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How to cast a Baitcaster! – Beginners guide

Alright guys, just a quick videos showing how to use a baitcasting reel. it can take some getting used to but once you are you will be hooked!!

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  1. I've resorted to deadbaiting for pike at the moment because I'm having nothing on the lures haha, even went for trout today

  2. Beach and Boat Fishing

    Love using baitcasters, I’m a sea angler and I use them for bass, mackerel, squid, wrasse etc…. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the ‘coffee grinders’

  3. thicker braid and more strands makes it LOT easier, i started on 4 strand 15lb braid quite a few birds nests, i switched to 50lb 16 strand and now i really dont get them unless my drag has bedded in too tight or i hit a bush or whatever, now and again you switch to a lighter lure and get one but they always come out. i dont even use tension knob at all anymore, just 25% magnetic drag

    • also have you thought about trying a BFS set up mate? like an UL baitcaster for trout and perch and chub? im tempted to get one when trout season starts, but i also want a heavier pike rod hahah.

    • BUSHCRAPPING yeah I’ve been looking at them actually but a bit expensive for me, I’ve broke every UL rod I’ve owned within the first 3 months so I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on one haha. I might get a set up from China first tho to try it out

    • yeah they can be easy to break, iv broke two, one by picking it up in the centre of the rod. whats that about lol.
      yeah im gunna get one from china, my mate on instagram got one and he said its one of his favourite rods. although im not sure a bfs set up will even be much better for fishing really light jig heads because i feel the way you hold a fixed spool could be better for little jigs.
      have you ever caught any large mouth bass mate?
      me n mrs are going to spain this summer, im defo gunna have a day on the largies.

  4. Justyna Antonkiewicz

    Very helpfull as i got a baitcaster rod and reel comming in monday, tight lines!

  5. Thanks DB fishing a great vid their on how to cast a baitcaster I bought myself a Shimano Cardiff multiplier reel 301c for my lure fishing? Is this a good reel for the beginner when it comes to bait casters?

  6. I have cracked off heavy lures because of backlash and to light braid, when i was first started out and a couple of times since (12 years) not very funny when your £15 favourite super catcher lure goes flying off to the horizon but hilarious when your mate does it!! 65lb + braid will go along way to stopping this if you get an unexpected back lash and dig in and your spool stops spinning mid flight

  7. It might be useful to do something on pitching under trees, etc. Some of the worst birds nests I've had have been caused by the lure just catching a twig or reed. Even a nanosecond of interruption to the flight of the lure can cause backlash. I've had other backlashes from similar slight touches to vegetation, twigs over or behind me! The worst was tipping the stonework of a bridge.Good tip about starting on mono. It took me three months of practice to become proficient–and three spools of Spiderwire braid. Sickening cost, but you have to keep on!Also good to mention keeping your eye on the target–a bit like using a shotgun. If you watch your thumb on the spool it's usually birdsnest time. You need to watch your lure fall towards the water and then apply the final pressure on the spool.Worth persevering, though, because as said elsewhere, once you've mastered it, fixed spool reels seem slow and primitive and less useful for covering water quickly.

  8. L&F Fishing Company

    Nice video 👍

  9. Mutated Antibiosis

    "you'll get confident, you'll get cocky" :D this is so spot on it's ridiculous. Started getting cocky 1 hour into casting my first BC and instantly lost a bait

  10. Hi D.B what is the make and model of reel you are using?

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