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Fishing in the cold 🎣 THIS FISH IS SO CUTE πŸ˜‚

Fishing for pike on a freezing cold day, trying a new fishing technique.
Using lures is our normal approach to catching these predators but this time we try something a little different! Follow Matt on instagram: @matt_fly_fisher_roberts
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and even a bit of saltwater angling. We do not earn money from making these videos, in fact it costs us quite a lot to make these videos. Because of this we don’t upload as regularly as other YouTubers as we both work full time, however we hope you still enjoy watching our films and maybe a few of you are inspired to get out and catch some fish.

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  1. Nice video. Given my coordination I'd end up with line wrapped around my neck and a fly in my eye LOL

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Haha, it's not easy! But you do get used to it in time!

    • Hehe. Took me a while to master a cast net. My father used to fish for Saratoga, Barramundi and Yellow-belly with a fly rod. Well, he had quite a collection of rods and sundry gear. I stopped fishing after he died. Only took it up again about 8 months ago actually. Re-learning the craft by watching you and Timmy and Land and Bay Fishing etc. I've been catching some nice fish at a spot I re-discovered a while back.

  2. Your having more luck than me with pike fishing. Ive caught 2 this winter lol.

    • dj keep at it, just look for slacks on the river and features. Haven't caught a river pike tbh caught many from a local lake near where I live in Yorkshire but yet to catch the big mother

  3. Your casting looks pretty good. Tight loops and good turnover. Not easy with those big flies.

  4. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  5. Awesome as usual Alex. The fly by the way is called an orange and silver big fluffy fly jig lure. In case you were wondering. πŸ‘

  6. Go fly fishing for pike with peelindrag#!! Haha he's in the states but catches tons of pike on the fly in small rivers, he was on some big ones this summer you should definitely do more of this

  7. i can never get the hang of a fly rod very well done

  8. Another great video. Well done as always !!!

  9. You are catching fish so you must be doing something right! Much more fun than dragging them in on a 3lb test curve rod. Who cares what size the fish are having fun is much more important !

  10. Fishing And fortnight live streams

    Great video

  11. Hi, Great Video. Have you ever thought of coming down to the south east of England to do some fishing. Like Hythe. πŸ‘

  12. cute video πŸ˜‰
    Next time may try fishing your local river, where your friend caught the big ones.
    Its awesome to catch pike this size on the fly.
    Keep it up:)

  13. They were fallow deer

  14. Hi boys good video do you want to come fishing with me I am doing a fishing copotion

  15. Great vid love it when u guys upload keep up the good work

  16. I think you need to get Marina to give you a few more lessons!

  17. Great video ! I’ve just seen Carl’s fish in the angling times…absolutely stunning 🎣 you are both knocking it out of the park.

  18. Hi carl and Alex

  19. Nice job! Your castings going really well for someone as new to it as you. If you want tips, try to reduce how far back and forwards you take the rod tip. If you stood in the middle of a clock face you want to go back with the rod to 2 o clock and forwards with the tip to 10 o clock stopping abruptly at each. When you're finally going to put the line down, stop at 10 o clock until the line is out straight in front of you then gently down with the tip to 8 o clock to put the line down gently on the surface. Also don't bend your wrist as that moves the tip even further. My instructor back in the day tied the butt of the rod around my wrist haha. It works though! This message is way too long but hopefully helps if you can be bothered to read it! Cheers for the weekly vids! They're awesome!

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Cheers! I'm sure things will improve with time and more practice πŸ™‚

    • Carl and Alex Fishing exactly! The most important thing is timing and you said in the vid how you love it when you get it just right and the line flys away! If you guys are ever in the more northern parts of Sweden you're welcome to join us for some fly fishing! Tight lines!

  20. Good work! My only tip is Strip don't strike… fly rods are really flexible. Keep your rod pointed at the fly and when you feel a take, strip the line until it locks tight then lift slowly and smoothly into a fish. Sounds counter intuitive but TRUST ME! it was tip taught to me by a fly fishing guide when you are fishing with streamers and lures. As a result, most of my takes account for fish now πŸ˜‰.

    Keep up the work, your vids are awesome ✌

  21. Good video I respect that you still do work and YouTube at the same time keep it up

  22. That lure is a "steamer"

  23. Great timing. I was about to try fly fishing for pike at the weekend! I fish a lot for trout and I'm a bit tight on money so my 7 weight will have to do. Next time you might want to play the fish on the reel but your hands are normally fine for small ones.

