Wednesday , August 8 2018
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How to tie a Blow Out Tube Rig with Alan Blair

The blowout rig is Alan Blair’s favourite bottom bait presentation. In this video he shows how to tie the rig and just why it is so effective.
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  1. Very helpful thanks

  2. Really clear thanks guys

  3. Would shrink tubing work as well as a kicker??

  4. Laurent Carpisotti

    Very cool video thanks Alan for your explanation in detail ..C'est très intéressant de voir la carpe recracher l'Appât sans se piquer et le reprendre ensuite ,le plus simple des montages restera le meilleur pour déjouer sa méfiance , plus on et appliquer et mieux c'est . Big up Alan .

  5. Is this rig good for snowman presentation?

    • +Deki R32 I've been using this rig with snowman presentation with very good effects, but I use slightly longer hair in such a case, say 6-10 mm of separation between the hook and the boilie.

    • +Marcin Kaluza Thanks

  6. Were do you put the wait

  7. Can you use fluorocarbon instead of the braid?

  8. Ive used a similar rig and had good results but casting over 60 yards the tubing moves when the bait hits the water every single time.
    That telling you've been done is bollocks, if it goes it goes man.

  9. Watch TGSNT & Hellstorm

    rubbish rig, don't waste your time boys

  10. Nice video. Btw you look like John Cena 🙂

  11. used this rig to great effection in my fishing and have landed fish to over 30lb so it is not a load of rubbish its a fab rig

  12. if tube moves on cast put a peace of pva foam nugget on or a small pva bag .don't need a lead shot good rig đź–’

  13. Whenever I cast out my carp rig, I always reel it in to find that the hook and bait has wrapped round the line above the lead. Even when using anti tangle sleeves this happens.

  14. why not just tie the knot further down the shank -_-

  15. This guy is a unit !

  16. If you used fluorocarbon the hair would not be as supple and you would lose the effectiveness of the blowback you could tie it combi rig style that way you get the supple hair for movement and you have fluorocarbon for the majority of your hooklength

  17. Terry heurns rig

  18. Here, let me give you your 800th like ! Been making these with your instructions all afternoon.. was fun, but now i cant see another rig for the upcoming week !

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