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FLY TV – Pike Fly Fishing with Wiggle Tails

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing will show you everything you need to know on how to use the new “Wiggle Tails” for pike fly fishing. He will show the different sizes, how they move underwater and give tips on how to fish them to get the best action possible. Of course, he will also put them to test and fish with them – and one of the pike he catches turns out to be bigger than he could ever hope for…

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  1. Bauer is on fire! Sjukt grym fiskerulle som bringar fram en himla massa fiskesug. och stort grattis Nicke till en kalasfin gädda.

  2. Holy mother of jebus that's a sweet fish! O.O

  3. teamflytwest -GUNKI

    Så jäkla kul, Grattis!

  4. Rasmus Veng Pedersen


  5. Så jäkla kul raring, super duper grattis underbart vackert

  6. Nice video and congratulations with your new PB!

  7. Grattis till nytt PB mr pike

  8. Grattis till nya Pbt.

  9. congrats on the PB! I gotta get me some wiggletails

  10. Wow!!! What a Pike, beautiful!
    Gratz to your PB, i really like your Videos.

  11. awesome! :) er det råeste fiske programmet

  12. Christoffer Mellqvist

    Stort grattis! Makalös dam!

  13. Grattis !!

  14. Stort tack för denna video och ett ännu STÖRRE grattis till ditt nya Pb. Helt magiskt!!!

  15. i would have gone home after that 30lber, great video and congratulations on catching a big girl!!

  16. Grattis Niklaus! :)

  17. Hard not to smile after a fish like that. Congrats Niklaus! ATB.

  18. nice pike niklaus congrats and nice product

  19. Congrats on your PB, and loving the 'fusion' flies.  Fantastic action.

  20. Extreme Fishing

    Hey guys, Check out my fishing videos if you would like lol! We do all types of fishing! Please subscribe :)

  21. Extreme Fishing

    Hey guys, Check out my fishing videos if you would like lol! We do all types of fishing! Please subscribe :)

  22. Pontus Norgren

    Monster ! Congrats King Bauer!

  23. fatboy parkour

    hi I'm from denmark . is there a danish dealer were i can get my hands on these wiggle tails ? congrats with the PB

  24. freakincrazyperson

    congratulations man

  25. This American really enjoys this pike on the fly…

  26. As Trumman would say " That's a reeeeeeeely nice pike" ;) Congrats Niklas and thanks for another epic FlyTV movie!

  27. pikefisher1000

    Big fat pig lovely fucking pike she so nice and on the fly can you tell me were to get this fly's and tal

  28. Congratulations Niklaus, what a fantastic fish!

    I love the way you and your buddies continue to innovate and yet share it all through Fly TV. You've finally convinced me, I have to start tying my own flies!

  29. Nice fish!! Congrats

  30. So where can I purchase these 'Wiggle Tails'? I can see lots of applications in saltwater fly-fishing!!

  31. Superb film. Well done to Niklaus on a new personal best.

  32. Cred till den som editerar, fantastiskt som vanligt!

  33. this is awsome….. great fish, love your stuff here in canada

  34. Pikecatcher1980

    Hello guys!
    Very Nice Video an very nice Fly´s!! Thx Niklaus Bauer!! But one qustion, where can i get the clip´s to change the wiggle tails??
    Thy for answer!


  35. Whats the name of the "Gravedigger song"? And a big congratulations to your new personal best Niklaus!

  36. Hanson Home Gym

    I love how much respect everyone on Kanal Gratis has for the fish.  Great to see you promoting proper catch and release.

  37. there is a big pike here also :)

  38. Anton Lindqvist

    var var du och fiska?

  39. ItsForReelFishing

    nice catches! u guys should put together a video on all the essential gear for fly fishing for pike, like all the things u would need to get started!

  40. Awsome tips , awsome video. Keep up the good work.

  41. plese tell me what music is played

  42. how deep was the cove approx where you fished? guessing around 2 meters?

  43. Hey! Where can i get those stickers from Fly Dressing you have on your Line Basket?

  44. Great video my friend! What weight, and length rod is that? Congrats on that monster, hope I get one like that in the future

  45. Ännu en fantastisk film. Stort Grattis till nya pb:t Niklaus! Keep up!!

  46. tres belle video!!!merci et tres beau brochet!!!

  47. Really great pike fishing! I do not this great video, but visit to my channel and just look at the Finnish fly fishing for pike :)

  48. I have watched many of your videos. What is that thing around your neck?

  49. where can I order some of those wiggle tails

  50. Can you do a video on that white tube?

  51. Would love to purchase these but haven't found a site I can navigate as I am in USA and can't find my way around the foreign site… 😭. Take my $$$$$

  52. Those who are disliked this video are idiots!

  53. Niklaus,Andre here from The Netherlands. I was wondering if you are using a 9 or a 10 rod.Thanks,Andre

  54. Sebastian Biteus

    Undrar vilken musik/låt det är vid 11:40 ungefär?

  55. hahaha xD ooh! fish porn! i didnt hear that the first 3 times xD

  56. Vilke mick hade ni när ni spelade in detta?

  57. Stateside Fishing

    This video really got me using the wiggle tails and I must say they work really well for me, very cool video 👍 always informative

  58. This little bitch fishing in a stocked pond like a little kid

  59. That is a serious pike Niklaus well done

  60. Awesome video Nicklaus. Thanks for all the info. Congratulations on your new pb.

  61. Where can we get your flies ?

  62. I made my own wiggle tails. It took some trial and error but I have a recipe that works and makes flowing tail just like the real deal.

  63. Love your vids mate! Do u have any link to buy those flies and and wigle tails? I just ordered some small tales but cant find the bigger ones, and also flies.

  64. You need to go back and catch that same fish for Fly Vs Jerk!!!! Save that spot Niklaus!!

  65. Well developed and informative. Thanks for the hard work. Did I say hard work?

  66. Congrats with that's big croc!! My biggest is 15lb so far in the uk canal I'm just starting the fly fishing and learning from u guys!! Thanks for great vids!

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