  24. Nice keep up all the good work you deserve 100k subs cant wait for that moment keep it upπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  25. awsome show buddy! πŸ˜€ and grats to the catch! Flyfishing takes are something special! <3

  26. Great video Alex. Keep up the good work. Tight lines and wet nets

  27. Awsome vid. I don't know if you know Aaron weeb from uncut Angling but if you do you guys should totally do a video together pike fishing he is in Manitoba Canada

  28. loving these quick videos, when/are you going to make another 1hour+ video like the reservoir diaries

  29. Well done as always! Was that a pheasant flying over at 3:39?

  30. I think you should consider using sunglasses when fly fishing. You really don't want that fly to hit yourself in the head/eyes with the fly without a pair of them.

  31. I bet the fight on those fly rods are amazing..great videos guys keep the quality upπŸ‘

  32. What's the song at 6:00

  33. Great video guys plz do some more carp fishing in the summer that would be great

  34. Awesome video dude!! Loved it!! πŸ™‚

  35. Four Seasons Yorkshire Fishing and More

    I need to try fly fishing how hard can it be πŸ˜‚

  36. Another amazing video keep it up you guys are amazing

  37. I hate to say it but this was the dryest video yet

  38. try these Β½ finger rothco gloves, it is 100 % soft wool. you'll be able to feel the line and at the same time your hands will stay warm. even your fingers will keep the warm when the hands is warm. i've used these for several years and i've never looked back since purchasing them. https://www.army-star.eu/da/rothco-g-i-1-2-finger-uldhandske-sort

  39. Hi guys love the videos do u want to meet up and go fishing one time cause I'm not far from tanyard

  40. Look forward to your videos every Friday so keep up the good work πŸ‘. I do miss the longer videos of you lads doing campaigns but understand you're much busier these days. (Ian Browne, not Jenny Brown πŸ˜‰)

  41. Think the deer are fallow or roe they looked more like fallow deer buddy.

  42. awesome catches lol attempted fly fishing b4 n went pretty bad XD

  43. Love the weekly uploads

  44. "…or criticism" xD

  45. How did you manage to insure a small van when you first started driving?? Nowhere will insure me…

  46. Out of curiosity what fly rod where you using Alex?

  47. I'm Not Good With Names

    You guys should try and make your own lures from things you have around your house – attach a hook to it of course. The brother with the biggest fish at the end of a session gets something or decides forfeit? Just an idea. LOVE your stuff already!

  48. Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice catches dude.

  49. Fly looks to be a Pike Deceiver. Solid pattern for pike, bass, saltwater too

  50. here's few tips and things to imporove. definitely get a pair of polarizing glasses, you really dont want to get that fly hitting you in the eye. the challenging thing in fly fishing in cold weather for pike (and for any species too) is your fingers turning into popsticles, i've been using a pair of nitrate gloves for cold weather fishing for few years and even though they might not look very "pro" they work really well in keeping the cold out and at the same time maintaning a good feel for the line. if it gets really cold i just put a pair a skinny gloves underneath.

    few things about the technique, when you hook into a pike you generally dont want to strike with your rod rather you want to pull the line, that helps alot in setting the hook into the pikes bony jaw. it does feel really counter intuitive in the beginning but trust me you will land way more pike that way.
    and lastly the casting. you want to use the double haul cast when chucking the fly around, it helps alot in getting more distance with less effort. also when youre casting these bigger flies around you want to minimize the movement and work that your arm and wrist does and put more of your body, mainly your hips into the cast by rotating it sligtly while your casting.

  51. Why dont you met up with tawsomefishing

  52. fishing videos by kaine and jack

    Nice fish guys

  53. please do more pike fly fishing and please remember your sunglasses.

  54. Great video guys…B

  55. Always great to c you out on the bank trying new taticks m8 keep up the great work

  56. Beautiful spot. Yeah, keep walking, keep working, keep fishing.

  57. I'm loving the Friday uploads!!!! :]

  58. Welcome to the most addictive style of fishing I know !! Great to see you guys promoting pike on the fly πŸ‘πŸ‘keep up the good work, and remember #itonlycountsonthefly πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸŽ£

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