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DROPSHOT DIARIES – Ep. 2 – Canals | TAFishing

It’s here! Dropshot diaries episode 2. An exclusive dropshotting series where Mike Pullen catches Perch and Pike on dropshot lures. In this episode, Mike focuses on canal fishing. Predator fishing on canals is becoming very popular here in the UK and dropshot fishing is one of the deadliest ways to catch big Perch. Mike fishes with friend Paul Wheate, and then goes on to fish another canal where he gets some rod bending action from big Perch!
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  1. Yay, love the drop shot fishing.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Been waiting for this! Brilliant. I don't even need to watch it all to know it'll be class. You guys got any tench videos planned in the upcoming months?

  4. Awesome to see you guys on my local canal! 
    So annoyed not to see you!

  5. great vid thank u

  6. Really enjoyed the video Mike, very entertaining and instructional as well. Where's the next one going to be?

  7. awesome video Mike!
    please try dropshotting with nymphs, streamers and wetflies(shrimp imitations etc.) on a short sidearm, you will be amazed 😉

  8. Patrick Cavanagh

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved Paul's enthusiasm for drop shotting. The underwater film of the fish's world really good too.

  9. Great vid chaps.THANKS!

  10. Bristol Channel Marine Surveys

    Totally awesome 🙂

    Keep getting my drop shot knots wrong! Rather than face upward mine end up facing down. 10 min video would be perfect with regard drop shot rigs and the stand off knots which are essential to the tedchnique! 

    Thank you for the show, wed and fri evening look forward to part of my schedule 🙂


    • +dav woo Do you mean your hook ends up facing down? If that's the case, then use the palomar knot to put the hook on but DON'T tie on the weight or swivel parts either end… wait till you see which way your hook is going, then do the weight etc. accordingly.

    • Douglas Newlands

      +kattysat That's the way 🙂

    • Type in How to tie the dropshot rig on youtube and you will find my video explaining how to do it 🙂 – Mike

  11. great vid guys

  12. Good video boys. Big well done to Paul, you did a good job there mate. Plenty of information to help others catch some fish.

  13. Douglas Newlands

    I'm an older hand and was at first impressed by Paul's enthusiasm, then became even more impressed at his knowledge as a self-confessed newcomer and his detailed explanations of drop shot tackle and techniques.   A natural presenter and an asset to the TAF team.    Cracking video and thanks to all concerned in the making (Graham and Mike).

  14. Brilliant video

  15. James Griffiths

    Amazing video, thoroughly enjoyed watching it!
    Just one question, is there a fishing season on a canal? Because I've been doing some googling and it says there isn't but this video says there is so I just want to know what you guys think

  16. Another great video guys! Loads of info and tips for the newcomers which is what its all about. Also good to see my friend Paul on the vid, thought he did a cracking job !
    I will look forward to the next episode!

  17. Thanks for the tips and the new techniques! I'm sure to try these next time out!

  18. Awesome video !! Well done . I am learning a lot of your amazing videos. Thank you very much.

  19. Your dad is awesome 😀

  20. Great videos and awesome tips too

  21. another cracker lads well done

  22. Have you tried the swivel shot hooks? It's a dropshot hook mounted on a swivel to avoid Line twist also lets the smaller baits to move free. They also make one with a clip on the bottom of the hook to change the weight line if it gets tangled up without retieing. The canal barges remind me of fishing back home in Ireland don't see them here in the US. Cracking fish your landing for canals.

  23. Great video! Paul, you really know your stuff for someone who has only been fishing for 2 years!
    Many thanks Totally Awesome.

  24. Thanks for the vid great show..

  25. Very nice having Paul explain his fishing philosophy on the drop shot!  Graeme and Mike nice perch.  How much did Graeme's chunky perch weigh?  I hadn't heard the "ass is grass" phrase in a while; it brought a big smile to my face!

  26. That music your began using where so you get that, its so cheesy and awesome and reminds me a bit of old school computer soundtracks 🙂 cheers from denmark

  27. Another great video guys thanks
    Mike I'm after a dropshot rod however I'm on a budget can you recommend a good one for about £30 to £40 cheers. Paul

    • +Fishing MadDAd If you can't find any makes that do a dropshot rod for that price. I would check out the LRF sea fishing rod range, have a look at the rockfish by HTO, it's a good rod for dropshotting – Mike

    • Cheers Mike will do some searching

  28. Quailty video guys, nice to See wheatie on camara!

  29. Halfnatty Expert

    Totally awesome fish

  30. Killer shots in this video Mike. looks like fun.

  31. Hi Mike I'm not a million miles from you I'm in Bognor, interested to see how this could work in salt water, I fish for bass off some rocks at Felpham would like to try dropshoting there, any tips on terminal tackle, great show many thanks

    • +john neale I recently got back from doing some sea dropshotting. But I tried with bait to begin with as I wanted to catch. It works for sure! and I am definitely sure it would work with lures. I would say it would work with a sandeel imitation lure. For terminal tackle, I have used old spark plugs or large nuts etc, you can even make your own dropshot sea leads, check out the video on our channel on how to make your own dropshot weight. Hope that helps – Mike

    • Cheers Mike I'll give it a go

    • +john neale Cool let me know how you get on!

