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CURLY TAIL VS PADDLE TAIL (Perch Fishing Challenge)

(German subtitles coming later today)

The perch fishing in Sweden this year was absolutely insane, so Mille and Adam Orre decided to go Mythbusters, and see if either curly tails or paddle tails in most efficient in catching those lunkers.

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  1. Love you vidios?

  2. good morning ladies! Kul med lite fiske video nu på förmiddagen

  3. Happy Eastern :D

  4. Perch were being caught on curl tails years before paddle tails existed.

    • Yet still the paddle tail can be superior nowadays. I use curly tails foremost in these two situations:

      1. when fish are lethargic
      2. when a water is "overfished" and the fish have seen a lot of "modern" baits already

  5. Dr Mille & Dr Adam , my favourite scientists :D when it gets warmer I hope you will be wearing those white uniforms and so on ;)

  6. Which month had you film this video ?

  7. Nice perches😀


    Cool video!! Beautiful perch! 🐟

  9. Bra filmet og kult å se dere får så mange pene Abbor. Jeg fisker mest fra land å har ikke sjangs til å få så mange/pene fisk. Utrolig stille nå også med tanke på at Abbore og Gjedda leker.

  10. Another great vid guys, thanks

  11. Varför ens göra nån form av undersökning på det här sättet. Helt omöjligt att dra någon slutsats av ändå.

  12. Finval 510 rangy?

  13. Adam, I see the rods and lures and line mentioned often in your vids. What size spinning reels are you using. I see alot of rather large 2500 and 3000 size used in Perch Pro and Perch fight. I use 4lb braid and 6lb leader here in the US for fishing for my Yellow Perch. 1000 size reels and 1-3 and 2-4 KG rated rods…Your fish are alot bigger true. But I often land small pike like fish called pickerel and Walleye which are cousins to the Zander on this size gear. Would it work ok for the average Swedish Perch?

    • Brian Brennan I think it would work fine, the only thing that could be a problem is pike since they strike pretty much everything and are often quite big. But as i said, i think it would work out fine either way.

  14. Nice spoil i slutet

  15. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

    This place is amazing, it reminds me a lot here in Brazil.Great for the fishing technique, Congratulations.Hug!!!👍🎣

  16. Guys, i think its better to release the Perches faster, especialy when its that cold. Just explain everything after releasing.

    • …totally right AND dont hold the perche only by its mouth when presenting. suport the tail with the other hand. It's scientifically prooved that with the holding technik only by the mouth the throut gets heavily overstreched! All in all nice videos as usual but please show some respect to the creature you are handling, presenting it correctly. best wishes from the fish – nerdy german :D and happy easter with huge cojones, sorry meant eggas, of course!

    • HardRoad2Travel

      No doubt. It was painful to watch.

  17. Great video once again rly well done ! keep on going :)

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