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Gram Slam Fishing – GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!

“In this episode Graeme sets himself the target of catching three different types of fish in one afternoon session….Trying his piscatorial luck at the paradise venue of Rockbourne fishery in Hampshire,he uses light tackle in his quest for a “Grand Slam” of three different species in the one trip…Check out the episode to find out how he got on…there are a couple of “Totally Awesome” takes on camera ,plus some great English countrysid

Another Fishing Challenge – This time Graeme goes for the Grand Slam and tries to catch a Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Tiger Trout in the same day! Using fly fishing gear and stalking tactics, Graeme does sight fishing to try and lure the trout using a fly. Not only that, but Graeme gives you some Fly Fishing Tips and shows you how to catch Trout in clearwater. This is a solo fishing adventure and we hope you enjoy the video!

Filmed at Rockbourne Trout Fishery: http://www.rockbournetroutfishery.co.uk/

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  1. Love the videos

  2. Got to catch them all! Another Fishing Challenge – What are you guys fishing for at the moment?

  3. 👍👍🎣🎣

  4. 1st !! Great video !!

  5. First like great video guy keep it going 🤙👍

  6. craigyboy wallace

    Another awesome video Graham 👍

  7. Thanks for the pokemon theme tune I have stuck in my head after reading the title! Totally Awesome video as always!!!

  8. Trout puddle? No ta, prefer to go fishing.

  9. Thumbs up!
    Clark and Virginia

  10. I thought I recognized that stream. Didn’t you catch some wild brown trout out of there?
    Great vid and thank you very much.

  11. Very nice video! Thumb up! Greetings from Poland ☯

  12. That bird you heard was definitely a beautiful Jay
    A total awesome top tip as usual 'the ping cast '
    You never cease to amaze me
    very 'continental '
    yet old cool
    Ever wondered were all our – – – – migrate too

  13. Nice vid , from Hampshire

  14. Fantastic video!! Fly fishing is best!!!

  15. great video wish there was more fly videos like if you agree

  16. Pristene Hampshire wilderness……where is this elusive place??

  17. Reasons Gaming Channel

    Greame and Mike. Thank you so much for making all these videos. I've been following you for years, and I know from watching your videos that you spend a lot of time and money to give us, the awesome army free entertainment. It's people like you who sacrifice time and effort without asking for anything in return, who are eligible to use the term "passionate", because that's what brings us here and out by the waters. Is passion. Everytime I'm out fishing I can't help if I see a low hanging tree, to slap it around like Greame, that image right there should be a t-shirt. Thank you!

  18. Like this show. He catches a lot of fish and talks funny lol

  19. super slammer trout fishing Greame  video

  20. do you ever use streamers? what do yoy think of big american streamers?

    • Many of our day ticket trout fisheries have "small fly" rules.Generally nothing over an inch,or sometimes it has a hook restriction,nothing larger than a size 10. Don't ask me why,probably because a streamer would get too many trout. Mind you I have also caught trout on the Oliver Kite "Bare hook nymph"..think I have a film on file with it. Should be up shortly.

    • TAFishingThanks man i love the show! I live in Michigan the great lakes state

    • TAFishing I would love to see you guys streamer fish in still water or outside day fishiers, in U.S. currency how much for a day ticket? ive always wanted to visit England. i want to fish one of those places you guys fish

  21. Dude you walked through poison I've be careful! I like your videos hate to see you get hurt

  22. Anyone else hear microphone noises?

  23. They call that first cast a bow and arrow cast…. but it has never "felt" right to me. Graeme… I shall now refer to it as a "Ping" cast in your honor good Sir… much better fit. Graeme and Mike, thank you for bringing the joy of angling to You Tube.

  24. Always liked hooking trout on the fly rod need to upgrade my setup I'm working with only 30yards of floating line lol

    • rest is literally backing im to the point of shooting line down to my backing but have been doing a lot of creek and still water warm water fly fishing so im ready for the change up in setup.considering a 5 weight so i can fly fish into summer again. video has me excited for trout season none the less.

  25. As always again a great video.

  26. really enjoying the outdoor bushcraft shows you and mike are doing, as well as the tafishing shows.good stuff sir's.

