in the states! :)

  34. Jonty Williams

    edits are insane, outstanding. You make these videos like a tv actual film. Good job boys :)


    Do you want to fish in the Nederlands i have soms good places here with big Carp! If you want let me know and i contact you! 🤙💪

  36. Bow fishermen…. Killing for the sake of it…..typical Americans.

  37. Can i come fishing with u spme tes

  38. Absolutely amazing video. Not once did yal loose my attention.

  39. Excellent video, well worth the watch great fish, well done chaps

  40. These gentlemen….. nominated as Ambassadors in International Geopolitical Angling Alliances..

  41. No one is fishing like this in the usa but it’s super effective

  42. Oh My God, I simply don't have the words to express the joy I experienced watching this video, I think you've just converted another fisherman into a monster Carp hopeful… Thanks, Guys For Another GREAT Video, all the way from Seward, Alaska!

  43. tthose glazed looked perfect

  44. You should come over and fish the lower Connecticut river for carp. Multiple 40 lb class fish out of there.


  46. Congratulations on 100k👍👍

  47. douglas vincent

    brokebaCK MOUNTAIN

  48. some cracking fish lads!

  49. DR.Kue9 DR.Kue0

    Is this port Washington?

  50. Brenden Burnham

    To say this is an awesome video would be an understatement. So glad you guys were able to have a great time in the US. Great job.

  51. where do u guys shower? dirty bastards lol

  52. Just subscribed and wow what a treat man! Loved this someRail good fish. Keep going lads 💯🎣🎣

  53. If you’re ever in Illinois I know a great place to catch Monster Carp

  54. Windows95 Tutorial_

    you guys should check out the Erie canal through Rochester NY, plenty of 25lbs+ carp, along with monster pike

  55. If the American lads do come to the UK, take them barbel fishing. Our carp fishing can't live up to what they have, but our barbel fishing is world class.Excellent film guys I really enjoyed it.

  56. Ruben van Berchum

    song 20:20 ?

  57. Why the whinging about catfish, they are easier to eat than a carp and are good fighters. Be happy with a clicking drag and maybe next time cook up a few catfish instead of pizza and subs. Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

  58. 21:16 what groundbait are you guys using? It seems to work pretty well

  59. calum and oli Fishing

    Really good video guys

  60. What a feel good video 😊 Great friendships being made with like minded fellas across the pond. Carl and Alex you are two special lads your enthusiasm and integrity can only do UK angling favours. You are great ambassadors for our sport and we are lucky to have you. I look forward to mining back through your earlier videos and now that I'm subscribed I look forward to all the good stuff to come. You've encouraged an old fisherman to get back on the bank more often and I thank you for that. 😊

  61. Just like the method, i tried here packbaits but bream luvs it

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yes, bream are a pain when fishing small hookbaits or method fishing! Luckily out in the states there are no bream. Just loads of catfish haha!

  62. Carl and Alex what do u think of the sonik vader x rods and reels? Would appreciate some advice as Iv got back in to fishing and buying a new setup. Or do u reccomend buy separate rods and reels instead of that 3 rod and reel package

  63. Everything Forest

    Great video (y)

  64. I love your passion!!!!! I am the same way about bass but I caught a 35 pound Triploid carp on 8 pound test

  65. Great watch guys

  66. As a non-carp angler I was riveted to watching this excellent and rather long video. Brilliant and well done.

  67. Enjoyed this 👍

  68. 46:01 Brian got rejected by alex 🤣🎣

  69. I carp fish in Ohio and funny the looks I get when people ask what I am fishing for. Love these videos, keep up the good work.

  70. you should make a video on how you film al your clips and what you use

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