Tuesday , January 28 2020
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We try the gummy worm challenge, with terrible results, but finish the day with a MONSTER perch from a tiny stream.
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  1. what a perch from such a small river well done Carl top angling 🎣 👍

  2. Great vid and well done for your new pb perch ; )

  3. you should invite mike to come over and make him try an catch fish on his own bass tackle.XD

  4. Was this from summer

  5. good content, but watched it on your other channel. need some new stuff guys

  6. Catching Dinosaurs

    pretty awesome place to catch fish

  7. this is a re upload  ?

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +makaveli24k from the extra channel we recently closed. All future videos will be original content though! :)

  8. U should hav 300k or somet , u will get their.Maybe b4 Christmas would b gud😱😜😂

  9. Omg them fish were huge :):)

  10. Eny one who dislikes this vid no one likes u 👍

  11. Nice video as always, can't wait to go back to my hometown in Canada next month for some serious Bass and Musky fishing

  12. i know him thats mike

  13. Thanks for sharing your PB experience. Perch are my favourite fish. 👍

  14. Hey awesome video as always! im waiting on your next upload lol your videos are great :) i dont remember if ive seen you comment on my channel before but i also have a channel called "jack thomas" im the blond guy that sings :P (this is just a secondary channel i watch videos on). If you ever have a minute though and could search my main channel and subscribe if you liked it thatd mean so much to me. ill turn your notifications on so keep up the great work :]

  15. You should do more challenge videos

  16. Great vid

  17. SofaKing's StupidFishing

    Bass aren't very smart. Bluegill and Trout are much smarter. I imagine Perch are similar in that respect.

  18. 👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Are you guys brothers, lovers, house mates. What's the deal?

  20. Nice video guys! See you get excited over these perchies. If you are willing to come to the Netherlands in winter I'll happily show you around, Dutch monster perch promised :)

  21. I went fishing for the first time last week and I'm hooked 😝 now I stumbled across your awesome channel…so I'll be digesting most of your videos….

  22. good vid

  23. Lovely perch mate, 99% of anglers would walk past that spot. Hoping to employ your tactics and use them on my channel.

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      Yeah for sure! We ignored it for a while too before deciding to dangle a worm in there and find out! ;)

    • Carl and Alex Fishing nice one, I hope to catch some that size, my channel has only just started but would be awesome if you have the time to watch a film and drop a comment.

  24. Try marshmallow my only fish last winter was on them… Tiny roach…

  25. Irish Ninja Gamer

    I've caught perch on gummy strawberries but it was at a stocked pond

  26. Have you tried catching carp on strawberries before

  27. quality perch well impressive

  28. saltwater lure fishing

    Cracking video

  29. tried to catch fish on confectionery before, been followed in but the perch up here are a step ahead, you guys fished anywhere in Scotland?

  30. what gopro do you guys use?

  31. Tsn fishing the north

    Carp love harbio sweets they work very well for me over in france and ireland

  32. Awesome. 🤩👍🏼

  33. Ronald Dayman-green

    Great vid guys. What rod are you using

  34. If you lads want to try out the gummie worm fishing these polish shops seem to have alot different sweets than your average english shop you might be able to find gummie worm in one of those

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