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Fenix HL40R head torch review! + Holderness coast beach fishing

A quick review of the Fenix HL40R Head lamp that they sent out to me a couple of weeks ago and also some beach fishing footage thrown on for good measure (Fishing starts at 8:45)
check out the fenix head lamps here – FOR WATCHING!

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  1. looks alright, not the brightest but good video. Nice to know someone else who fishes same bits as me

  2. I'd like to give sea fishing a bash

  3. I'd like to give sea fishing a bash

  4. More lure reviews soon?

  5. More lure reviews soon?

  6. Sick video!!

  7. Great to see you doing sea fishing, do some more please.

  8. Nice Blastron Mate.

  9. I'd rather watch your videos than any other fishing YouTube channel, keep up the good work :)

  10. Them whiting make an amazing meal if you like fish, they’re great battered or breaded, or even in a fish pie! In fact they’re the queens favourite fish! Don’t get me started on dabs, arguable the best eating fish. Great video, I’d love to see some more salt sessions.

  11. You should try the river 2 sea whopper plopper great top water and awesome size!

  12. Hi db wanted to get into baitcasting reels what do you think about the abu Garcia promax combo?

  13. Jeffrey Donaldson

    I just received this today. Nice little light. please take the fishing lure out of your mouth. Your hard to understand. Be clearer.

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