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Clear Water PIKE & PERCH Autumn Fishing 🍂🎣 (Small Boat Fishing using the Deeper Sonar)

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The autumn is finally here with falling water temperatures and both the pike and perch fishing is just getting better and better.

In this video, Pontus with friends goes fishing in some really clear water targeting both pike and perch in the sunny weather. They are fishing from a small boat and are using the Deeper Pro+ Sonar on a Flexible arm 2.0 to help them read the water.

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  1. 👍👍

  2. nice i am second

  3. but nice fishes

  4. When is the episode from Gotland coming? Really nice video btw👍🔥🔥

    • Lo Nilsson I’m actually working on it at the moment, it will be on YouTube within a few weeks 🤙🏼🎣 /Pontus

  5. Finally :D!

    • Jest i Ace!!!..nasz najlepszy Polski kanał👏👏👏…POZDRAWIAM Tomek pozytywny wariacje😉🎣..ps…dawaj te fimy w koncu😂😂😂🎣🎣🎣😉

  6. Omg i love you

  7. Why do you use such heavy jigheads in such shallow water?
    If you ask me you don't need more than 3 grams.

    • Yeah I know they we’re a bit on the heavy side. My go-to weight is usually 10-15 grams since I mostly fish on 2-6 meters so most of my jigs were rigged on those weights. Usually I use something like 7 grams for this type of shallow fishing. Thanks for watching! /Pontus

  8. 15:53 rudd is the english word. Thank me later.

  9. Roach is the fish you caught.good video :)

  10. Good work fellas, enjoyed that. :)

  11. Kan ni prata svenska

    • Melker Kronstöm nej det gör Tobias och dom andra

    • Melker Kronstöm Vi kan såklart eftersom vi är svenskar, men har valt att göra våra filmer på engelska för att sprida fiskeglädje i hela Europa. :) Det finns redan mycket bra fiskefilm på svenska, ink. Team Galant, som vi har valt att behålla på svenska eftersom så många av er efterfrågar svenska filmer. Jag hoppas du förstår. Skitfiske på dig och tack för att du tittar! 👊🏼 /Pontus

  12. wzdrega to byla

  13. Super👏🎣🎣🎣🎣

  14. Roligt när ni byter mellan gädda och abborre i samma video

  15. Super cool video guys 😎

  16. Har du några abborr tips för en gäddfiskare har fått en på1,4 kg satt man blir sugen på mer abborre

    • Lukas Lind Se till att alltid ha med ett abborrspö och testa några kast på varje gäddställe, så lär du dig snart var de håller till och vad de nappar på :) Skitfiske och tack för att du tittar! /Pontus

  17. 16:08 the name is roach=mört

  18. That my friend is known as a Rudd in england

  19. Och givetvis go-pro filmat som vanligt! allvarligt!

  20. It looks like u are casting 100m :D

  21. Lägg av med engelskan

  22. WalkingTurtle Jones

    Love all of your productions! The “deeper” segment made me so uncomfortable. I’m not sure why🤷‍♂️ what you were saying made me want the devices. Beautiful water wow!

    • Haha thanks, I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️😅 Yes it’s truly awesome to fish in these clear waters! 🙌🏼 /Pontus

    • I got one just because I watched him using one. I have used it once so far, and now I wouldn't go fishing without it.

    • dabos6 That’s cool to hear! Do you remember which video it was? :) What type of fishing do you plan to use it for? Thanks for watching! /Pontus

    • Yes, I saw it in ICROSS Kayak/Float Tube review video. I have inflatable rubber boat, so this sonar is a perfect found. I'm straping my phone around the arm, so it's even more handy. And I have power bank on the other side of the hand in the pocket. :) I'm trying to catch atleast something. Generaly pikes, zanders or perch, but catfish is also a posibility.

    • Wow, that was a really good idea strapping it around the arm. I need to try that!

  23. WalkingTurtle Jones

    Beautiful perch!!!

