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I Caught a Fat Perch! – Fishing with Crayfish Tails

Graeme catches a Big Perch using Crayfish Tails as bait! Winter Perch Fishing in the margins can be great fun. This time of year the Perch are Fat and getting ready to spawn soon. Prawns can be a really popular and great bait for Perch, however, Graeme has just discovered Crayfish tails and he shows you the rigs and fishing gear he uses to catch these awesome Perch!

Filmed at Royal Berkshire Fishery: http://www.royalberkshirefishery.co.uk/

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  1. first comment

  2. Will you be at the carpin on show???🎣

  3. Finally got round to watching at 7

  4. 🎣 ☺

  5. Where did you get the bait? Did you go to British Columbia? Or was it Alaska?

    • Bait from supermarket…yes,been to B.C….also Alaska….Great Salmon and Sturgeon fishing,impressive scenery.

  6. How much was this day ticket £27? Any invisible salmon? No you have to have a special license don't you?

  7. Hope you get better soon graeme

  8. great video!!!
    i looked into trying using crayFish From the river, just a heads up its illegal even with the signals

    • cr0cket01 you've reported them? What a dickhead. They've done more for British fishing than you ever could.
      Why not just let them know if they didn't do the right thing like I tried to do. Instead of being a gibbon about it.

    • Dont worry, i would imagine the EA arent going to come down on him like a ton of bricks,probably just give him a warning or something. And if you didnt want to get him in trouble, its probably not a good idea to point out publicly in the youtube comments that whats hes doing is illegal

  9. Try dried mealworms

  10. So what do you suggest for ground bait? Bran and horse feed or?

  11. Anyone fishing out in the snow this weekend???

    • I was once in my life, fishing pike, and I said myself never again in my life. I like water, nature and fishing, but I like more my health. My fishing season always starts at the end of March when air temperature is over 16 Celsius

    • you lucky basxxxd

    • down the RIVER TAFF giving a few grayling a tooth-ache !!.

    • Tafishing. Good video again, i have to say my personal opinion on a matchman and pleasure anglers. A matchman knows how to catch stalked fish and pleasure anglers know how to catch wild fish. I was up at a fishery and put 8 matchman to shame and won the match which I only done due to it being on.P.S the canal I fish in Glasgow I have numerous matchman down there and they never caught a thing due to there feeding.

    • Leroy Boom ting brown

      Decathlon is very cheap for bait.

  12. nice fishing Graeme, I've used prawns before but never crayfish tails, they look worth a go👍

  13. Easy to catch American signal crayfish in a lot of areas in the UK. You could even catch your own bait and boil it up on the bank.

    • There are specialist traps you can buy in the UK to catch them. They are an invasive species over here and they kill the UK crayfish so you can take as many as you like.

    • RR Yes I've seen that on UK fishing shows.Believe it or not there's actually a limit and a license on them here.It's common on Lake Michigan to fish with crayfish tails through the ice.,for Perch and Burbot.We use to catch crayfish (Trap) eat them in the spring .They are labor intensive ,but very good tasting.

    • To Live is to Suffer

      That's interesting.. There's no limit on them here in Colorado and all you need is a basic fishing license

  14. Paul Fitzpatrick

    Your no mug Graham.I think I might try crayfish tails for trout up here in Scotland later in the season.I know a secret place where I’ve always caught they’re ravenous.

  15. anthony donnelly

    Judging by what's next to you I'm not surprised about your dreams.
    P.S " It's not over till the fat lady sings " , comes from big Wagner(Vargner) type operas where the big voice Soprano comes on at the end.(Usually a large lady).
    Just thought I'd mention. I'm sure you all knew but for those from 'Heilongjiang Province', there you go. Try pronouncing that with your teeth out!

  16. Thanks Tafishing another great film. No fishing here in Denmark at the moment everything is frozen.

  17. Wear a hat mister!

  18. Hi Graeme, can you use raw prawn or do you have to use cooked prawns?

  19. Loved the video. I am here in southeastern Indiana in the US. I love the taste of Yellow Perch, but here where I live there is only one lake for miles that has any of them to catch. Those perch you had there are considered to be world class. I would have to go all the way up to Canada to catch something like that.

  20. Kent Angling Productions

    Red tags on spinners definitely work, I have a few original Mepps Ondex's with the red tag of wool and they are probably one of my top lures.

