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Dry fly fishing for Trout in Stillwaters – TAFishing Show In this episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show Graeme and Mike show some dry fly fishing tips! They head to Frensham Trout fishery and give you some insight into how to fish the dry fly. Graeme even catches his personal best HUGE TROUT on the dry fly! We hope you enjoy the episode, please subscribe if you did 🙂
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. Awesome video!

  2. In this episode of TAFishing Graeme & Mike go fly fishing with the DRY FLY! Check out the AWESOME take Mike gets on his dry fly! 

    #flyfishing #fishing #trout #stillwater #dryfly #fly #awesome #video #youtube

  3. Totally Awesome as usual 

  4. nice 1 guys

  5. the first take was fantastic! never seen anything like that lol

  6. do this on rivers please"

  7. What type of rods are you guys using?

  8. Hatch Fly Fishing

    Great video, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. What is the name of the song on the intro? Happy birthday tafishing

  10. best vid yet well done !!!! do dry fly on a river next time you get a chance

  11. Great episode. I love seeing all of the vintage stuff.

  12. Great episode. I love seeing all of the vintage stuff.

  13. Man that refusal and take was totally awesome. Great video and sound track. Nice fish to by the way.

  14. great video love the sound track.!!! I watch  all your videos. them trout look fin perfect  
    one thing but I no greasing the leader is the old school way but I find I have more luck if I grease the leader and stop 2 feet above the fly and sink the last 2 foot, some fish are put off when they see the leader floating beside the fly

  15. hey guys love the videos keep up the great work…what weight rods were ye using there??

  16. Fishing With The Joneses

    Love your freshwater videos, especially the trout. Great shot on the first take!

  17. Matteo OnlyFlyFishing

    very great

  18. Totally Awesome!!

  19. Superb, thx for sharing guys:)

  20. What is the song called???

  21. What is the song called???

  22. I love to see the old school gear, vintage fishing tackle is so cool

  23. Graeme, you did your level best to try and lose that second fish.  The first take did come out of the fishes mouth but in your frustration, when you threw the rod down you accidentally cast perfectly back to the fish.  Then (if you didn't notice) your line was wrapped around the rod while you played it.  THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME FISHING.  You guys are now on the top of the list of my favorite fishing channels. 
    Now that your making the big coin, you need to come over to British Columbia and take on our feisty Kamloops trout.
    Keep up the great work and keep those videos coming. 

  24. Use A Mepp or Spinner.

  25. I just wanna say I'm a huge fan of the show. You guys look like a blast to fish with! I just have one question… A lot of the flys you use I have a hard time finding, if some one came up to me on the streams here in Pennsylvania and talked about a "white chomper" or a "pearly daddy" I would look at them funny! If there is any way you could do a segment in one of the episodes about the flys and how to use them would be appreciated. Also do you ever use woolly buggers or other very affective flys here in the US. I really love learning about fly fishing in the UK, one of my favorite flys is a old English pattern "green wells glory" hard to find.. Found it on "Jim misiura"channel as a young fly angler (15) in Pennsylvania its hard learning about these old flys but luckily I have the old guys at the fly shop who like to see young anglers involved in the sport!


    • Hi Jesse,

      If you check out our fly fishing playlist on our Channel it should help you with more information about the flies we use. Pearly daddy is probably one of our favourite flies to use. The white chomper is also very good. We get our flies from Sid Knight, if you type in "dog knobbler" into your search engine you will find the flies we use on there

    • Greenwell's Glory might be quite unusual in the US but it's still regularly used here in the UK. Developed by Reverend Greenwell many years ago.

  26. Could u do a video in a lake fishing for rainbow trout using worm Bubble or weight

  27. TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I am a teen getting into fly fishing and I got basically everything I know from this channel!!!! Hands down the best fishing channel on youtube!!!! 

  28. great vid guys keep em coming

  29. Yall r spoiled, my biggest fish is about 2 or 3 pounds

  30. Great timely video. I was hoping to get down to this fishery and have a look around. Great video. Thanks.

  31. Do you ever go fishing and don't catch anything cos last week when I went fly fishing the fish just weren't taking

  32. have to admit that strike put a smurk on my face xD

  33. for better results dont use the floatant on the leader, you will find it better to use a product called sink it on the leader, this will improve results and decrease the fish that are coming and looking and not taking the fly

  34. Smothering fly  and leader with Gink, exactly how not to fish dries. If you fished them like that on a big stillwater the fish wouldn't look at them.

  35. love the show! but i'm not sure why you used floatant on the leader. you want it to sink to give the fly a better presentation, on a lot of lakes if your leader is on the surface you won't get one take at all.

  36. In this video the older guy was reeling in a trout but I notice his floating line was wrapped around his below his biggest eye on his rod

  37. village village

    Haha that clip was pure gold when you were kicking yourself for missing the fly and it took it again!! Classic. Someone gave me a good tip the other day for the kinky line – every once in a while dunk the reel in warm water for a few minutes then get a helper and stretch the whole thing out hard in the garden for 10 seconds, wiping it clean as you reel back in. flies through the rings after that and sits straight

  38. The floatant is called gink

  39. Sadly Richard twite (the owner of frensham) passed away just after xmas. I only met him a few times as I only discovered frensham after watching it here on the taf show but he was a true kindly old gentleman…..all the best to Jill and family

  40. try sinkant that line on the surface is killing me

  41. to much gink

  42. fishing stillwaters for trout on the surface i find twtching the fly evokes a take like pond skaters in such flys

  43. try flyfishing barrow gurney resivour!!!

  44. I know this is an older video but you guys should come up to Scotland and try your hand at burn fishing for trout….

  45. I know it's an older video guys but as a real dry fly fisherman the fishing part makes my skin crawl. It might work on a reservoir rainbow but you wouldn't catch a single browny on the rivers over here fishing like that.

  46. Imagine how fun fly fishing for tarpon would be

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