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EPIC Canal Pike Fishing With Lures – UK Lure fishing – vlog

probably my best pike fishing session this summer so far, filmed in 4 hours covering about 2 miles of water. managed to catch 5 pike and had numerous other takes, and also managed to catch a few small perch as a bonus!
sometimes it can take years to find the right lure, and then it can just be taken away in an instance – RIP mike the pike #1
WESTIN mike the pike 200mm slow sink in pike pattern
SAVAGE GEAR line thru trout 15cm moderate sink rainbow trout pattern
FOX RAGE micro spikey fry 4cm salt and pepper pattern (with fox micro jig head)
SAVAGE GEAR big lure & jerk – 7ft 150g casting weight
OKUMA lure mania 7’2ft 10-30g casting weight
SAVAGE GEAR light range 7ft 0.5-7g casting weight


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  1. Crazy Hooks by Matt Pickup

    unluckily with that lure loss, Must say i have lost a few 20cm line thru trout over the last 12 months and its gutting.

    • it is gutting, especially when there so expensive, i've just put some 80lbs braid on so hopefully i wont lose so many now haha

  2. Hey mate what net is that? trying to find a nice portable one for when I walk to places

    • It's a savage gear pro folding net, it's is nice and portable but the handle is really short which can be a bit annoying, thanks for your comment

    • DB Fishing I've got the same net , and the handle is telescopic , which gives you about 5 ft reach , plenty for most situations

  3. Divvy in a bivvy !

    A great video, and full of fun. But can I ask you to show the same respect to the Perch you catch as you do the Pike please ?. They provide sport when others won't play, so please place them back in the water instead of chucking them back. Otherwise top notch, and RIP Mike.

  4. Black Country Piker

    Good session there matey 👍

  5. I'm not familiar with the canals that you have there; is the water clean enough to eat the fish? I find pike to be delicious.

    • Don't think so there pretty grim, there all private waters that I fish so taking the fish out to eat is poaching anyway so you could be fined up to £5000 for it, plus taking any fish (apart from trout) from fresh water in the UK Is generally frowned upon

    • +DB Fishing Interesting. I generally catch and release, but may keep one or 2 per year.
      I'm in Colorado now, but grew up in Michigan which has a pretty good pike population. Most states here have regulations based on location, that allow for a certain number of fish to be taken home of a certain size.

    • MattC0621 pike are corse fish your supoused to realise them

    • Hoggarth The Wise Smeagol

      MattC0621 Here in the Uk you are allowed to keep one pike per day up to 65 cm from public waters. Keeping them from private waters is with permission of the owner. I sometimes take a pike because they are good eating. There are some very clean waters here in the UK but I don't know about canals as they were used to transport indusrial goods during the industrial revolution i.e heavy metals

  6. Where can I buy those micro jigs? Link plz

  7. I thought you aren't allowed to fish for Pike during the summer?

    • Yeah you can pike fish during the summer, you shouldn't really bait fish for pike during the summer but lures are fine

    • Ah your kidding! I just waited all summer not fishing them so i can start in Ocotober…. I have fished a lot over seas using lures and this is my first year in this country.

  8. You say you loose a lot of fish… I agree… but 2 be honest, You're not setting the hook at all (rod&reel/baitcast version)… it's all up 2 the pike! All you do is hold up your rod. Next time, just put your thumb on the line/spool when you get a strike and then move your rod and… fight on! With a regular reel you loose less fish right?
    greetings from Amsterdam, Tight Lines

    • Oh I have a question I forgot to ask by the way, how is the fishing in Amsterdam? i've been thinking of flying over as its only a hour flight for me, cheers!

    • Fishing is great. Amsterdam (just outside central station for example) is well known for it's zander, Streetfishing near red-light-district is a WIN-WIN for every tourist who loves..ehm… fishing… and just outside the city you can catch brutal big pikes. you gonna make some jerkbait-sessions soon?

