Saturday , October 19 2019
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Heavy Duty Mono Snag leader

Ultra tough, low memory monofilament Snag Leader, essential for safely landing carp from the most extreme venues where mussels, weed and snags demand extreme strength tackle.

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  1. nash gear is excellent well done lads 👍😁🎣🎣🎣

  2. Nash is good swag like

  3. Andrew Cartwright

    Now let's have a quick video on the best knots for attaching it to your main line ?

  4. Does is sink? Does it float? Does it matter?

  5. The UK and European market have so much more than the Canadian/US market does. From being a subscribed/fan of NASH TV, and other UK based channels, I have seen a lot of really great fishing equipment and accessories, will there ever be a importer of NASH products in Canada?

  6. well done nash

  7. oliver whitehead

    phew i'm glad i can now buy this ive not been brick rubbing in ages.

  8. i cant find any where that has it in stock?

  9. when fishing a snaggy river in france what length of leader would you recommend?

  10. Could this be used for a pike trace when lure fishing for pike? 🎣

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