    • One of the T/A Outdoors cabin build films put up last week has just done 350,000 views in 7 days !!! The 2nd film just up did 60,000 views in 24 hours !!! No wonder we are flat out filming for both sites..Glad you like them both,and thanks to everyone for watching them.

  27. I got a Pokemon go ad on this video lol

  28. Great to see another trout fishing video, hopefully see some winter trout fishing? Fantastic to actually see that trout under the tree take the fly!, what an angler you are Graeme! tight lines mate!

  29. Nice, so you recommend flicking the fly in small streams? where casting is next to impossible and when do you set the hook with a fly bite? I keep getting takes but can't hook up

  30. I love your no nonsense tackle talk Graham. Straight to the point and educational. No one likes a tackle tart eh

  31. (EXCELLENT) ty for sharing Sir

  32. Salt water fly fishing video would be good. Love the ones when you were abroad but haven’t found a video of you salt water fishing with a fly in the uk. Love the videos though.

  33. you need a polarized lense or try put your glasses up to the camera lense to show us what you see it the water.

  34. The first place I tried fly fishing around 34 years ago, aged 13. Thanks, a lovely video

  35. Wild Atlantic Fishing

    Great video as usual but would be very interested in some deep sea competition tips cheers

  36. Hi people watching ravishingly it’s a great channel just asking for a quick supports me and my friend have made a fishing channel have put work into it and will be filming and recording a video at our local fishing spot showing how to set up rigs bait and etc just asking for support if you could subscribe to this channel thanks guys

  37. the mad Belfast fisherman Kayes

    Hi Graham. Question for you.
    Will lake trout take a worm during the winter months and would you recommend fishing for them at this time of year?

    Thanks in advance


    • The only Lake Trout I know are the big ones caught in North America/Alaska etc ? The ones that top 40lbs ? Usually get them on deep- lures,or deep jigging ? Don't think they use worms.Unless you mean regular Brown trout in a lake ? You need to check the season in your country,but if its open I would have thought lures would work.

  38. Always such a pleasure to watch your vids 👍 you really do know your stuff sir!

  39. Grate show Graham, l would like to see you fishing up my area South Yorkshire i.e. brid or Whitby. Keep up the good work. Kevin.

  40. You should do more fly fishing videos. Keep up the good work

  41. thanks for all the vids in 2017 can you do a special for xmas with all the funny bits in 2017

  42. Hi Graeme l have a question, l have not done any fly fishing for about 30 years l would like to revive my old kit and start again and am now living in Poland here there are not so meany places to fly fish only in southern Poland very far away and expensive, my question do you have any tips on coarse fishing with the fly I have a 5/6 rod and reel would that be ok what sort of flys could l use and any other tips you could give me .Regards Barrie Watson

    • Carp on a fly is very popular here in UK,with pattern called a Hedgehog being one of the better patterns. For smaller fish like Rudd you need a small dry fly like a Black Gnat. Check out our carp on a flyrod films.I think we have a couple in our playlist.

  43. I caught a ginormous brownie on a pike lure in lower Lough Erne in fermanagh edit: In the wild

  44. i think u shud do an online fishing shop, with your best recommended reels, great evasive tips and much tips appreciated thanks

  45. Top Marks on the Tiger!

  46. “Duck season opens tomorrow!”, click click, LOL!

  47. Hi Graeme,I bought my first Fly Rod yesterday and Fished with it today on Loch Glow in Fife near my home. I caught a nice Rainbow in less than 10 mins on a Bushy Black Coloured Weighted Long Fly.It's thanks to your videos and especially the Rob Waddington ones that gave me the knowledge to cast etc. It was a tiring day and really windy but it was great. I have purchased some Sandeel Flies for Pollock etc too and can't wait to use them as you know the Sea Fishing is my favourite. This Fly Fishing will be a huge learning curve and i'm working my way through your vids on it to learn. As you know i watch them all anyway but especially significant Fly ones are my current go too.Thanks again Graeme for your vids and hope Mike's Fly Fishing is working for him too.Best As Always,Steve in Fife.

  48. 23:39 Thinking about putting my Sage between them trees gives me anxiety hah!

  49. Graeme you need a polarizing filter on your lens so we can all see what you see.

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