    • awesome thanks! i've been a couple of times before and always thought it looked great for fishing but never saw anyone fishing haha. I think ill defiantly go over next time i have a week off work. Yeah i plan to make some jerk bait videos when i get round to it, cheers

    • well… streetfishing is rather popular in the netherlands for last couple of years… and there are some guides to fish for Zander. I only fish for Pike according 2 my name :-) (snoek is pike in dutch) so I fish just outside the city

    • ill go Dam with you, we could leave in the morning and be back for tea! haha

  9. nice Pike man 👍👍😉😉

  10. Great video mate and cracking session.

  11. Hi mike
    can you tell me which canal is ? if it does not secrets THX

  12. we're u fishing at

  13. great video mate.what make is the double handled reel . I'm after something similar 😁

  14. Hey man I was wondering what you would recommend between a Baitcaster rod and reel or an normal rod and reel
    would be much appreciated

  15. R.I.P Mike the Pike, gone but not forgotten 😁😁

  16. Nice video

  17. We're abouts is this it looks like Kingsbury

  18. Great job, and nice fish.Greetings from Poland

  19. hi mate , where is this place what river is that?

  20. Andrew Parrish

    Is that in altofs?

  21. Is this a canal or a creek?

  22. Where were you fishing there pls

  23. got these lure 280mm 185g brand new 3 various colours/Patterns £9 each plus postage RRP £28.99 each

  24. got these lure 280mm 185g brand new 3 various colours/Patterns £9 each plus postage RRP £28.99 each

  25. Master P productions

    awesome session mate, good video :)

  26. Owen Jack Brayshaw

    Which canal is this

  27. what type of net u got DC? I need one with a long handle yours looks decent

  28. what type of net u got DB?

  29. Nice video

  30. Hey DB, great vids. Atill working mynway through all of them. What type of canal is that? Flowing water, depth? Is it anything like the straight and deep canals like in The Netherlands for boats? Also would like to know your technique for Mike and Percy and line thru trout. Just steady retrieve, or occasional stop or twitch? Tight lines, man!

  31. Nice lure

  32. Solaris Fishing


  33. andrei alisson

    hi mate where is this place please thank you

  34. Where was this???

  35. Hello mate were you fishing and what lure would you suggest

  36. Can anyone please tell me his rod he’s using and reel

  37. In the start of the video thank you please reply someone

  38. Rathwulven Bushcraft

    Nice session for sure. Number two around 6 minutes gave quite a fight for such a little fella.
    One tip in order to be a little more fish-friendly: If you can, don't drop the fish like some of these but take them at the tail and move them back and forth a little so you get some water through the gills (and hence the oxygen flow going) – especially if it takes a bit of time to unhook and measure the fish. Usually they take a moment to regather a proper conscious state and then shoot off all by their own.

    No personal offense, but I see this happen a lot of times here at our waters and it does often harm the fish. Especially when being fished often.

    Cheers and Petri!

  39. whats is your set up on both rods pal?

  40. Imagine If Everything was Racist

    Buy some silicone works wonders u can even 3D print lures now but silicon brilliant hole fixer for rubbers

  41. Richard the Goatfucker

    what's going on at around 16 mins? the Germans invading again?

  42. Literally liked and subbed just cos of that outro! Rip mike

  43. Poor Mike the Pike RIP!! Great video please keep them coming. I've just caught my first pike after 41 years of fishing and now I'm addicted to them.

  44. L&F Fishing Company

    Nice vidéo 👍🎣

  45. Nice video, love them Pike. I was fishing yesterday on the Leeds & Liverpool canal, Chorley. I was spinning and decided to take it really slowly, gentle twitches, ssslllooowwww! For a change I did really well, 7 Pike and 1 Perch. I also lost 3 bigger Pike when using tiny jigheads, jigging for Perch. (I too lose big fish and it does annoy me.) Usually I don't catch this much, as I think I move the lure too fast. I caught on hard lures, surface swimming. Deeper diving lures, jigheads, everything I threw at it, I was catching. So I think the stretch I fished is teaming with fish, but others were not catching or had only 1 small Perch all day. The slowly does it method I think is the one that catches the fish best. Just thought I would share. :-)

  46. If they got in a fight it would be a good fight

  47. Do you use liquid attractant on your lures

  48. I'm looking for a Pike in California. Had no chance to catch one of those

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