Friday , September 20 2019
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How to tie a Slip D Rig – Nash Knowhow

How to tie the Slip D Rig for carp fishing.
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  1. Spot on nash top company 🎣 👍

  2. Nice one I finally know how to tie it 👍👍

  3. neat ………

  4. Awesome! Clever neat rigJust tied a couple up….

  5. Horvàth Szováti András

    wow nice rig realy like it . Can i use it on snowmans to or wafters only ? thx for your reply

    • you'd be better off fishing the german rig if you wanted to use a snowman mate, very similar in a way just without the D and the swivel sits of the shank of the hook, imo this rig is better for pop ups/ wafters as it allows free motion and balance from a single balanced hookbait just above the hook

  6. Good for all baits or just pop ups ?

  7. Nice rig! Like a horton rig!

  8. Wofter/wafter

  9. I have done the same as this video but I attach on a pop or wafter and it deosnt rise what could I be doing wrong

  10. Wouldn't the hook get snagged easily being sat like that?

  11. Wafter on a slip d? Who the fuk makes this garbage

  12. Thought the hook suppose to lay flat to bed and wafter hover just over hook? That's how done mine past couple years and always have good results

  13. KH tree and landscape

    I all ways add weight to the brake in the Hook link helps with the hooking

  14. Fisherman and Biker

    can you use this with just a normal stantard bottom bait like size 18mm bait

  15. Better off with the hook laying flat, if this was on gravel the hook would be blunt in no time.

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