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DROPSHOT DIARIES – Ep.1 – Perch & Pike on Rivers | TAFishing

Mike Pullen presents Dropshot Diaries. A series based on dropshotting. The series will feature how to drop shot, the best lures to use for dropshotting and many more dropshot fishing tips. Mike will be targeting mainly Perch, but he might catch Pike, Zander and a number of other species on the way. Dropshot Diaries will not just be restricted to freshwater fishing, Mike hopes to take the technique to the sea too. We hope you enjoy this exclusive new series to The Totally Awesome Fishing Show, Mike wants your feedback so if you have any suggestions for lures you would like to see in the series, or any locations you want Mike to try and fish at, then comment below 🙂
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  1. Hey ! Great serie, keep up with the good work. I like you mentionned salt water dropshotting too. I caught a couple of seabass on the dropshot myself it's realy worth trying.

  2. Good vid, love the dropshot idea, now this out door living theme is great, show the kids how to fish and have a different day by the life out doors away from tv and all that jazz.  How about take the gang camp/fishing away from the rest and away from easy living . Just a thought.

  3. Super video Mike, you've got me hooked! buying tackle for fresh and salt water – can't wait. Keep filming, brill job mate.

  4. Alasdair Anderson

    Hi guys, great video again love this idea for a series. One quick question, how do you order your fish action lures?
    Cheers, Alasdair

  5. Another great video, with loads of helpful info too. I'm going to try this method for Trout in the small rivers around me in west Dorset. I had been using a Mepps spinner. Annoyingly many rivers have been fished out. I saw one chap who had removed about 6 trout, all less than 12" long that he planned to use to catch Pike. Although I've not the whiff of others species, I live in hope.

  6. Hi Mike, I'm a beginner to fishing and seem to be drawn to sea fishing, but being land locked in Nottingham I don't get to the sea much. Last year I tried pike fishing in a local canal and caught one! It was by accident I was reeling the bait in. Now I'm hooked (pun intended). I'm always on YouTube looking for beginners videos and think the TA Fishing channel is great. Few questions/suggestions can you tell us on your vids where you're fishing? I need ideas for locations to try out as a beginner and could possibly do a day trip out with one of my kids. What does dropshotting and LRF mean? What weight were you using? All the best! Gren

  7. Hi Mike I met you today at the big one and we got a photo together with Graeme, thank you. I was wondering if you ever use metal Vibe lures of the piers and can't wait for the next dropshot diary!!! 🙂

    • Hi Samuel, it was great to meet you, thanks for stopping by our stand. I have never used them off piers, might be good for mackerel?


    I know that it might be Quite far but Lancaster canal is a great venue to fish for pike and perch

  9. Thank you for yet another informative video! I am wondering how I might adapt these techniques for pike fishing in upstate New York. Do you use any alternate rigs for pike? I am wondering how the fish are not bothered by the close proximity of the dropshot. You would think that would spook them, but you are hooking up left & right so I guess not! Thanks again.

    • +Sean Earnest I just used the same rig, as I said in the video I wasn't targeting Pike. But Pike and Perch share the same water so it's inevitable. I think there is now a dropshot rig out there with a wire trace, might be worth looking it up? Yes it doesn't seem to bother them at all! Great fun!


  10. Nice video, the angles, the explanations, and I liked the fact that you mentioned the kids playing all day long in the house with video games, ignoring the beauty of nature. Soon as prohibitions will end I will try this drop shot technique in Danube Delta, it's a mirific place here, in Romania, is worth it to come and see it, please send me a note if ever you will think to visit it. Till then, keep up, i'm subscribing on your channel!

  11. awesome vid Mike and you and your dad rock with all you bring us.keep up the good work cos i vicariously fish through you on the days i cant get out myself.Slocan fishing derby on saturday so im fine tuning all my rigs.

  12. Great stuff Mike. Can we have more tips on making up rigs and buying lures etc.

  13. Hi I really like your videos and i'm keen to see you fish other venues.  Would it be possible to do some drop shot fishing on some different lakes and it would be absolutely awesome if you caught some nice Perch in the process.  I am new to all this and i find your filming very educational for a novice like me.  Keep up the good work cheers Ian.

  14. What sort of line is best for drop shotting do u need a trace or can u just fish of ur main line something like 8bl

  15. Lucas Balistreri

    Another great TAFishing show the quality and content is amazing.  You cant find videos about fishing or the outdoors as good as this anywhere.   I like the idea of outdoor channel, for me I always loved the outdoors as a kid I spent all my time outside and even during my college years I never went out and hit the clubs I always was on the river or in the woods.

  16. Fantastic all-round production ,just wondering  if you have tried two or three lures on the drop shot?

    • +Paul Stevens No never tried that, I have seen that done before though in Sweden. With a jig head on the bottom of the fluorocarbon line and the standard dropshot lure in the middle

  17. Totally awesome 🙂

  18. Your show is a strange mix of old and new…and it works a treat. Love the Call of Duty style film from the chest cam, the appreciation of the countryside and the small pieces to camera. Nicely done and very watchable! Ive just rigged up for my first bit of drop shotting on my local commecial and if the rain ever lets up Im off out. Look forward to seeing the rest of the series….(drop shotting for cat fish would be a real winner!)