    • Will do, picked up some Berkeley lures today and drop shot hooks that have inbuilt small swivel so no need for palomar knot and keeps perfect position

    • Schindlers fist

      +john neale Are they the Korum or Mustad hooks ? If so they're great hooks and I find the hook sits better than tying a Palomar

  32. Nice one Mike. Turning after the "Old Man" I see. He's an excellent example to follow.

  33. Hi all
    I was just wondering weather there is set dates for dropshotting or can you do it all year roynd

  34. Mike when can expect the next drop shot video? I want to know if dropshotting is just as effective in the summer? I've finally committed to the dropshotting after catching my PB Perch (2.8 lb) on a still water near me. The only problem I have at the still waters is that, unlike you, I have managed two great perch both in the 2lbs but apart from that and a couple of jacks, I'm not getting the smaller perch. I've gone out and brought all the gear, mainly going off your advice. Again I'm sure everyone says this but great videos, they really are a step above any of the other dropshot videos on YouTube. So cheers for dedicating your fishing time to educate us!

    • Hi Will,

      Thanks for the great feedback, glad you like the series. Not sure about the next episode just yet, but will be doing one over the summer hopefully! Congrats on the big Perch buddy, that's awesome!


  35. have just started dropshot fishing with soft plastics after watching your vids – GREAT JOB! Any tips on how you're wrapping up the tackle when you're moving between swims?

  36. Barney Richardson

    Quality video mike! Sorry I haven't been here, fairly inactive in watching fishing videos out of season! But now I'm back!! 🙂

  37. +TAFishing Do more episodes i'm starting to get into dropshoting you mike have a special talent and graeme to teach people without it getting confusing been following you since the beginning and i want to say WELL DONE!!!

  38. Anymore drop shot episodes coming ur videos are awesome been and brought myself some gear for drop shot fishing keep up the good work👍

  39. Irish anglers fishing show

    Another great video guys cant wait to see the next episode all the best from ireland

  40. Freddie Saunders

    I love the videos this channel come out with , allways makes me laugh ! Cheers for such and entertaining and usefull channel !

  41. Come on Mike… get your finger out, need more videos lol Feel like im a junky needing a fix hahaha

  42. I am loving the dropshot diarys, it has inspired me to get a little setup and give it a go.

  43. Hi Mike, could you put the web address of Fish Action as I don't find their site when putting Fish Action in the search bar? How's the teaching going? Bet you're glad to be back after the holidays (NOT)

    • Hi Glyn, if you are looking to get the lures try the snapbaits website – Mike

    • Yeh the teaching is tiring! Lol

    • +TAFishing Cheers Mike, yes I found them after changing to a different search engine happy days. Unfortunately even trying many different lures I've blanked the last 3 days out but the weather has been atrocious and the water browner than Scotch Broth hope it's not me doing thing wrong but I don't think so. I've never noticed canals overflow and cover the towpaths before, when will this rain ever stop lol?

  44. can you do a dropshot diary in a lake area?

  45. Your friend was great how he explains techniques and tips,you should have him on more films in the future only a couple of years fishing aswell natural talent.

  46. What is the plug that graeme is using it looks deadly ?! Both got nice fish as well

  47. Epic video keep up the great work Mike

  48. Just found this channel,great to see Graeme still fishing.subbed.

  49. its about time you guys got some real tv shows, top draw.

  50. where in england do you fish mostly? i travel to england once a year because my sister lives in manchester but i cant seem to find good places to fish.

  51. Come to sweden, 2 pound perch is average here

  52. Less twitching of the rod and more dead sticking on the drop shot will land more fish. Great video tight lines

  53. ᵔ.ᵔRias 愛 Akenoᵔ.ᵔ

    nice water in this canal, my canal is completely shit and dirty ;/

  54. Have you any more plans to do more drop shot diaries.

  55. Hi guys, fantastic videos! Unbelievable didn't even know this type of fishing existed

  56. can anyone tell me where to get the fish action lures from please uk

  57. Digging the drop shot diaries bro!!! Inspired me to take on the drop shot more. Looking forward to drop shot diaries 3! When is it coming?!?!

  58. Any chance of episode 3?

  59. Mike what happened to the dropshot diaries? Did you change the name?

  60. hey! nice videos mate. really helpfull advices to catch more fish for dropshot beginners. i was wondering could you tell me some places to fish in London? my email is

  61. Been watching all ur drop shot and jig fishing vid ,this has inspired me to get out n try and get myself a perch and today first time out several tiny perch and a 2lb 5oz on a 4cm lemon tiger micro fry jig over the moon . Thanks for the hard work u guys put into your filming.

  62. Started Fishing again after a 40 year break ! Loving it and a big thank you to you and your Dad. You are my fishing pals even though you don’t know it.

  63. as an alternative to the swivel i use a drennan method connector, I can change the entire rig very quick..

  64. Fighting Fishing Maniac

    Hi Mike,Quality video as always. I've just moved to a house a few hundred yards from where you and Paul were fishing in Ash Vale. Have been lucky enough to get my first ever pike and my PB perch (by a mile) near that Bridge. Its a quality spot. All fish have been on lures so far.Hope to see you both down there at some point!

  65. Thijmen van de Graaf

    You know

  66. Is dropshoting effective for saltwater fishing from the shore? Or should i stick to spinning and light jigs?

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