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***Fox Rage TV*** Dropshot vs Jigs

***Fox Rage TV*** Dropshot vs Jigs
Many anglers will know just how effective dropshotting can be in the winter months for perch, but a lot of anglers still forget about the effectiveness of light jig fishing tactics.

In this video, Rage’s Julian Chidgey and Ben Humber fish the tactics against each other with some very interesting results!

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  1. tribalstu clinton

    blinding video any chance of seeing you jig fishing lakes for perch in the future cheers

  2. Great video lads! Were you using a wire trace with the jig heads? Couldn't quite see on the video.

  3. Great video! Would one of both rods used ( street and dropshot) be good for fishing both dropshot and jigging/ shads ? ( max 18 grams) keep up the good work!

  4. Nice vid. shite sound track

  5. Iamyouonlydifferent

    Hi fox rage guys I have a challenge for you this year that I'm going to be doing myself and that it to catch a carp on a lure I think it should be possible I'm thinking a natural lob worm pattern with a super slow retire dropped infront of a cruising carp should work I can't see any reason why it wouldn't I'm even considering using a ball or two of groundbait to create an area to cast to I'm not the type to make vids but ill let you know how it goes

    • Best thing for that is dry flies, especially on waters with a lot of tree cover you can actually outfish people using traditional baits! I've gone as far as watching a river carp take a little spinner I was using for perch, sadly I didn't land it though as it straightened out the hook 🙁

      I suppose it's relatively well known that carp will actually eat fish, it does make sense considering the sheer number of them taken on fishmeal boilies and pellets after all.

      Good luck on your mission!

    • Delighted to read balist0's comment-I once caught a decent sized rudd on a small copper spoon when spinning for perch,few believed me!

  6. haha these videos are so tight as an american bass fisherman I can appreciate the enthusiasm

  7. Great video! Glad my jigging gear outnumbers my dropshotting lures. Although in saying that definitely seems a great way of bagging decent sized lazy pike. The hook ups on the pike seem to be mostly at the side of the lip meaning a very high chance of netting them without the need for a wire trace. I would consider using at least 15lb fluorocarbon tied to 20lb braid when trying it out.

  8. can u send me 1 dropshot jig. and if i catch something i will mail a picture. i wanna try ure bait.
    Pascal Högström
    Nämndemans vägen 30
    43345 partille

    U probaly just need like 1 letter and stamp and should be no problems 😀

  9. Really nice that you explain everything. Natural colour lures in clear water, bright in coloured waters.
    Everything is given explanation, and it helps a newbie so so much.

  10. ᵔ.ᵔRias 愛 Akenoᵔ.ᵔ

    i like the water on this canal, on my canal it is disgusting ;/ there is fish tho

  11. Where's Toby ? 😕

  12. Nice movie and good explanation…. 👍(happy New year)

  13. Try a drop shot with a creature bait and see what you catch

  14. Why would anyone use a drop shot over a jig? jigs are so fkin good. they can do anything a drop shot can do

  15. The Fishing Freaks

    Dont worry about the boats as i trawled a lure off one and had a big zanda

  16. why are u fishing in stocked ponds.. like i can get inspired from someone catching a fish from a .2 acre pond

  17. Amazing shots and brilliant editing, terribly dreadful music. Makes the whole video far less entertaining… #justsaying

  18. to wish a luck on fishing is bad sign in Lithuania 😀

  19. Terrible Music 🙁

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