Wednesday , November 13 2019
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How To Set Up Your Titan

A quick instructional video on how to set up your Titan Bivvy.

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  1. titan what a legendary bivvy top class product 👍😁🎣🎣🎣

  2. 👍👍👍👏

  3. shame the trakker tempest is mutch easyer to setup.. :( would love to see a combenation off the two

  4. mine came without storm poles, was told by the shop they were a optional extra

  5. Camera trickery, mines a nightmare to get erect….

  6. Shame, they don't come with a separate mozzy mesh like the previous version :(. Loved that feature. For my overnighters that was just perfect ! Hope you will bring it to the market like an extra option. The TC pro fitted only with the mozzy front is for the summer a perfect bivvy :). If so, then im all in for one.

  7. Course Fishing Challenge

    I have a 2 man titan globetrotter which I love but I never seem to get it setup correctly. How about the same video for that model???? Please?????

  8. Jesus how many steps, bet my tempest goes up quicker.

  9. I love my titan tc1, super bivy!!!!

  10. Is this titan t1 or the tc pro

    • I would probably sat a TC Pro.As far as i'm aware, the T1 is a TC Pro with more durable material and comes with the mozzy capsule as standard. The T1 is slightly deeper, and taller but the TC Pro is a few cm wider. The TC comes with a heavy duty groundsheet whereas the T1 only has it as an optional extra (as the capsule contains a lightweight groundsheet sewn in). I could be wrong, i'm sure someone will correct me if I am!

  11. South west carp hunter

    Overpriced tat

  12. South west carp hunter carp fishing blogs

    It doesn’t even have a draft skirt

  13. How do i install the rain bar ?

    • Dude i struggled and so did my mate on his…….we nearly broke our bivvy’s getting this thing on….however don’t despair lol……i’ve found such an easy way i felt stupid afterwards for not doing this before……… you’ve setup your bivvy and then trying to add the rain bar right? Wrong…………when you fan the bivvy open and pull the 2 bars together and BEFORE you pull the 2 black bivvy caps over the ends of those bars …….fit the bar then…..then pull the 2 caps over the ends of the 2 bars……..then just peg the bivvy out as normal and add ya storm poles……shimplz lol……..couldnt believe it was so easy……hope you read this and try it…………

  14. love this bivvy

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