  19. U guys ever get bit off!

  20. Superb! Keep 'em coming Mike!

  21. Great video. I am now off to buy some drop shot gear. Thanks.

  22. You mentioned wire races to protect the welfare of pike. Why are you not using wire in your videos guys? Great angling TV btw…

    • +Stephen E Because the Perch see the wire and are much less likely to take the lure. I am targeting Perch remember, Not Pike, therefore I am using strong fluorocarbon, but as you can see, I landed both Pike quite easily on the same rig. It is much harder to tie a dropshot rig with wire and even more so if trying to tie it on the bank.

  23. Great video..You should try fish Soup though, It is much better for you and the fish is all fresh, not nasty industrial Waste.

  24. Another great video & as i fish for all fish species, you've shown a good way to target perch without worms/maggots etc avoiding minnows! Got a 30-80g spinning rod which would be overkill. Can you reccomend a decent rod that wont break the bank? Also normally fish bristol avon & as it can be quite fast in parts, is this only a small river tatic or can you fish it on bigger rivers but maybe 1/4 across or limited to the margins? Thanks, mark 🎣

    • You can fish bigger rivers, just use a heavier dropshot weight. I use a light sea rod casting weight 4-27 grams now, works a treat. Try some of the rockfish rods from hto they are good value for money

    • & a little 2500 reel? I supose theres nothing you can do about pike bite offs as no trace due to delicate needs for perch. Would just be slightly concerned if got biten off the pike would have a jelly/hook on him/her. Thanks, mark

    • +Mark Britton hi Mark, yes nothing you can really do about the Pike. If it concerns you too much, best not to use the dropshot method and just try spinning instead. Personally every Pike I've caught on dropshot I have landed and I haven't caught many on it. I use carp fluorocarbon up to 15lb and Perch still take that, it can handle a lot of abrasion too so I'm sticking with 10-15lb fluoro. Hope that helps.

    • +Mark Britton yes 2500 reel works perfectly for me

    • Thanks Mike, going rod shopping this weekend! Like you said, flurocarbon very resistant & pike seem to get hooked in sissors too. TAF!

  25. Great series hopefully more dropshot videos to come actually inspired me to do the same, went to local canal and had perch all day along with a lost pike. Cheers lads great father and son team which is rare nowadays.

  26. Iamyouonlydifferent

    caught my fist pike ever of 4lb on the drop shot today on a lake had 4 perch too now I'm properly hooked

  27. great vids. would like to try on trout too

  28. Hi Excellent video and a joy to watch someone obviously enjoying what they are doing. Could I raise one issue. You say that you have not lost a pike through biting off through the fluorocarbon. I can say that this is not my experience. I have had a number of lost pike (I think) as they are quite different on the hook to perch. I would be interested in a drop shot rig with wire components to insure against inadvertent damage to pike also a rig specifically for drop shooting for pike as it seems to work quite well especially in waters where other lure methods are impractical.

  29. Hi , i use a winclepicker for dropshotting (a light feeder rod 2.40m, has a sensitive tip and i use 0.25mm nylon with that, and bought rigs, works well., greetz from Amsterdam.

  30. If you'r not way to far id love to see some drop shot fishing in river Avon in Keynsham 🙂 Briliant videos, and it surprises me in how smal rivers you catch rather large pike 😀 Keep it up bud.

  31. Please can we have more drop shot diaries

    • +Alan Welch Yes, I will be filming it during December hopefully – Mike

    • Ok cool as I'm really in to my drop shotting so I enjoy all the hints n tips as it not very popular in my city at the moment I guess that's good for me though as means more fish for me lol keep up the good work dude

  32. hello ive been watching your videos now for quiet a while now i find them very good full of information, could you do a drop shot lrf video as this would be great for when i go on my hols or take the dogs to the seaside , also one on dropshot fishing on larger rivers as i live in Hereford and fish the wye cheers keep up the good work Paul.

  33. This is how I ice fish

  34. hi mike,great vids,just about to start dropshotting.where is this free stretch of river,i know you guys dont like to say but i want to travel around differant places

  35. great show always nice to learn somthing new,very well presented, keep up the good work Thanks.

  36. Carl Andrew Butcher

    Drop shot for trout and salmon ! I Always buy the 72 pound licence but hardly catch trout in rivers and I haven't seen salmon yet ! Would like to try drop shotin for them and sea fishing to with drop shotin !

  37. Carl Andrew Butcher

    Thinking of making a wire dropshot trace for Pike !

  38. Sat watched this and then thought you know what I'm off,fishing gears out and I'm off dropshotting down the canal.think I'm a bit addicted to this dropshotting,cheers Mike ! Another quality film as well I've said it before but TAfishing is by far the best fishing channel ever.