  21. Graeme what do you think about using circle hooks for perch bait fishing?

    • I'm not a follower of circle hooks,though I know the longliners use them commercially for their self hooking properties…I just like plain old "J" hooks. I don't seem to have a problem with them.

    • Thank you Graeme. You are always so helpful and enthusiastic!

  22. Anthony Harrison

    Cracking Perch there Graham. Had a few days away recently on the Llangollen canal and took the LRF rod with a few small lures. Interestingly the only one I caught on was an artificial Crayfish, and it was Perch that obliged every time. Great vid as usual 👍👍👍

  23. I caught my first ever Carp out of that swim the guy got his keepnet out of 🙂

  24. Thinking of buying some pike lures for canals any suggestions

    • I have no idea on all the latest fashion craze lures,but there are plenty of soft rubber Shad style baits,some with large paddle tails which mean you get a lot of wiggle even on a slow retrieve. Don't be afraid to twitch them erratically as well as a constant retrieve.

    • TAFishing thank u very much big fan

  25. Just noticed bushcrapping's comment. There is a virus some crayfish transport so there are regulations about using wild crayfish. This is ok, it doesn't mean you can't use them. I can remember when as a child as young as 7 when I would get into Dads tackel box take a piece of fishing line and a hook, slip down to Laughery Creek break of a Willow about 6' long and attach the line then catch and use only cray fish for bait all day long. But I never did use a live one. I would break off the tails and squeeze the meat out of the tail and use them raw. they would catch anything in the creek . I took home many a stringer of fish that way. That includes carp too.

    • actually it does go to the rod licencing page and look under tackle you can use it says crayfish illegal and according to the full write up any part of any species of crayfish is illegal to fish in England and wales

  26. Hello Graeme. A tip i got from  you a good while ago. I can't remember the name of the vid but i'm pretty sur you didn't have grey hair yet. HIHI. You used a piece of a red balloon to catch sea fish of some rocks. I now keep some in my bag. (balloons not rocks). A 5mm by 4cm strip hooked on the back of perch spinners works miracles. Tight lines. Stay safe, stay warm.

    • I remember that film. I was catching Grouper and Jacks off Volcanic rocks and ran out of lures…That's a good shout to put a tag of red balloon on the back of a lure for Perch . Cut thin it would probably swirl around like a fish tail.

  27. Come on Graeme let’s see you using match tactics. I know cos you told me you don’t like poles but you have got to give it a go in the warmer weather. Doesn’t have to be a 16 mtrs expensive job. You like simplicity well it doesn’t get simpler than a stick with the line tied to the end which is all a Pole is!! Up your game follow your own advice in this video.Hope you are feeling better because this winter has near killed me! Tight Lines.

    • I tried a pole years ago. But I just kept wanting to strike all the time. Probably be OK on the whip inside fishing,but the longer sections feel really weird..don't dispute they are probably the ultimate way to present your hookbait though,especially when feeding with that cup attachment. Its as accurate as dropping it on a dinner plate. Maybe this summer ??

  28. Fishing here in Holland on the canals,would only catch a dutch skater,new species.anyway I asked about old reels,seeing so you wont get out for a few days with your virus and snow.could you maybe look into that one.why old reels especially fly reels are collectors items. technology progresses or am i wrong?

  29. PhillyJohnny1825

    Hey man, I just wanted to say that I really like your videos. Your video on fishing knots was a huge help!

  30. flyfishing channel


  31. anyone know if perch taste good? i caught a huge one but threw it back cause i dont know if they're good

  32. When it comes to fishing how much would you say is down to luck. I believe your extremely luck as where as the only luck i have is bad luck.

  33. Loving both the channels. Keep it up guys.

  34. Most matchmen fish with poles which isn't fishing, it's catching fish and there is a big difference. I fished the same tactics as you for perch at Stafford Moor at the end of December with the rain persisting down all day and only caught two fish. Not perch, but tench! No I'm not fishing this weekend, I can't get out of the village with this weather in Devon.

  35. Hope your feeling better soon mate. You are one of the best all round fishermen I know and the way you impart that knowledge to us lesser mortals is fantastic. I don’t know of anyone else who can film, edit, fish, make things and have such enthusiasm about fishing and life, you and your son Mike truly enspire us, long may you continue to do so. Thank You!

  36. The boom is back baby!! look at you and your new line.. I've not been out but might get me sds drill down the canal 2morrow.

  37. If you dry the prawns on tissues and salt them the salt will draw the water out and they will become firmer

  38. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!
    Clark and Virginia

  39. great idea. I love to invent new baits too. Subscribed… hopefully you will enjoy the content on my channel enough to do the same.

