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Fly fishing tips with sinking line – TAFishing Show Beginners need to know about using different fly lines, so Graeme & Mike Pullen show you how to fly fish for trout using both slow-sink and fast sinking fly lines. They visit Frensham Trout Fishery in the Surrey countryside, and use a variety of flies to catch Rainbow trout. As always its a tip-filled episode from the makers of the Totally Awesome Fishing Show – catching fish the easiest way they can!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. First !! this is going to be another incredible episode

  2. connor sanderson

    Thanks fod giving me tips TAfishing

  3. Can u just fish a floating line with a longer leader and weighted fly to get down deep or would a sinker be better?

    • You can do that but you are limited to the length of your leader, and the fly will always rise up in the water as you retrieve. Plus, the longer leader will be hard to cast especially with a weighted fly.A sinking line will bring the fly through a lower level of water on a constant horizontal plane.

  4. TAFishing, the only channel that i'll sit down for a 30 minute episode without a second thought for.

  5. any good rod makers out there, NOW is your chance to sponsor the BEST fishing show on you tube

  6. Robert Moss Catfishing and Outdoors

    Thank you I have learned a lot :)

  7. Robert Moss Catfishing and Outdoors

    Those trouts are big very nice

  8. you have named this show with the right name.  I enjoy watching every TOTALLY AWESOME FISHING SHOW you send to us!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fantastic episode

  10. Ive been waiting for a trout fishing video :)

  11. New video finally :)) gives me somthing to watch tonight

  12. I've never fly fished and i'd definitely like to try it. I think i can sort out the line and casting but where and how do i fish? Can i fly fish from my boat or do i really want to walk and shore fish? Can i bass fish with fly or is fly fishing for different species? Sorry about all the questions lol. Anyone have any advice?

    • You can catch many species with a flyrod. I suggest getting in touch with either a U.S. fishing forum to see if other anglers will help. Type something like "Fly fishing for Bass Dakota forums" into your search engine and see what comes up. Or try your local fishing tackle shop. Or a Bass Pro shop, they are sure to have information. You need to search out as much information as you can.Good luck.

    • +TAFishing Thank you.

  13. 1 bonjour depuis la France, où l'on prends toujours autant de plaisir à regarder vos vidéos :)

  14. TheTroutfisherman123

    I love the trout video's i get some of my best ideas from this show please keep them coming 

  15. The little tip about the notch in the spool and how it prevents trapped line is a gem! The purpose of the notch has baffled me for years. Thanks.

  16. Matteo OnlyFlyFishing

    good work man!

  17. Armand Flamer-Caldera

    graem I'm going to bermuda in a few days and i would like to know what fly to use for bone fish in bermuda or bonefish in general? thanks 

  18. Well done lads as always great video from eddie in ireland

  19. Love your videos but I have a question do Brits have different accents from different places? I know some British kids and they sound way different (in a bad way) almost like whining! but other parts it's normal ! Maybe you feel the same about US like the north and southern accent and the Canadian accent! but thanks for the video!!


    • British accents ? I can't even understand half of them ? Yes, everything is regional over here.Loads of different accents. Can change in only 100 miles, though people are all intermingled over the country now. Same as Canadian/American. There might be one of two words that I can say "that guy is Canadian" or wherever. I personally like to hear all the accents as it reminds me of where I used to travel. What we do have is a major problem with intonation of words, not accents, and additions of a questions mark at every sentence."Tomorrow I'm going fishing ?" and "I  think I'll use a red lure ?" "Today its really sunny ???"  Can't stand it, or indeed the addition of the word "Like".   "I'm going "like" fishing tomorrow ?"  Drives me mad, but there it is, oh yes, and abbreviations in text messaging carrying into the written word.
      Glad you like the shows. Regards  Graeme ?????

  20. Do you tie your own leaders or buy tapered?

  21. Thanks

  22. Great trout footage. Just in time trout season opens here in southern Pennsylvania on Saturday. Some of our lakes are still frozen big the streams and rivers are open

  23. are those stocked fish ??

  24. Really great video! Please could you do another video of church paddock fishery in Hampshire? Really good fishery!

  25. Really great video! Please could you do another video of church paddock fishery in Hampshire? Really good fishery!

  26. great vid guys. Never tried it but as a lure man I've thought about getting in to the fly and this gives me a good start.

    • Thanks. Check out our fly fishing playlist on our Channel. Packed full of good fly fishing videos including our popular "How to fly fish" video

    • Will do cheers. So many to catch up on, got to mix fishing and watching fishing videos.

  27. Hi guys I'm 17 and about to start fly fishing and I'm living in the west of ireland what do you think would be a good river fly rod to start with as regards weight size etc Also maybe what kind of fly line should I get as a beginner.
    Thanks for the great videos as well.

  28. Great video would love of you put up a bit more fly fishing videos

  29. Hey Totally Awesome I live in Denmark and I'm really struggeling to catch those fish on the fly. I went to the lake today with my floating line, tried small nymphs and different lures. I had only had one take and didn't hook it. Those fish just wouldn't take those big heavy flies. In order to get some smaller flies down to the depths i will order a sinking line. The deepest part of the lake is 15 feet, what sort of sinking line would i use for that?

  30. I swear the Brits have a gift for simplifying and teaching, never over complicating anything. Thank you very much for making this vid. cheers

  31. Good video, as always.

  32. how fast and count. you retrieve the fast sinking line?

    • It changes all the time.Depending on the depth the fish are feeding at.Try a 5 second count then twitch it back,then 10,then 15,until you snag weed or bottom.Then do the same again,but with a fast stripping retrieve.It is a way of searching the depths and finding what speed retrieve the trout want.

  33. do you reckon i could get a carp by using this fast sink like i could even put a floating bug on if it will pin it down to the bottom

  34. Show what flys u are using when u change

  35. great video as always , Happy new year. mike Norfolk.

  36. I love your videos I've learned alot watching them i just started last fall and didn't get any i started watching your show and I'm really truly catching alot this spring so thank you keep the videos coming and GOD BLESS!!

  37. do u need splitshots with sink line when fishing beadhead nymphs?

  38. you guys are hilarious but also some of the best fishermen and instructors on utubecheers guys

  39. good fly to use for a sinking line is a "Blob" or a F.A.B (Floating Arse Blob) killer in the winter on a figure of 8 retrieve

  40. Sub to me am a big fan a ta

  41. thanks for the good tips,and a nice video.i live just around the corner from robinswood and i went and had a look last sunday and now i cant wait to buy a fly rod n get down there mite see you there one day so i'll bring two nets;)thanks again .

  42. Great vid lads….but PLEASE…Wet youre HANDS.I do hate to say this as everything else is FANTASTIC

  43. Wondering what are the fly pattern used. Dabbler ? Please post the fly patterns thanks . Great show

  44. frank GFish ferrante

    you guys make a person feel at home with ya.. very good to have you in this life … you keep a warm place for me to hide. 🤙

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