    • +Mad Mac82 Awesome! Really glad you have got into dropshotting 🙂 it's so addictive and mobile I still love it. Haven't done much recently but will be continuing the dropshotting series that's for sure! – Mike

  39. thanks mate great videos really enjoying this channel tight lines…colin.[this video is just what ive been looking for.]

  40. how long is ur rod in this video cause I brought a 9 ft and I'm only 5'8

  41. looking forward to a saltwater diary Mike

  42. love watching your vids. I have learned so much from them!
    I usually fish with jigheads, plugs and spinners but will keep all this information on board for the cooler months when the fish become lazier. Drop shotting is certainly a great method

  43. Nobody cares about your lunch break..
    Go back to work!!
    Great video!!
    Love your work, keep it up…

  44. I'm always asking myself wich side of the lure should be on top. I saw you use the minow with the flat side on top, if i am not mistaken. Do you think it makes any difference Mike? Thanks.

    • Hi Johan, Yes I did do that to make it look more like an injured fish. It affects the swimming action of the lure but it makes it look injured, which at the end of the day, a Perch will go for! You can still use it the normal way up though!

  45. Hey Mike, keep these diarys going, I am waiting for customs to release my new spro triffic dropshot rod here i. Winnipeg, Canada. Hopefully ca. get some fish action lures soon….will try them through the cice this winter!

  46. Totally agree with the fact kids don't spend enough time outdoors and are trapped within a digital realm. The reason I did an angling coaching course a while ago! Keep up the good work!

  47. Top vid. Tune during reminds me of Radiohead. Im off drop shotting for trout on the weekend. Your videos help me massively.

  48. great informative vid matie look forward to episode 3 great editing too

  49. great stuff mike,i love all you and your dads tips.keep it going.cheers.

  50. Angling Adventures UK

    Should i use a wire trace if drop shotting in pike waters? How would i set that up?

    • Mike doesn't use a wire trace. If you look closely when he is showing the action on his lures you may be able to see that he is tied directly to his line with a palomar knot.

  51. Hi Mike,
    Fantastic video. Just started drop shot fishing myself.
    Do you ever add flavours or dip the lures to add any form of attraction?

  52. Real real nice video and info.
    I fish almost the same way
    but less woods here in the Netherlands and also addicted to it . . .Luv the nature setting.
    I catchs good om flex-leads because Bass is most off the time a ground eater and it give youre bait more movement. Keep on doing where youre heart is.
    My regard to you and youre dad. Gr Richard

  53. nice video! Beautiful nice little rivers… Great explanation (greets from the Netherlands

  54. Team Predator Anglers

    what a great channel! I realy like your video's!!! keep fishing, tight lines! +my sub!

  55. Mike how do I purchase the attractor shad? I've been on their site and can't find a purchase option. I have had the same issue on the nemura site.

  56. great tips as i start my LRF adventure . awesome as always !

  57. Fantastic video Mike have you tried drop shot ether shore fishing or estuary fishing

  58. hi mike i see the reel is a 2500 ,in one of your other vids you had a 4000 for drop shot fishing so ,does it really matter what reel you use ,i was using the shimano 4000 and found it heavy ,i have a exage 2500 which i find more comfortable with the drop shot rod ,

  59. awesome videos! does the hook length have to be fluorocarbon and does the hook need to be a special dropshot type?

  60. Where have the dropshot diaries gone. I miss them 😔

  61. Thank you for a great video. Very informative.

  62. love what you said about the kids today —- all true , when i was young , if i did nt come in bleeding ,after a day out ,,, my dad would ask why ??? lol, .

    • alanrtment porter

      Spot on m8, I'm 70 next month and as is with the kids born very shortly after the war we were fit as butchers dogs. I never had two weeks without scabs on me knees, couldn't wait for senior school and long trousers. Lemonade powder in a bottle sharing it with your mates, last glug was drink and bread crumbs from a whole day out, called playing out. Shamefully video games and facebook are breeding fat slobs. I worked on American air bases in the early 80s and couldn't believe how obese the people were, we're sleepwalking toward the same condition. Sad.

  63. Alistair Prentice

    Really wish there were more of these vids

  64. alanrtment porter

    The previous comment about colour under water is correct, red is the first to disappear.

  65. Nice video keep iT up 👍

  66. Great video from a great guy Thanks for the time and effort you have put into producing them They are appreciated by myself and many more people

  67. hi Mike, come and dropshot the Basingstoke Canal at Ash Vale!!!!!!

    • I did in Dropshot Diaries ep. 2 !

    • Just wathed it. Great stuff. Ive had a very decent perch from under that bridge but not weighed/measured.

      Another suggestion, you should do the Lure only species hunt which Osborne and cragg tackle shop run in Plymouth. Most of the guys use lrf/dropshot tactics in the salt. The next comp is at Easter. The winners of the November comp had 23 different species on lure. Amazing variety and would be great footage.

  68. Good job Mike! Not tried this method yet; I'm a bit old school like your Dad but am looking forward to giving it a go in 2018…

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