  40. What ever next ! Crab Sticks Tuna paste spread?

  41. Christopher Neely

    The most shocked at the tackle shop were probably the barnacles that you chipped off of your wallet to pay for that new line. ;>)

  42. Another great video from the pullen boys.must be hard work to make sure there are new videos each week it's Much appreciated. Most enjoyable fishing program for a long time. I would love to see a video on casting with a centrepin reel.

  43. Get well soon!

  44. To Live is to Suffer

    Brings back good memories… Whenever my dad took me fishing as a child I would catch a couple crayfish (or crawdads as we call them here), Use them to catch a fish and then spend the rest of the day catching and selling them to the fisherman in the area…

    • To Live is to Suffer my brother in law and I caught a couple of dozen crawdads in a stream last time I was in the Ozarks. We drug a net through the leaves on the river bed while we disturbed them with our feet. We fished for bass with them from kayaks. Great fun, i miss bass fishing.

  45. I only found TA outdoors because of TA fishing thanks for all your efforts graham.

  46. great fish bad music

  47. Better to use Snell hooks, and shrimp that is not peeled is what you want the shell helps keep it on the hook. Plus shrimp is good for catfishing.

  48. as a junior angler i really love this youtube channel great tips and great videos 🙂

  49. Love your videos, great tips, don't like the music keep playing , the next time you are fishing give me a shout I'll come down and blast a few tunes out so you don't have to edit them in, peace and quiet man 🤣

  50. Hi Graeme,
    Those Bull Shark Jaws in the Studio looked like they wanted to eat your Prawns, or your head. Ha Ha.
    Hope your feeling better.
    Steve in Fife.

  51. Are those similar to our yellow perch Graham?? They look like them but they are huge with faded or muted colors.

    • I think they must be related in some way. I think there is a White perch also,when I was fishing in Arkansas ? Unless that's the same as the Yellow Perch.

    • TAFishing I think you get yellow perch more up north. We have little white perch here in Arkansas.

  52. S.M L.F.C Ireland Celtic

    You blank…..NEVER

  53. Man, i tell u what, those two fish would've never seen the water again, only been dinner lol.

  54. Thanks for the video, there used to be a trout "fly" called I think the "Vauxhall" which was simply a hook painted Vauxhall red to imitate bloodworm so you could create your own gold eye hooks in any size. Thanks again Graeme.

  55. Can’t wait to get out fishing again, too cold at the moment now though. Great video TAfishing !

  56. I think to have 100 subs is an honour,dont get too greedy about the figures as you know the quality will decline of what you originally wanted to do and be..good luck to you both but if these YOUTUBE vids are starting to become a numbers war i would walk away now …

  57. Doug Smith Outdoors

    Love to watch fishing vids on the other side of the pond

  58. I am from Ukraine and I like your videos !!!

  59. Constant Throwing

    You're like some sort of modern Jesus turning that shrimp into fish.

  60. Another great video Graham, have you tried cray tails on river yet?

  61. Another great video Graham, have you tried cray tails on river yet?

  62. Just one week left for river and some canal. Hope the weather improves for lake fishing and available canal. The river close season always annoys me. Weather becomes more social in its nature and river is my favourite fishing. Ah well!

  63. I have fished for specimen fish since the 1980s but have always admired matchmens abilities and innovations to catch in all conditions I think Rod Hutchinson said many years ago that carp fishermen can learn a great deal from matchmens bait application. Some anglers who target specimen fish are quite derisory towards matchmen referring to them as noddies, some may be as there are in all sides of the sport but successful match anglers are very good fishermen. I have watched Aiden on Bobble TV, how he approaches a swim and how he deals with it is fascinating. You made a great point there Graeme which will probably go over most peoples heads.

    • I would say an average matchman would outfish an average pleasure angler inside out . Their production has to be compressed into a very short match period,say 3,or 5 hours. That is not long to suss a swim out.And remember its not their swim of choice as they have to make a random draw which tells them where they must fish. I personally have zero interest myself in match fishing,but have the greatest respect for the "fishability" of a good matchman…We should all learn from them . Especially the beginners. Might as well start with the best rigs and feed techniques. It will stand you in good stead.

  64. Being new to fishing I've picked up a lot of good info keep it up can't wait for the next one

  65. I think Graham is a man after my own heart. He's a Tory and a brexiteer. Anyone disagree with that?

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