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Crazy agressive pike on homemade tailbait! Uk lure fishing for Pike

quick video from the end of a unexpected session a few weeks ago.

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  1. Great video as always! The Pike in my local canal are also going crazy at the moment, been catching mostly on the golden albino line-thru trout, including a couple of doubles! :)

  2. Nice video!! How many pins are you activate in your komodo ? Thanks

  3. Bartosz Romanowski

    Great job mate. I was fishing yesterday on wakefield lagoon, I tried everything, nothing worked. I finished after 4 hours without even small bite of pike or perch. I only caught… 15 lb carp on 8'' lure.

  4. Are you going to do some salmon fishing in spring? It would be sick watching you do that! I’m gonna fish the swale when season starts. But need to get a licence first!

  5. I'm always on the same canal, which is the best bit to catch the big ones? I'm just catching little jack's at the moment. Some great fish though 👌

  6. Nice website especially the stingers I'll be getting some today

  7. Mate what braid would you recommend for light perch lure fishing?

  8. Ondřej Živný 15

    Spinning is life☺️👍

  9. Your the man DB top video mate might have to start begging for some your locations

  10. another banger mate, well done keep it up :)

  11. swaretzonker?

  12. stephenTcartwright

    Hey Dan, love the videos. I was wondering if you could offer some advice? I was looking for a new rod and I was deliberating between the ugly stick elite and the Okuma dead ringer. The elite doesn't quite come in the cast weight I wanted, but it's got a hell of a reputation. The okuma looks nicer and comes in the cast weight I want, but I don't have any reviews to rely on really. Could you offer any input?

    • I have the dead ringer myself and its a really nice rod for the price, caught plenty of fish in salt and fresh water on it no problem. I think the ugly stick will last you for ever but fishing with the okuma will feel better while you're using it (in my opinion anyway) hope that helps

    • stephenTcartwright

      @DB Fishing You're a star mate. Thanks for the help. Very envious of you Perch catches recently, I've had nothing even on the super light slow worked lures. If you do fancy some fun in Spring/Summer, take a look at Clumber park. 5Lbs perch are in there and 20+ pike too. I know the lake well and could talk you through the swims if you fancy it. :)

  13. Nice one mate! Great content.

  14. Ondřej Živný 15

    Go to – lure challange – tommy The trout!😁pls

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