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First Perch of the year! Ultra light lure fishing

quick video filmed the other day when I headed out to target perch for the first time in a while.


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  1. has been long since i targetted perch, kinda cold here

  2. great vid mate don't even have to watch it coz I already no its a great vid

  3. Course season has ended so u shouodnt be trying to catch them

  4. nice fish

  5. Nice fishing great canal good job we still have some fishing left. Keep up the good work and educate the twats.

  6. I had my first pike on a lure this week! 5 pounds I was so hyped!

    • good work man! now is probably one of the best time of year for lure fishing as the pike are feeding up after spawn

  7. hahah the perch you caught are smaller than your pike lures😂😂

    • Haha yeah I know, i'm not very good at catching perch over 20cm haha

    • DB Fishing
      haha. me either… just caught my first pike of the year. only just now realising you aren't allowed to catch them this time of the year… but caught 1 and 2 follows in 2 hours. so not to bad (:

  8. pink is the new black , my go to colour for the perch , have you tried then on the drop shot on a size 10 or 12 hook great fun , canal looks clear for this time of year , where is it ??

    • yeah pink is awesome its my go to lure too. I haven't ever actually dropshotted before to be honest, I probably should have a go though haha. Its clear all year round this stretch of canal, its really odd because its fed but the same river at both ends which is usually really coloured. Its near leeds, cheers

  9. I had my first today

  10. cout my PB today aswell

  11. nice vid mate, but remember to feel for bites more and slightly strike into the fish like with pike (but much more gently obviously) and youll avoid gut hooking as many.

    • thanks, yeah I kind of forgot what perch bites feel like so i wasn't really setting the hooks properly, i'll get into it again soon i'm sure, cheers

  12. Nice video, very clear day. Some nice perch hooked. Whag setup you using?

    • cheers, it was the nicest day for awhile for sure. savage gear light range rod 0.5-7g, Shakespeare agility reel with 12lbs braid to 12lbs fluorocarbon leader, 1.4g jig head size 6 with 50 mm split shad, cheers!

  13. good work nice day for some perch 🙂

  14. DB 💯% you need to go on the trent and mersey canal and caldron canal in stoke because it is the best place in the U.K. To fish for pike and bigggg perch. There are lots of locks and a dock. It is free to fish and the best lures to use and little minnows by gunki.

  15. Nice video and I was fishing yesterday I caught a catfish 1m 64cm 🙂

  16. This kickstarted me into having a go for the perch today and ended up with a grand total of zero. Though on my local canal any fish is a good days fishing.

  17. Team Predator Anglers

    nice video! and some nice perch!

  18. Watched this earlier and went straight out on the Calder an caught a few perch on the micro jigs! Keep em coming matey

  19. Nice vid mate, keep up the good work!!. What size is you savage gear net? It looks like a good allrounder, seen you use it for pike and perch?

    • cheers! Its there large size (65 X 50 cm) its a pretty good all rounder for fish upto about 15lbs then after that its a little cramped, still useable but not ideal, cheers

  20. What Combo are you using rod and reel can I get the link? Please!


    Hello mate, I know your super busy so only a quick one. Please remind me of the rules in terms of fishing seasons for Pike? Can you lure fish all year round buy only deadbait during season?

    • alright mate, theres no official season for pike fishing, you can fish all year round for them if you like, its just frowned upon to bait fish for them when its warm because there more likely to get deep hooked or something, not really sure tbh, think its just a old man rule. I lure fish for pike all year round, don't really bait fish for them though. hope that helps

    • Yeah it does thanks pal, was just told by the fishing agency there is a nation wide ban until June to fish for Pike on rivers? Man I'm so confused, just wanna wet a line 😂😂😂

    • KaneNicholsonFishing on rivers there is a closed season, sorry dude I thought you meant still waters, yeah rivers have a closed season from march to June for all course fishing

    • Ryley Stacey blogs 101

      Can I canal fish for them perch/pike

  22. ruffly what weight?

  23. didn't mean to comment on this vid

  24. I'm really envious of how easy you are hitting those perch. My local canal has a window between May and September when there are loads of perch around, October through until April though is a completely different story because they all seemingly disappear. I've got all the tools to do the job with lures such as Crazy Fish Nano Minnows, Fox Rage Micro Fry and Spikey Micro Fry, Ecogear Grass Minnows and Ecogear Meba etc, however the perch simply don't seem to be around yet. Hopefully it will pick up after they have finished spawning at the end of April.

  25. cracking video, love the light perch fishing, went out last weekend found a little bridge with loads bait fish shoaling around it, felt like i was in one of your videos, from 1st cast till last everyone produced a fish lol, even some tiny little micro pike. keep up the great work

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