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Fly Fishing for Trout in Winter – TAFishing

Graeme Pullen from Totally Awesome Fishing does some solo fishing and filming. He went out on a cold winters day to give you some winter fly fishing tips! The venue of choice is the famous Dever Springs. Graeme goes through what flies he uses in Winter, and different tips on how to locate and catch winter Rainbow trout!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. This is one of the best dishing channels out there , all the videos are so well explained also they don't promote big expensive gear like most channels ,well done guys

  2. Fishing*

  3. Another great video guys keep them coming. Like seeing your dever and Abington videos as they are my local waters

  4. Avington *

  5. nice work. I am not a fly fisherman myself but I admire a good fishing cessions and the courage of Graeme to go out in the freezing weather, it is a passion. keep it up

  6. Great video lads! Can you do some more perch fishing?

  7. some tench videos this year?

  8. Another great film to enjoy. Olive enjoyed a bit before her bath too. I still have to catch one on a fly, at any time of the year. I'll be at it again in the spring. Practice makes perfect or even, totally awesome! Happy with my Flounder at Lyme Regis this afternoon. It was delicious. Pleased to be catching something. Thanks again.

  9. Graeme, i have seen some 'fly fishing for Pike' videos on the internet but none of them are TOTALLY AWESOME! Please make a fly fishing for Pike vid.

    Love your shows.

  10. Does this work for wild brown trout?

  11. Some good underwater footage there.

  12. HUGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TROUT MAN

  13. I really love the fly fishing episodes, I hope you guys could more of them. Besides that loved the video!:)

  14. Nice fishing! I have never landed a trout on a fly rod yet. I came close twice last year,but they both got off. I was still happy those trout bit flies that I tied myself. I will be sure to try again this year in late April when I go back to George Washington state forest. I don't think of myself as an experienced trout fisherman. 

  15. another great vid..i wish you would do a pike fly fishing vid sometime soon…i think its a great sport and new to it

  16. Great vid as usual. Beautiful fish thanks for shareing.

  17. What a fantastic video!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks for your efforts. Do these places charge by the fish or a fixed fee or something else? Not sure what there is near me sort of East Norfolk might be nice to diversify.

  18. Superb stuff Graeme. Excellent filming and editing. Great sound and commentary. Good action and a ton of useful information. What more could anyone want?

  19. I love TAFishing show it rocks. Graham what a nice man my hero and his son is a great fisherman as well even his girlfriend is. Great show

  20. Thank you for the cold water fly fishing tips

  21. Hi, love your videos 🙂 Im New to fly fishing and have some questions if you could please help, were you fishing with a lure fly and is that a better method in the winter rather than using the dry or wet fly? Also was wondering using dry fly do u just leave it out there and wait for the take? And using wet fly are u supposed to strip line in faster when fishing ?

  22. flippin hell Graeme you talk a lot

    • Yes I guess I do, of course I am just trying to give beginners and novices as many tips as I can otherwise they might learn nothing. The other 59,000 subscribers don't seem to mind, you are the first to complain! 

    • I love watching your videos don't get me wrong but these videos are becoming like tutorials rather than fishing videos

    • +makaveli24k With all due respect, anyone can go out there and just 'go fishing', in fact, most of the videos on YouTube are just 'fishing' without any tips on how to catch fish. We pride ourselves on being one of, if not the most informative fishing channel on YouTube. If the videos are not to your taste, you are welcome to unsubscribe.


    • +TAFishing Your channel is easily the most informative fishing channel on youtube.For all round fishing tips you guys are tops.If like me you fish exclusively for one species,(trout with fly)it is great how now,I want to try to fish for other types of fish.I live in New Zealand and your videos open the way to some of the best fishing in the world.Thanks,Eddie

  23. Winter fishing without having to drill holes in the ice awesome. The trout are like the pike they love the cold water. Another awesome fishing video.

  24. Graeme, I know you are always looking for new angles to show on your great site. You have touched on one such item in this video and it's something you do so well. Please will you make a video to show the cameras and lenses you use for these movies, and of equal importance; how to use them. This would make a great show, especially as many anglers carry a camera when they go fishing. Your help would be really appreciated.
    Hutch from New Zealand.

  25. come on guys its time to get everyone you know to subscribe to this channel and help them get to 1 million subs.I go to huge school in manchester i will be doing a fishing performance and i will get the whole of my school to will get 1 million subs.Yes i am a girl and me and my granddad love your channel plz help us in fly and normal fishing in winter .TA fishing ROCKS

    • Yes Holly! We'd love a million followers 🙂 but we're happy making our videos either way 🙂 as long as they are helping get people into fishing and giving some tips. We hope the fishing performance goes well.

      Mike & Graeme

  26. scottish brown trout season starts soon get yourselfs up for nightshift on the fly n maggot

  27. thanks guys i will always be your no1 fan

  28. dont forget you guys made me love fishing i will never forget your help :] :] :] :]

  29. If you don't mind… What rod do you use and then type of reel you use? Much appreciated!

  30. That was a fantastic first catch and I'm sure that fish was fantastic with your white wine.

  31. what are you doing saying -5 c is cold try skiing in -37 c

  32. hey man! GREAT Video. You're not getting nearly enough plays or praise! I'm in West Washington, can we go fishing together sometime? My place or yours? 🙂

  33. Fantastic video, be out at weekend fishing

  34. U should come do some fishing up north some good spots up these ways

  35. Big TAFishing fan, also a US fly fisherman. I mean no disrespect by my question, simply hoping to gain some knowledge.Why are you grabbing trout by the gills if you're doing C&R? From what I understand, trout aren't hardy fish like bass or pike or something similar. You can see the blood coming from the gills in one of your catches in this video.

    • Dever is a catch and keep fishery,as opposed to a C & R (of which there aren't many in the UK). I may have craned the trout with the priest first,then got the holding film shot ? If its one I'm filming on my own I have enough trouble trying to make all the film shots,so the trout might have had the "big sleep" first !! I was only there yesterday and someone had landed a huge 20lb Brown trout this week.

    • Wrong!! Stop giving false information…………maybe its all catch and kill down south, but most of the rest of uk its C and R.

  36. great video boys. great fly fishing, no big tackle names pure and simple just fishing!!!!!Please come up to Norfolk.

  37. Haha that was a fish rising at 6:26, in winter!

  38. It's December and I'm still catching using a yellow dancer at Perthshire

  39. Any advice for setting the hook? I want to be well prepared for when I go to my local trout fishery.

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