  24. Prefer big perch i think they fight insanely hard at the 40cm + range they are so freaking strong

    • Yes, they are super strong! So what country are you fishing? What’s your PB perch? 😊 Thanks for watching! /Pontus

  25. Great day on the water Pontus, it’s fun to fish the clear water when you get followers to the boat. I think the bait fish you caught was a rudd, similar to a roach but the mouth faces upward. 👍

  26. Pontus, I noticed you almost only fished natural colours before switching to your light setup with that flashy craw, which led to your first pike. In retrospect, maybe you should have switched to flashy colours a bit sooner even though the water was clear af. Tricky decisions :)

  27. Dont forget – Deeper works much better on iPhones when mobile data is turned off!

  28. I went fishing in Åland the last weekend of September! The amount of fish about the same as the inner archipelago but fun to fish in clear water!! Will the kamtchatka video be released soon?

  29. Light gear fishing, looks like searching for Megalodon Perch and Pikes.
    Got todays morning city Netherlands The Hague city more 20 Perch size 25 till 40 cm and Yesterday Pike 95 cm from between the boats on 5 cm lures. Size does or dont matter 😁😁😁

    • Haha! That’s interesting. We filmed a ”small vs big lures challenge” earlier this year but I think it’s time for a TINY vs Big Lures Challenge! 😀 Thanks for watching 👊🏼 /Pontus


    What is The round Silver Reel? I Need one for my rocksweeper ;)

  31. I see u using fluorocarbon instead of titanium. What mm in thickness you would say is safe?

    • I’m using 0,9 mm and have never had any problems (I know Trumman is using the same), however I know people who have gotten their 1,2 mm leaders chewed off too. Make sure to inspect the leader every now and then and re-tie if it’s getting damaged. /Pontus

    • Thank you! I bought 0.38 and I'm glad that I didn't switch to it before your answer. Will buy 0.9!

  32. With Rudd like that I'd be fly fishing for them with drys in the summer👍🏻 Nice video gents😊

    • That definitely sounds like something for the to-do list! Do you do that yourself? 😊 What type of flies do you use? Thanks for watching! /Pontus

    • kanalgratisdotse Hi Pontus, When the Rudd are feeding then any dry fly will usually do. Sizes 12 and 14 would be my suggestion, but if there's too many small fish about then a size 10 might sort out the bigger ones. They're a rare fish in the UK these days and the one you 'hooked' was a beauty! Watching a video of Rudd, such as that one, being caught on the fly would be superb. By way of an introduction, this is me @thewiltshireflyfisher (most posts are on Instagram). Tight lines!

    • Thanks for your tips, would be really fun to try. Might try it out next summer! 🙌🏼

  33. Kabouter Puntmuts

    At min 16:00 that was a roach

  34. English word for that fish=golden roach.

  35. Recent subscriber of your channel! I live in the Western part of the United States in Nevada. I honestly think you guys should come to Pyramid Lake to fly fish for Lahontan Cutthroat trout! Those fish are huge! I think you guys would enjoy it a lot.

    • Great to have you watching! Wow, I looked them up and they look really cool. Would loce to try to catch one some day. How big do they get? Thanks a lot for watching! /Pontus

    • @kanalgratisdotse I have never caught one myself but my buddy Todd fishes for them from his boat and catches 25 to 30 inchers. They are beastly trout for sure. Beautiful too. I hope to get out there this season for them! The season is only from October to April!

  36. That golden fish thst you foul hooked is known as a rudd in english

  37. Question – would a piece of string attached to the top of the deeper and then tied to the boat do exactly the same job as that flexible arm? I mean, then the deeper would also stay in the surface, so would that work?

    • That’s how I do it from my float tube and yes, that works just fine 😊 However, from a boat I think it could cause some problems since the boat is hard and they would keep knocking each other in the waves for example. That’s when the arm comes in handy. If you try, let me know how it worked! /Pontus

  38. What camera are you using when filming?

  39. Alexander Rydefjord

    Något tips för stor abborre ska man använda jigg spinnare eller dra drag och ni är bäst på youtube: )

  40. Nice vid, I know other people have told you its a Rudd but just for your info it's part of the Carp family.

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