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First pike of 2019! January lure fishing for pike – UK Lure fishing

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My first pike fishing session of the new year and also my first pike! super tough day fishing but I ground it out and finally got what I came for!
Lure – Storm R.I.P seeker jerk
Rod – westin powershad-T
Reel – okuma komodo 364
braid – spiderwire stealth
leader –

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  1. First🤟🤟🎣

  2. Hope you enjoy this video guys, tough session but good to be back on the pike after over a month not fishing for them 🤯 There will be a bonus video out on Wednesday (so keep a eye out for that) and then back to regular Sunday uploads at 7pm 👍

  3. looks like a tough day but at least the 2019 account is open👍🎣

  4. Nice session looks a good water for piking hope get more action next time tight lines

  5. Awesome mate, caught my first of 2019 too the other day and foul hooked two Bream, lol:)

  6. Don't you just love the old pike roll in the landing net?! Well done sir, bet you were knackered at the end!

  7. Well done dan . as you said one is better than a blank at this time of the year on lures 👍🎣

  8. Vissen bij de waterkant

    Great video and nice pike you have caugth!!!!

  9. Looking forward to the spring for sure!

  10. Great video as always…. Tough session but that's fishing hey, and it's why we always come back for more I reckon. Looking forward to the bonus video.

  11. I did not know pike smoke weed, I wonder if that's why hippies hang around under tree, because they have no weed

  12. Nice 1 m8

  13. Nice 1 m8

  14. Black Country Piker

    Looks like a hard day’s graft that one, fair play

  15. You should cover your battery up, not good having your terminals exposed like that, don't forget your boat and your rod conduct electric so there is potential there

  16. That's lure fishing for you. What reel is that? 🇦🇺✝

  17. Good to see you back on the pike.
    Good video, been tough alround.
    Still it'll pick up soon🎣🎣🎣

  18. Good stuff man

  19. L&F Fishing Company

    Nice video 👏👍

  20. Can’t wait to hook up to one myself .. but it’s been tough

  21. Good video is this the same gravel pit from summer

  22. where did you get your measuring tape?

  23. keep plodding on mate cant really complain with that big jack, iv been struggling since new years.

  24. Back with a banger keep it up👍🎣

  25. Been on the local canal about 6 times in the last couple of months on lures & had 1 jack to show for it . Normally fishes quite well but finding it very tough at the mo . Still love getting out there though coz you just never know what's lurking

  26. Where can I buy some lehrs? Ive only got lures.

  27. Please make Review of the Savage Gear 4 Play V2.

  28. where u fishing

  29. For that size body of Water to only get One Small Pike Is a Tragedy. There Is a Pool near Me that Is Half the Size and I can Bang a Pike with Every Cast. From a Few Pounds to Over Twenty. Go to another Pool this one Is No Good or You have Loads of Polish round You that are Netting It at Night so Reducing the Population Of Fish In that Water. Shame looks like a Great Lake. Good Luck next Time and Keep the Vids Coming.

    • Its just the way it goes sometimes bud, it always fished bad on there when there is no wind

    • not always the polish, i know some very shitty british anglers that dont know what the fuck theyre doing, pulling leeches off, handling incorrectly, leaving hooks in (!!). i also know some really great polish lads who are catch and release, have all the kit and the know how to boot. just goes to show

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