Friday , September 20 2019
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GIANT TROUT on a 4wt fly rod from streams | TAFishing

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show presents some Giant Trout on a 4wt fly rod! Featuring some rod bending action on some wild river brown trout as well as monster rainbow trout. Graeme Pullen gives you all the tips you need on what flies to use on small streams and how to fish them. He goes into detail on how to find and locate the fish, stalking them in the margins and keeping a low profile. If you enjoyed the video feel free to subscribe and watch more of our Awesome fly fishing videos!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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  1. I love your videos !

  2. Graeme have you ever fished BlueFin Tuna

  3. well done keep up the good work

  4. Love your videos can you make a video on tips for perch fishing and you are the best fishing channel out there Thankyou

  5. Great video :)

  6. amazing video keep up the good work

  7. back in england with a bit of fly! yes! i love your guys videos, got me into drop shotting and right back into fishing over all, great video keep them up!

  8. You'd love fishing the streams going into loch Melvin in Ireland. The loch has some monsters in it too

  9. I love rockborne I learnt to fly fish last xmas and have not looked back since ….. the owners are very friendly and its stocked with monster trout…..great place

  10. I caught a 5 pound brown in a small river, size 18 hook and 2 white maggys, quite a nice surprise big fish in a small river well done

  11. Oh wow those fish are amazing. Great job .

  12. I use similar setup to chase rudds on Lough Leane in Ireland. Could anybody give some advice how to cast so light line in windy conditions?

  13. antonio teles teles

    pescaria abençoada parabéns

  14. antonio teles teles

    pescaria abençoada parabéns

  15. well done lads love these fly fishing videos

  16. Awesome vid, lovely to see the light weight fly rod in action Graeme. Come and check out the waters in the North when the trout season starts again, or Grayling in the winter if you fancy doing a vid on that…

  17. antonio teles teles

    thanks for you program responds adimiro

  18. What kind of net is that? I've been trying to find a nice, portable landing net. That belt clip is pretty convenient too! Thanks for making these videos!

  19. Fantastic. I'm surprised you not on national TV. The best fishing videos on the net for sure. Keep up the hard work Graeme and Mike your editing is so perfectly put together. Keep up your very hard work guys and thank you. ( what a show )

  20. I've been watching videos on this channel for quite some time now, and this I believe will be my first post/comment: What I absolutely love is how incredibly genuine it is. Its really infectious and makes me even more excited about heading out to go fish in the mountains around here in Norway. Not only are there an insane amount of great tips and methods to things and how they work, and why they work like they do- but the channel really is what its called; a Totally Awesome Fishing Show. Thank you very much for doing what you do and seemingly love- really happy I found this channel a while back. :) Cheers

    • +Vandrefalk Thank you for the great feedback! We love to hear feedback from fans and we are pleased that you are enjoying the show!

      TAF Team

  21. If u want a real wild brown trout u have to come to Ireland

  22. Yay no intro!!Straight to the action.I always skip the intros anyways,but will love it if future videos omitted the intros as well :)

    • +ltech12 That's because we forgot this week…We always do the intro's now as it keeps new viewers engaged in the video, but we will endeavour to not spoil the surprises in the episode as best we can!

  23. Beautiful. Thank you. Enjoyed every second.

  24. Another excellent fishing vid indeed!

  25. brilliant thanks

  26. Love the old tunes. they just work. for me. piece guys tight lines.

  27. The Suburban Fisherman

    The first half of this video there's nothing

  28. Could you use the same method with a fixed spool reel

  29. +TAFishing Hey guys can you make a video on spinning for trout? Where I live we don't fly fish because no one takes care of our rivers so we would. get always tangles.

  30. I would love to catch a trout that size

  31. Sweet video man

  32. what is the song on 18 25

  33. yet another great vid

  34. Love´ly film! :D more fly fishing!

  35. Once that you learn to cast and get keen, the next thing is to learn to tie flies, and flies will catch fish from "SHARKS, MARLIN.MACKERAL "DEEP SEA "

  36. Do you know Tom Northcroft?

  37. the rock intro was totally awesome =))

  38. Love the trout fishing, great vid Graeme and Mike

  39. If you want real real wild trout come to the U.S

  40. Love it. If you were to recommend a light and sporty rod for trout, would it be 4 or 3 weight. Cause I live in Montana and was wondering what I should replace my six weight with.

  41. Best fishing show on YouTube and on TV in my opinion

  42. where to buy a 3wt outfit?anyone who knows a webside/company that ships to Denmark?

  43. Great video lads love the way Ye answer ur viewers questions as well do Ye have a tv show and if Ye do what channel?😄

  44. Ohh graham your in trouble you didn't wet your hands when handling that wild brown trout tut tut tut lol

  45. The bend on that rod was amazing

  46. alanrtment porter

    When Graeme hooked those trout I'm still not sure which was the most hyperactive, Graeme or the fish lol. Keep it up m8.

  47. Is that a Tag Heuer on your wrist, Sir?

    • Not quite,its probably a £5 Argos cheapo …tells the same time as a Tag though.

    • @TA Fishing even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day lol.. Fantastic channels (both of them),, so good to see you enjoying so much with your son… Precious times

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